This Month's View From Old Tree House
May  2020


Welcome May!

The following is a tweak on an article I wrote that was recently published in Thrive Global:

Work comes second nature to me. 

As an author and therapist, I value putting information out into the world that makes a difference, that helps others to stretch themselves and reach higher in order to live their best lives. 

On my part, this requires a daily schedule of getting up early and taking my morning time to exercise and meditate before hitting my work schedule of writing, seeing clients, and most importantly, tending to my own family's needs on a daily basis so that I am present and not preoccupied.

In walks the pandemic, and I feel the need to be and do even more since I am not a doctor or a nurse or a grocery clerk or any other hero who is out on the front lines, but yet...I am an empath and feel the weight of the world on a regular basis, never mind during this cluster.

As an empath, I feel the call to work harder, to give more of myself, searching for ways to share information and add value, doing my small part to help raise the vibration of the world.

My work fuels me, excites me, propels me and gives me purpose.

It also can deplete me and leave me physically and mentally drained and feeling exhausted if I don't remember, and honor, my constitution.

If you too are an empath, you know exactly what I mean.

Therefore, in honor of mental health awareness month, consider taking a block of time one afternoon to stop and regroup, to journal and release all that you are feeling and experiencing, where you might feel out of balance and what might need tweaking.

During this chaotic time, with the dizzying feelings of hope and uncertainty, make sure to put the mask on yourself first, so to speak, in order to take better care of others in your life.

This just might become one of your favorite takeaways from this whole situation.

Enjoy the weather, the budding trees, bushes and flowers (especially the lilacs!).  Enjoy this new hopeful month of May.

All good things,
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"This is a must read for anyone dealing with depression or anxieties. Ms. Sylvester's knowledge and understanding of these topics has depth and breadth. Her suggestions are more than helpful when dealing with these issues. I leave her book 'Trust Your Intuition' on my coffee table and pick it up daily, open it to a random page and read that particular topic. And that is my mantra for the day."  
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