April 28th, 2022
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My yearlong training in contemplative care is coming to and end. One of the many assignments that we are given is to present a final project at the four day retreat in May that marks the end. It is a very open-ended assignment that in one way or another will relate to our experience over the last many months. To my big surprise I ended up, (very clearly prompted by my gut), writing what actually can be called poetry. Something I have never ever done and certainly never even dreamt of doing. Reading poems by Marie Howe in her book "What the living do" opened up my eyes to a way of writing that I immediately resonated with. I have decided to share the first of the two poems that I will present at the final weekend. The title of the training is Foundations in Contemplative Care.


I looked it up. 
 Merriam-Webster dictionary


An underlying base or support 

What is my foundation?  

What is my foundation for being the daughter that I am? 

The sister? 

The mother?


What is my foundation for being a fellow human being? 

There is a current. 

It flows underneath all of those roles. 
A founding intention. 

I name it “Presence”. 

Presence is powerful. 

And, Presence makes a difference. 

Actually, Presence is the difference. 
Presence is the most precious gift I can give someone. 

May they be someone I know. 

My partner, my friend or my fellow student. 

May they be someone I just met. 
The bank teller, the waiter, or the person drying my car at the car wash. 

Or, someone I see on a regular basis but I don’t know much about. 

The mailman, my neighbor, the owner of the pizza place. 

It doesn't matter the nature of the relationship. 

What I can offer, always, is my presence.  

This is a choice. 

A choice, and willingness, to be open to the “other”. 

To accept them, and respect them. And to see them. 
To see them just the way they are, in this moment. 

It’s a choice and a willingness to empty myself.

To let go of my expectations. My agenda.

So easy to say, sometimes, so hard to do. 

This is what I choose.
And I choose it over, and over and over again. 

Presence is my foundation. 

Please note that I will not be teaching any of the weekly classes on Thursday May 5th through Sunday May 8th due to the ending retreat of my contemplative care training at the Garrison Institute.

My intention is to be teaching all other classes according to schedule during the month of May.

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