Volume 17 | May 2021
Plex User Conference, Taking Responsibility, Printer Resolution, and Much More...
The month of May is here! And with it brings some signs of normalcy back to our everyday life. We have been extremely busy here at EMP, and are grateful to serve each and every one of our customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have!
EMP at Plex User Conference
Don’t know about Plex? Let us fill you in a bit. We all know Oracle, SAP, Microsoft ERP products, MAS, Epicor, even Quickbooks. But there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of ERP software packages on the market and Plex is one that we run into frequently. We, at EMP, see Plex all the time because many of our customers are small to medium-sized, discrete manufacturers in the Mid-West. A big, sweet spot for Plex. Want to learn more about the conference? Check out the article below!
Take Responsibility for Your Project
If our portion of the project is working, but the whole system is not working, and it is not because there is a problem with our work, what happens then? Some of your technology suppliers will throw up their hands and say, “It is not my job”. And to some extent that is true, but helping you prove to the other vendor that the problem is on their end is also part of our job. Add to that, we at EMP need to be really sure that the problem is not on our end, and not too arrogant to check ourselves thoroughly. Want to learn more about how we approach these situations? Read below!
Adding Data Collection on a Bag Sealer
Often times a simple barcode scanning application turns into a bit more...scan the barcode and verify the logo is present, scan the barcode and verify the label is the correct size, or in this case, scan the barcode and read the lot number. Thankfully, EMP is well versed in all of these applications and has the machine vision knowledge to tackle any of your inspection projects, barcode or not. Click below to learn more about the barcode/OCR application we recently completed.
Knowing Your Printer Resolution is Key
It happens at least once a month and maybe once a week. We get a call or email that the label is not printing right. It is printing too small or too large. The label software has the right dimensions, and everything looks right on the screen, but the actual label is printing smaller or larger, or it prints right on one printer but is printing wrong on a second printer. Want to know how to print correctly every time? Check out the article below!
EMP Controls and Interface Boxes
Our mantra is, “To do whatever it takes to get the hardware that we sell, to work for you, in your environment”. Sometimes that is as simple as configuring hardware and training your users on how to use it. Sometimes that means doing programming work to create the software interface. An ever-increasing amount of time, it means building a controls or interface box. Want to learn more?
Go Zebra Trade-In Program