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    Volume 12 No. 5                                                                                                                                          May  2020
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June 8 - Platte County Federated Women's Club - Virtual meeting.  Members who want to join in should contact Rita McGuire: , 816-225-4506. 
June 18 - Platte County Democratic Central Committee - Virtual meeting.  7:00 pm.  Contact for Zoom link. 
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Information on 2020 Democratic Candidates 
Information on our local, state and national candidates is available on our website.  Click here.  
This includes websites, Facebook and Twitter connections.  Remember they need your help now with their campaigns and donations to fuel the fire. 
Views on Platte County Government by David Park  
The Platte County Commission recently held a hearing on 2020-CO-077, a county order intended to restrict the authority of the Platte County Board of Health. The commissioners were not happy with the "stay at home" order and reopening guidelines issued by the Health Department.
In my testimony on the matter, I expressed concern about the precedent being set for the Commission to curtail the authority of a separate elected body or official whenever they disagreed with a decision or action made by that body or official. For example, will they attempt a similar action if they disagree with decisions being made by a school board?
Before the Commission heard public testimony, Prosecutor Zahnd, pointed out that the order would not have any effect on the Health Department. The order sought to curtail the ability of the Health Department to seek prosecution for violations of "isolation, quarantine and/or embargo orders". Prosecutor Zahnd said those violations would be prosecuted as misdemeanors under state law, not county code and he advised everyone that violations WOULD be prosecuted regardless of the commissioners' actions. So, really, the Commission accomplished nothing.
That may not be true. They probably made things worse. The session was clearly set up to roast the Health Department. At the hearing, testimony was provided by individuals who have been impacted by the current order and reopening procedures issued by the Health Department.  
Everyone agrees it has been hard on small business owners and those who have lost their jobs. But how does setting up a public roasting and adopting this county order improve relations between the Health Department and the County Commission, who still need to work together on this issue?  
The irony is the commissioners did nothing to help those in the audience who were cheering them on.
Information From The Missouri Democratic Party 
Democratic Insider - May 30 
From MDP.  Click here.  
Being safe with Covid-19.  Click here
Increase voter registration. From Missouri Democratic Party. Info.  
Medicare Expansion is on the August 4th ballot.  Missourians finally get a chance to implement this important health program.  And thumb their noses to the Republican controlled Legislature that has ignored it for years.  
A "yes" vote is a vote in favor of
·    expanding Medicaid eligibility in Missouri to adults that are 19 years old or older and younger than 65 whose income is 133% of the federal poverty level or below, which would effectively expand Medicaid to those with incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty level under the Affordable Care Act;
·    prohibiting any additional restrictions or requirements for the expanded population to qualify for Medicaid coverage than for other populations that qualify for Medicaid coverage; and
·    requiring the state to seek maximum federal funding of Medicaid expansion.
A "no" vote is a vote against this constitutional amendment to expand Medicaid eligibility in Missouri under the Affordable Care Act.
From Clean Missouri HQ   
Everyone is talking about the Dirty Missouri Amendment and what a sham it is - including award-winning political cartoonist John Darkow from the Columbia Missourian. Click here
Platte Country Democratic Central Committee  
On May 21, the PCDCC held a virtual monthly meeting via Zoom.  This was the first attempt at this type of meeting due to the pandemic restrictions on group meetings.  Wanda Park was the host and the meeting proceeded smoothly.    
Ashley Aune, candidate for State Rep District 14, spoke on major points of her campaign: public education, health care, transparency, worker rights, and protecting families. David Park, candidate for 2 nd County Commissioner reported on Commission meetings and decisions and how he has adjusted to phone call canvassing. He thanked Sharen and Paula for assisting with the calls. The inability to go door-to-door, he said, will place more emphasis on mailers, which increases campaign costs. Dave wants to have some meet & greet events, perhaps outdoors, beginning in late June or July with proper social distancing.  
Paula Wilmarth reported that there would be no face to face district or state Democratic meetings; but a virtual State Convention will be June 13 th . She also shared county health department updates about Covid plans.
Tim Forsythe said the Spring Fling is postponed, not canceled. Waiting to see what happens-maybe a virtual event, as fall is not positive either for live event
David Christian reported that 10 current PCDCC members reapplied for election August 4.  Barbara Stubbs, Ericka Cherry, and Alex Bay have resigned; and Melissa Green has moved out of her district.
Sharen Hunt had filed for 14-4 district as the only candidate; David Christian proposed that she be approved. Motion made and seconded and approved.
The June 18 th meeting will be held via Zoom.  Contact Wanda Park ( for meeting information and assistance with Zoom. 
Signs for Victor Abundis  
Please let the Platte County Dems know that our campaign will begin putting signs up beginning July 6, 2020.  We have the following signs:

a.) 100 4x6 featuring my picture attach to our campaign logo
b.) 500 small signs with our campaign logo on both sides.

Obviously, our goal is place as many signs in households as possible.  Platte Dems who would like a sign can email me at or call/text at (512) 585-0299.  Please include name and address.

Thanks so much,
Vic Abundis