Volume 29 | May 2022

New Wearable Ring Scanner, Cloud vs On-Premise, Configuring Your Barcode Scanners using Zebra 123Scan, and More!

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Fiber is Here at EMP

It is messy as you can see from the picture, but they are out running fiber in front of our building this week. There actually already is fiber in the area, but someone else is jumping into the fray. Just in time, because we are getting ready to cut over to VoIP phones here at the EMP Tech Group and pitch our old, twisted pair landline phone system. Want to learn a little more about this upgrade? Click the article below!


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Cloud or On-Premise, Which is Right For You?

If you look at our software sales here at the EMP Tech Group, two types of products make up the majority of those sales. Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and Label Printing software. Of those two products, one has already gone almost totally to the cloud, and one is still mostly on-premise. Want to find out which one? Read the article below!

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Print Stand with PC Mount

We have designed many custom products to fit our customers' needs. The EMP printer stands are one that has been a big success. They are one of the most popular products that we have developed in-house and are selling to our customers. But there has been a recurring request to turn these printer stands, with their sliding shelves for ease of access to the printers, into entire workstations including the PC, monitor and keyboard mounts. Check out the article below to learn more!

Printer Stand with Monitor HEIC No Background.png

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Zebra 123Scan and AutoConfig

If you read many of our Newsletters, you will see a trend where EMP ferrets out obscure tools in the Zebra ecosystem that can make your life easier. Tools like PDF Direct Print, ZBI, Scan and Print, Stage Now, and others that our tech service group uses to help customers automate processes and help configure devices. One of the tools included is 123Scan. Want to learn more? Read below!


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WS50 Wearable Ring Scanner Terminal

Zebra just introduced a new product that is of interest to us here at EMP and might be of interest to you. For perspective, Zebra introduces new products all the time, but they don’t show up in our Newsletter all the time. This wearable scanner/terminal has some interesting features that make it worth the highlight. Click below to find out more!

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