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  1. “We will not let hate win” President's message - Marely Ramirez
  2. President’s message in Spanish – Marely Ramirez
  3. Central Committee Highlights – Bill Seager
  4. Let’s Get Stuff Done! - Judy Bambace  
  5. A Plea from the Grand Poobah of Membership – Tom Bernitt
  6. Coronado Democratic Club Scholarships - Patti Flores-Charter
  7. May – Inclusion and Diversity Calendar – Marely Ramirez
  8. The 4th of July Parade is Coming… and You’re Invited!
  9. Save the Dates – Marely Ramirez

President's Message

by Marely Ramirez

Greetings fellow Democrats! 

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month to our AAPI Coronado and extended community. We are grateful for having AAPI neighbors, business owners, and workers in our city. We strengthen our nation and our lives with their art, cuisine, and cultural richness.

If you have not seen it, please watch this impactful five-min speech from Democratic Senator Mallory McMorrow, “We will not let hate win.” After being attacked with the all too familiar Republican playbook of fear-based lies and character assassination, she courageously and proudly dismantled her opponent’s propaganda with a powerful speech based on the democratic values of decency, respect, truthfulness, and the moral imperative to stand up for the marginalized and vulnerable among us.

Therefore, in this month of celebration, we must also confront the truth about the AAPI community being targeted with hateful acts for the false responsibility of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been the victims of hateful attacks targeting anyone “looking Chinese.” Once again, our community found itself in the embarrassing spotlight from a viral video of our city's former director of recreation and golf services expressing hateful racial remarks against people of the AAPI community. 

It is an alarming reality that the common theme in the Republican playbook is “hate.” They find someone or something to demonize – CRT, gender identity, “Chinese flu” – and encourage hatred to support their false, fear-based beliefs. It is our responsibility to combat this repulsive behavior and make sure those that carry it are denied public office.


Let us follow Senator McMorrow’s bravery by declaring the strength of our values and the power of our positive message. Let us bring our community together through respectful, if uncomfortable conversations, not with those who are so deeply hypnotized by far-right radicalism, but with those who stand on the side of reason. 

This month we will be canvassing by knocking on doors and making phone calls. We hope you can join us! I’m looking forward to hearing from you about your participation in our various club efforts and also hearing your ideas on how to become more impactful in our community. Please invite friends and neighbors to our club’s general meeting on Saturday, May 21st. Stand up, declare, and manifest We will not let hate win!

With much gratitude, 

Marely Ramirez


Central Committee Meeting Highlights 

Meeting date: 4/19/2022

Paloma Aguirre was endorsed for IB Mayor.

Two resolutions were passed:

  • Resolution in Support of the “Ramadan Proclamation” Issued by the City of San Diego.
  • Resolution: Protecting Communities of color and Youth from a Lifetime of Addiction to Tobacco and Predatory, Candy-Flavored Nicotine Products.

There was a long discussion on our strategy for the June primary. A great source for all the information is sddems.link/info. GO team and other plans & activities can be found at sddems.link/action. Five strategic corridors were identified; however, Coronado is not in any of them.

Ballots will be mailed to all Californians the week of May 9. There will be 140 drop-off locations around the county. There will also be 41 voting sites open in the 11 days leading up to the primary and 177 sites in the final 4 days.

Bill Seager 

Coronado Democratic Club Vice President

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 8.54.11 PM.png

Let’s Get Stuff Done!

Now that our club has an official Strategic Plan, it’s time to turn strategies into action. At the April 2022 Board meeting, Gail Bardin and Judy Bambace were appointed to oversee the Plan’s implementation to ensure its success by determining roles and responsibilities, delegating the work, providing support, monitoring progress, and adjusting goals and details as necessary. 

As you might recall, our members’ top priorities are voting rights, the environment, diversity and inclusion, and criminal justice reform. Members also expressed a strong desire to build community and club connections through volunteer and social activities, and to increase our club’s visibility and enhance our image as a contributor to the Coronado community. To accomplish these goals, here are some specific events, programs, and activities, approved by the Board, that will take place going forward:

  1. Voting rights: participate in GO Team activities for both primary and general elections in 2022; support the Coronado High School Young Dems Club to get 17- and 18-year-old students registered to vote; present programs on voting rights in general or special meetings; and hold candidate forums. 
  2. Environmental issues: encourage Coronado City Council to join the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for clean energy; participate in beach clean-ups; hold a composting workshop; and present programs on environmental issues at general or special meetings.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion: continue to have the “President’s Message” in our club newsletter translated into Spanish; continue to include a Cultural Events calendar in our club newsletter; support issues important to InclusioNado; participate in the San Diego Education Alliance of Democratic Clubs; and present programs on diversity and inclusion at general or special meetings.
  4. Criminal Justice Reform: invite a Superior Court judge to speak on Restorative Justice Courts; arrange a follow-up visit to these courts; monitor/review ballot measures for criminal justice reform initiatives and propositions; and present programs on other aspects of criminal justice reform (e.g. National Conflict Resolution Center and Second Chance) at general or special meetings.
  5. Building community and club connections through social activities: summer beach party/barbecue; Fourth of July parade participation and celebration; picnic at Concerts in the Park; Coffee in the Cays; Holiday Happy Hour at the Bardins’ home; Skating by the Sea at the Hotel del Coronado; and other fun activities, many of which include our children.
  6. Increasing our club’s visibility in the community: support and volunteer with Emerald Keepers, SafeHarbor, and other local organizations that reflect our priorities and values.

Keep an eye out for e-mails and announcements about these and other super-exciting things going on in our club. Most importantly, your participation is crucial! Get involved, volunteer, and come to these events. Democracy needs you.

A Plea from the Grand Poobah of Membership

Early this year, due to several double payments, the Club suspended all automatic renewals. If you had previously subscribed to such a plan, please review your membership status and, if necessary, please renew your membership by going to the CDC website. That’s the Coronado Democratic Club’s website and not the Center for Disease Control, although you’re more than welcome to peruse its contents as well.

If your contact information has changed, please send me a note as soon as possible at coronadodems.membership@gmail.com

Tom Bernitt

Coronado Democratic Club Scholarships

Each year, our club offers scholarships to students at Southwestern College (SWC). Coronado High School (CHS) is a feeder high school to SWC. This year we had club members Courtenay McGowen and Edry Goot personally donate money for our scholarships. In addition, we had an anonymous donation made directly on the SWC website. These donations totaled $1,750. I want to personally thank those members as well as our club for their generosity in support of higher education. Because of their donations and $250 from our club dues, we were able to award two $1,000 scholarships! 

Here is your Scholarship Committee: Courtenay McGowen, Edry Goot, Kevin Ashley, Michelle Krug, Lydia Grypma, and Patti Flores-Charter

This year, the Committee revised the criteria and renamed our scholarship “The Coronado Democratic Club Malala Yousafzai Scholarship.” In March, we read 26 applications and selected two outstanding recipients. As soon as we receive their contact information, we will invite them to our June General Meeting so that we can meet them. We will also send out press releases to the media.

At SWC, more than 80% of the students qualify for financial aid. More than 25% are learning English as a second language. In the last 10 years, homelessness, food insecurity, and mental health issues have exploded on campus. Every scholarship makes a difference in the lives of students pursuing post-secondary education. You are truly making a difference in these students’ education and their lives.  

In addition to the college scholarships, the club is planning to give two high school scholarships -- one at CHS and one in the Sweetwater High School District -- for the 2022/2023 school year. We will keep our club members informed as these scholarship opportunities are further developed and implemented. These awards reflect our support for and confidence in our public school system.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

Month of May

Haitian Heritage Month

Older Americans Month

Asian American and South Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Jewish-American Heritage Month

5/5/22 National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

5/5/22 Cinco de Mayo

5/17/22 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

5/31/22 Memorial Day

The 4th of July Parade is Coming… and You’re Invited!

This year’s Coronado 4th of July Parade’s theme is “An America Pageant.” So, break out your patriotic tiaras! Join the festivities as our Coronado Democratic Club marches on the 4th of July! We need you to represent our club and its values and ideals.

Patti Flores-Charter will again have holiday decorations for bikes, cars, and people walking, available for pick-up at her house. If you need to ride in a car/cart, just let Patti know. We’ll have our second annual “paint-in” at Patti’s to make signs that voice our values as we march. Patti is your contact for participation: (619) 206-7450. Watch your email for details on dates for decoration pick-up, the “paint in,” and where and when to meet on the day of the parade.


Upcoming CDC

Meetings and Events

("Proof of vaccination required")

Saturday, May 21 – General meeting: social 10:30 a.m.; meeting from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Speaker TBD. Winn Room, Coronado Public Library.

Thursday, June 9 – General meeting: social 6:30 p.m., meeting from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Speaker TBD. Winn Room, Coronado Public Library.

Not a Member of our Club? Ready to Renew?

2022 – 2023


President: Marely Ramirez

Vice President: Bill Seager

Secretary: Alexia Palacios-Peters

Treasurer: Patrick Callahan

Member at Large: Susan Marrinan


Programs: To be appointed

Hospitality: Jenna McIntosh

Membership: Tom Bernitt

Legislative: Alexia Palacios-Peters

Go Team: Frank King

Communications: Laura Wilkinson

Scholarship: Patti Flores-Charter