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    Volume 11 No. 5                                                                                                                                          May  2019
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2019 MO Legislative Session
Platte County Govt
KCMO Election
Quick Links
May 31, June 1,2 - Missouri Federation of Women's Democratic Clubs convention.
June 1 - Rep. Cleavers 15th Annual BBQ.  Info.
June 1 - 32th Annual Truman Days.  Info.  
June 5 - Northland Progress - MO Sessions, MO Problems - Info.
June 7,8 - Northwest Democrat Days - Info.  
June 10 - Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO. 5:30 pm.     
June 12 - Women's Leadership Forum with NDC Chair Tom Perez.  See below.    
June 18 - Election Day - Kansas City Mayor and Council.
June 18 - Northland Democratic Club - 4120 NW Vivion Road, Kansas City, MO (SHEA office,across from Penguin Park). 7:00 pm.  
June 20 - Platte County Democratic Central Committee - Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO.  7:00 pm.   
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 2019 Missouri Legislative Session  
The closing days of the Missouri Legislative Session were most notable for passage of Missouri's unconstitutional anti-abortion bill. There have been protests all over the State, notably on Sunday May 19th in Kansas City at the J. C. Nichols Fountain on the Plaza.
For additional news about the ups and downs of the 2019 legislative session see State Senator Lauren Arthur's legislative report:[UNIQID] . 
Don't forget to attend the 3 rd Annual Northland Progress MO Sessions MO Problems at the Kansas City Improv Comedy Club on Wednesday June 5th starting at 6:30 p.m.
Views on Platte County Government by David Park  
Bonds issued in 2007 to finance construction of parking garages in Zona Rosa may result in an additional burden to taxpayers. If that happens, we must remember not to direct our frustration at the shopping center itself.
At the May 6 commission meeting, I asked the commissioners when they planned to place another tax issue on the ballot. I specifically asked about renewal of the sales tax for parks and recreation, which expires in 2020. In his response, John Elliott said their plans depend on what happens with their Zona Rosa Bond lawsuit. If they lose, they may have to double or triple the property tax.
The Citizen and The Landmark newspapers ran articles regarding the announced potential tax increase. There were comments on Facebook in response to the potential tax increase and some of the comments expressed anger at the shopping center. While the anger is warranted, it needs to be directed elsewhere.
We could blame the commissioners who made the decision in 2007 to back the bonds. I imagine, however, that if they were aware of the impact online sales would have on brick and mortar stores, they would have made a different decision. They were not alone in failing to foretell the future.
We could blame the previous owner of the shopping center, and rightfully so. More steps should have been taken to adapt to the changing market and to maintain the vitality of Zona Rosa. They are no longer involved, however.
We could also blame the current commissioners. They failed to see the issue coming until it was too late. They have ruined out credit rating and paid $400,000 so far on questionable legal expenses. They chose the more difficult and costly approach. The only people who stand to lose now are those who bought the bonds and Platte County taxpayers.
One thing to keep in mind is that even with all the vacant storefronts, Zona Rosa is contributing more in taxes than it will cost us. It is one of the places in Platte County where we are more likely to collect taxes from non-residents. The best way out of the mess we are in is if the new owner is successful in adapting to today's market and that of the future. Let's not let justified but misdirected anger over the situation work against our best interests.
DNC Missouri - Kansas Leadership Forum     
The DNC's Missouri-Kansas Leadership Forum will host an evening with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez "What we must do NOW to win in 2020" at the Unity Temple on the Plaza on June 12th 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. B e inspired and get first-hand insights on innovative strategies to equip candidates up and down the ballot with all the tools they need to win in 2020. Learn about the DNC's investments in boots-on-the-ground initiatives, voter protection, critical tech and data infrastructure upgrades, expanding the electorate and strengthening state parties. Now it's time to build on the momentum we've created.
Join Chairman Perez, Democratic leaders and notable elected officials, State party leaders will present specific action items that we can implement now to help build the landslide and restore a government for all.
Sign up now for this important evening of collaboration and action - event is free, contributions encouraged, R.S.V.P. . 

Platte County Democratic Central Committee     
The Platte County Democratic Central Committee met on Thursday, May 16th at the Platte County Resource Center. The results of the Turn Platte County Blue fundraiser were discussed. The organizing committee presented an extensive summary of the experience and recommendations for future events. Among the recommendations: start planning earlier, involve whole Central Committee in planning and create a playbook that can be handed off from one planning committee to the next so we don't have to start from zero each year.
There was an impromptu discussion about possibilities for the fall fundraiser. The tentative plan is to have an event in mid-October. We would like this to be a fun/family friendly event. Planning is still in progress. Suggestions are most welcome! (Save the date - October 20) 
David Park announced that he has decided to run for the Platte County Commission in 2020. The Commission's decision to default on a bond payment for the parking lot at Zona Rosa continues to cause problems for the County. It makes it impossible for Kansas City or any other jurisdiction to partner with the County on projects of mutual interest. The Platte City Landmark is watching and reporting on activities of the commission. David Park's Platte County Advocate also provides regular reports on activities of the County Commission.
Northland Progress will have their annual MO Sessions MO Problems 2019 at the Kansas City Improv Comedy Club on June 5th presenting a humorous look at the legislative session just ended. This is a free event open to the public and a good chance to get to get acquainted with Northland Progress.
Northland Democratic Club
Emma Strankland
The Northland Democratic Club met on May 21 at the SHEA office across from Penguin Park. The meeting featured presentations on behalf of Kansas City's two candidates for Mayor.  
Emma Shankland representing Quentin Lucas spoke about the Councilman's history and priorities. Then Jolie Justice made a presentation about her campaign walking from one end of the city to the other and priorities for the future of Kansas City.  
Both Emma representing Quinton Lucas and Jolie Justice said they did not
Jolie Justus
favor using TIF for projects in affluent areas. Both indicated that it is an important tool for providing assistance to distressed areas for developing affordable housing and economic development projects. Both noted that Question 1 on the June 18th ballot would limit the incentives that could be awarded to developers to 50%. Both candidates oppose the cap because it would apply to truly distressed areas that need incentives to attract development as well as to projects in areas that don't need development incentives.
Platte County Federated Democratic Women's Club  
The Women's Club met Monday May 13th at the Platte County Resource Center. Kathy Bray led the swearing in ceremony for the new Women's Club officers for the two years beginning June 2019. The new officers are President Melba Nicolaisen, 1st Vice President - Alice Wadsworth, 2nd Vice President - Lee Karbaumer, Secretary - Tracy Holthaus, and Treasurer - Helen Weigman.
Melba provided a report on our successful Turn Platte Blue fund raiser April 13th at the Argosy Casino. The Silent Auction did very well and sponsorship from Unions (thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Mary and Alex Bay), Clay County and Jackson County Central Committees we have a good start on fundraising for the 2020 election season. Melba also shared the trophy she received at Turn Platte Blue as Recipient of the 2019 Distinguished Service Award. (Congratulations Melba! And thank you for all your good work and spirited persistence.)
Paula Willmarth reminded us that it is not too early to start looking for candidates for 2020. Specifically, we need candidates for State House Districts 11 (which we share with St. Joseph) and 13 because Mitch Weber who ran in 2018 has moved out of the district. We also need candidates for all County offices that will be on the 2020 ballot. Melba urged all of us to participate in St. Joseph's N W Democrat Days June 7 and 8. She particularly recommended the Saturday afternoon cookout - always an interesting event.
Melba noted that the Missouri Federation of Women's Democratic Clubs will hold their 88th Annual Convention in Jefferson City May 31, June 1&2, 2019. Melba Nicolaisen, Tracy Holthaus, Rita McGuire and Helen Weigman will represent Platte County at the MFWDC Convention.
The guest speaker was Councilwoman Teresa Loar representing both candidates for Mayor of Kansas City for the election of June 18th. Teresa is running unopposed for the 2nd District At-Large seat on the City Council. She started her presentation by saying that the City will win because both candidates for Mayor Quinton Lucas and Jolie Justice are smart, experienced and committed to Kansas City. Emma Shankland attended representing Quinton Lucas.
from left - Helen Weigman - Treasurer Tracy Holthaus - Secretary, Lee Karbaumer - 2nd Vice President,  
Alice Wadsworth  - 1st Vice President , Melba Nicolaisen - President.  
KCMO Election for Mayor and City Council 
June 18 is the date of the Kansas City, Missouri municipal election. Candidates on the Platte County ballot for areas within KCMO are:
Mayor: Jolie Justus,  Quinton Lucas
1st District At-Large: Kevin O'Neill 
2nd District At-Large: Teresa Loar 
3rd District At-Large: Brandon Ellington, Wallace Hartsfield II 
4th District At-Large: Katheryn Shields, Robert Westfall
5th District At-Large: Lee Barnes, Jr., Dwayne Williams
6th District At-Large: Andrea Bough, Stacey Johnson-Cosby
1st District: Heather Hall
2nd District:Dan Fowler