May E-News
May is Asian Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month. It is important to uplift API voices, heritage, culture and community. This year especially, it is important to celebrate Asian joy and successes while acknowledging that these communities are still facing hatred & violence on a daily basis.

Check out the following organizations for support API communities throughout Portland:

"APANO unites Asians and Pacific Islanders to build power, develop leaders, and advance equity through organizing, advocacy, community development, and cultural work."

Click here to visit their website.

Asian Health & Service Center
"Asian Health and Service Center (AHSC) is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization that has served the Portland metro region since 1983. The mission of AHSC is to be the bridge between Asian and American culture and build a harmonious community. Our vision is to reduce health inequity and improve healthcare quality for all Asians."

Click here to visit their website.

The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
"Our vision is to be a leader of community driven, innovative programs delivered by compassionate staff who create equitable services that empower immigrants, refugees and underserved communities."

Click here to visit their website.

The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon and SW Washington (APACC)
"(APACC) serves as a resource for its members to network and to market their products and services. We bring together representatives from all types of businesses to create support for economic development and to ensure the prosperity of the diverse Asian Pacific American community."

Click here to visit their website.
2021 Small Grants
SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition Awards $20,000 in Community & Civic Engagement Small Grants to 8 Community Projects for 2021. 
Now in its 14th year, the Community & Civic Engagement Small Grants program funds, small, yet powerful community efforts aimed at increasing the number and diversity of people engaged in the community, strengthening community capacity to create social change, and increasing community impact on public decisions and community life. 

Thank you to all 32 grant applications and our Small Grants Review Committee – Destinee Rogers, Keller Dean, and Linda Nettekoven – for their careful consideration and funding recommendations. 
2021 Grant Recepients
Project Name: "People for Mutual Education 2021 Pamphlets and Events" 

Project Name: Youth Learning Cohort 

Project Name: Growing Justice 

Project Name: Education Equity School Supply Drive & Community Gathering 

Project Name: Night Out for Safety and Liberation PDX 2021

Project Name: Brentwood Darlington Community Center Garden

Project Name: Casting Pods – Sowing the Seeds of Engagement

Project Name: Diversifying Community Leadership at Rahab's Sisters 

Click here to learn more about the projects.
For other resources on grant opportunities throughout Oregon click here.
Neighborhood Associations Board Elections!
What is a neighborhood association?

A neighborhood association (NA) is organized group of volunteers who work to serve their neighborhood / neighbors by holding a welcoming and encouraging space for community action and input. NAs typically meet monthly to weigh in on changes in the community like new development or proposed city policy; create opportunities for neighbors to come together at events like picnics, concerts in the park, and block parties; and get their hands dirty – both literally and figuratively, by planting trees, hosting litter pick-ups, taking action against hate crimes, and more!

Who can join a neighborhood association?

You can! No matter if you are a renter, homeowner, time spent living in the neighborhood, or skill set, the neighborhood associations need people like you to make the place we call home healthier and happier for all! You can join their monthly meeting or even become a board member! Becoming a board member is also a great learning and leadership development opportunity for you. Go here to find out more about the neighborhood you live in.
Election Dates
(Click on the neighborhood association name to visit their website)
Neighborhood Associations Board Elections Support & Tips!
Click the image above or click here for more information.
Mindful Community Safety
In the age of social media, we have exceeded past boundaries of connection and communication with our neighbors. We have “shrunken” the world and are able to reach each other in new ways. For this, it is vital that as individuals and as communities, we are mindful of what we post on social media, on our windows, street poles, etc.

Walking around your neighborhood you might see “Neighborhood Watch” signs; an illustration of an apprehensive figure, an eyeball and large letters that read “We Are Watching You”. While some might find comfort in these signs, this language and visuals creates a vast sense of a power dynamic, leaving many to feel unsafe in their own neighborhood. There is comfort in knowing that there is an effort to keep our neighborhoods safe, but much too often, neighborhood watch programs antagonize and instigate profiling.
There is power in neighbors caring for neighbors. However, without mindful community safety practices, implicit biases obstruct neighbors sense of safety and community.

Check out these alternatives to calling the police:


Impact NW:
"We will help you identify your goals and work together to remove barriers that are preventing you from achieving them. Whether you are looking for: one-time aid or need ongoing assistance, we can help."

Administrative Office: (503) 721-1740

West Women and Children's Center :
*Please note this is a Christian affiliated organization.

Salvation Army emergency shelter for women and children. Services range from food, shelter, clothing, job search assistance, transportation assistance, tutoring for GED, safety planning, domestic violence education and prevention, tenant education classes and financial wellness workshops

For more information call: (503) 731-3900

Native American Youth and Family Center:
"NAYA Family Center is focused on providing a continuum of housing options for all members our community through the work of our Community Development office."

Mental Health Crisis:

Portland Suicide Lifeline
24 hour hotline. Operated by Lines for Life.
Call: (503) 972 - 3456


"Building strength and resilience in our transgender communities."
Resources for Trans+ survivors of hate violence, stalking, sexual or domestic violence.
Call: (414) 559-2123

Substance Abuse:

Portland Alcohol and Drug Helpline
24 hours helpline.
Call: (503) 244-1312

Spanish Speaking Service:

Project UNICA
"Provide support, advocacy and opportunity for self-empowerment, assisting survivors to exercise free and informed life choices free of violence and oppression. We work to ensure that Latinx individuals and families have equal access to community resources."

24 Hour Support Line: 503.232.4448
For a complete and detailed list of alternatives
to calling PPB please visit:

Don't Miss out!
Events, Community News, Resources and More!

Youth For Parkrose Vital Voices: Leadership in the Built Environment
Historic Parkrose NPI is hosting their first public event to premier the Parkrose Community Plan through the dreams and designs of nineteen youth of color (Ages 14-20) who live and/or go to school in Parkrose.

Click here to register.

Organized by Historic Parkrose (HPR), Your Street Your Voice, Camp Elso, and Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS)
Students will share their projects and lead a panel discussion with professionals in the built environment. This virtual event is open to the public, including families and friends.
In seven workshops, the youth learned about and chose one out of the five topics in the Parkrose Community Plan to focus on for their final presentation:
Transportation/Green Streets,
Jobs & Home-Based Businesses,
Housing & Anti-Displacement,
Community Place Making/ Connections to Nature, and
Emergency Preparedness, Climate, and Disaster Resilience.

Good in the Hood Scholarship
Good in the Hood Multicultural Music, Arts & Food Festival 501(c)(3) Portland, Oregon is awarding 9 academic scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to eligible high school graduates and college students.

Application deadline is May 15, 2021.

For more information visit their website.
Planting Day!
“In 2018 SE Uplift installed new rain gardens on their campus. Rain gardens reduce stormwater runoff into the sewer systems, thus reducing sewage overflows, and cleaning the Willamette River.

Now in 2021, SE Uplift is diversifying their landscape to bring in more pollinators, beneficial insects, birds, bees, and butterflies. [This] project that will not only amplify the biodiversity of the plants on site, but will provide educational signs that describe the reason for rain gardens, why they are important, and what they do for our watersheds. It will also help to provide a communal garden space for more workshops, events, and environmental education resources for the neighborhood and community.”

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities in June!
Rahab's Sister is hiring an Executive Director!
"As the leader of Rahab’s Sisters, you are joining our community at an important moment. You will help set our vision and path forward: to create safe spaces for marginalized womxn and to serve as an advocate for all people in our community who are experiencing houselessness."

SEPTL is Hiring a Tool Library Coordinator!
Summary of job description:
The Tool Library Coordinator is primarily responsible for managing and coordinating all aspects of the volunteer program including recruiting, training, and managing all volunteers. The Tool Library Coordinator is also available to answer general inquiries and to perform other tasks as specified by the Board.

COVID-19 Vaccine Opportunity
COVID-19 vaccines are being offered at Outside In Clinics as they become available. The vaccine is free. You do not need medical insurance. You do not need to be a current patient of Outside In.

La clinica de Outside In esta ofreciendo vacunas contra el COVID-19 a medida que estén disponibles. La vacuna es gratis. No necesita seguro médico. No es necesario que sea un paciente actual de Outside In.

182 New Public Trash Cans throughout SE Portland
This fall, the city of Portland will be adding 182 new public trash cans throughout Southeast Portland. The cans will be emptied twice a week, paid for by the City. 
& They want to hear from you:
Where would you like new public trash cans? 

You can fill out this brief survey, about where they should (or shouldn’t) put the new cans. Survey closes on August 1st 2021.
You can also contact Quintin Bauer at

Learn more about the new public trash cans at
SE Uplift
(503) 232-0010
Background Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels