May 2020   

Dear Friends,

Gosh, March 7th seems like a really long time ago - the last day the museum was open. It was a wonderful day - we had 1st Saturday and all buildings were open and we had a great group engaged in the Annual Weed Wrangle clean-up that day. We were starting to worry about what was coming, but boy the next week hit everybody hard and we have  been closed since then.

Since we've been on hold so long, this will not be a regular newsletter, but just a brief update.

It is impossible to predict the future of this pandemic or how the government will continue to respond, so we are just going day by day. Paula and I have been doing a lot of organizing and preparing at the office for our expansion - separately, of course. And, the Board is having a virtual meeting on Monday. But we are not going to be in a hurry to open too soon and put any of our volunteers at risk. So, we'll just "hang-in-there" at this point.

The May Third Thursday Lecture is cancelled. The Miss Aggie Day and presentation of the Miss Aggie Award to Sam Folds and Wanda Bosworth is scheduled for June 6 and we are hoping it will be clear to do, but uncertain still. We also have the Blue Star Museum Day to honor military families scheduled on August 1. But, really everything is tentative at this time.

The City has given us the OK to start construction on the expansion and the contractor will probably be starting by mid-May, as soon as he can get his permits done. This is exciting. We are not sure how long we will have to close down the museum due to the construction and reorganizing and redoing the interior exhibits, but we'll let you know.

Meanwhile, keep up with us on for updates and virtual tours of park buildings. Stay well and be patient. We miss you!

  Sandy Arpen  
Consider Giving in May
As you can imagine, even though we are a free museum, being closed creates a financial deficit for us for the year. We can't sell frogs and books or receive donations in the barrel. We totally understand that this is the case for almost every business, every organization and for many families as well. And we also understand that you are being asked to help so many good causes all at once during this crisis.

So, IF you are able to make charitable donations at this time, we ask that you consider Mandarin Museum & Historical Society among them. We are good stewards of our gifts and all funds coming to us are well-used for operations and for expansion and exhibit needs. Our building fund is strong, but our new exhibit fund could use some help.

It is easy and safe to donate on-line or by mail. All information for donations is available by clicking HERE. Information for new memberships and renewals is located HERE.

We greatly appreciate your consideration.
Thank you to photographer Rick Strickland who took this gorgeous photo of the sunset on April 29. I found it to be very calming and quiet and reassuring that every day the sun will set, but alas, will rise again. Take a deep breath and enjoy his capture of this beautiful scene from County Dock.

The Mandarin Museum and the Schoolhouse are open on Saturdays from 9-4. All other historic buildings in Walter Jones Historical Park (11964 Mandarin Rd.) AND the Mandarin Store and PO (12471 Mandarin Rd.), are open from 10-2 on the first Saturday. Exceptions to this schedule are listed in the calendar above.

School field trips and youth or adult group tours are scheduled mostly during the week - by appointment. Call 268-0784 or email us at   to make a reservation.    
All above activities are not available at this time. 
We always need more volunteers, as they are the backbone of our organization. If you would like more information CLICK HERE to email Paula Suhey, Volunteer Coordinator and she will give you a call and tell you all about the opportunities we have.  Information is also available by clicking HERE
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