Newsletter of the Platte County Democratic
 Central Committee
Volume 14 No. 6                               June 2022

July 4 - Parkville 4th of July Parade. Walk with our candidates. See below.

July 6 - Last day to register to vote in the August primary.

June 2 to 6 - Help The Missouri Democratic Text Bank. See below.

July 11 - Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club, Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO. 6:30 pm. Emily Weber, state Representative for the 24th MO District, will be the speaker. Note new meeting time!

July 19 - Northland Democratic Club, ACA Business Club, 1400 NW Vivion Road, KCMO. 6:30 pm.

July 21 - Platte County Democratic Central Committee, Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO. 7:00 pm.

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Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club
The Women’s Club met at the Platte County Resource Center on June 13, 2022. Guest speaker Ashley Aune, Missouri State Representative for the new District 14 provided a legislative update. Noteworthy bills that passed include funding for Medicaid Expansion, funding for student transportation, funding to insure public school teachers are paid at least $38,000 per year, changes in how charter schools are funded and increased oversight of their operations. Also passed were MO HB 1878, the voter suppression law that requires state issued ID, allows the Secretary of State to review voter rolls, changes rules for absentee voting, adds new rules that make voter registration drives more difficult. HB 1878 was signed by the Governor on June 29th and takes effect on August 28 so it will not affect the August 2 primary election.

President Rita McGuire provided a report on the 90th Annual MFWDC Convention in Jefferson City June 3-5, 2022. Rita McGuire, Kathy Bray, Tracy Holthaus and Helen Weigman represented the Platte County Club. The most significant business of the convention was the proposal to dissolve the Congressional District level organizations of the Missouri Federation.

The next meeting of the Women’s Club will be on July 11th at the Platte County Resource Center. Emily Weber, Missouri State Representative, District 24th will be the guest speaker. The location is Platte Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle; time is 6:30 pm

Emily has sponsored 10 bills during her 2020-22 session and is running again for office. She is regarded as the leading rep for reproductive and human rights, with bills ranging from abortion and health care issue, extending unemployment benefits, reporting lost firearms, protection from discrimination based on gender, as well as agricultural options and protections. She is a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, several political action groups and board member of Climate Action KC.
Helen Weigman, Kathy Bray, Tracy Holthaus, Rita McGuire
Platte Country Democratic Central Committee
The Platte County Democratic Central Committee met on June 16th at the Platte County Resource Center. A summary of the Music and Mimosa event was that it was a grand event, the most impressive ever with participants from other counties, the Mayor and former Mayor of Kansas City and many candidates. It was not a big fund raiser due to costs but participation from Unions, committee donations and attendance were significant.

The Fall event at Alldredge Orchard is set for September 24th with a $100 deposit paid. There was much discussion on the goal: raise funds, build spirit de corps, enthusiasm, new voters and to provide opportunity to meet and greet our candidates. Committee roles: Chair David Christian ; signs and welcome/ direction – Keith Stutterheim; Purchase supplies – John Kirchmeier; help with social media/programming – Garrett Johnson, Sharen Hunt, Wanda Park.

John Kirchmeier questioned the role of the Central Committee; a thoughtful discussion followed.

Parade as promotion – discussion of having all candidates and their crew in one group for the Parkville Days Parade on August 20th. The Central Committee could/should play the role of coordinating with all candidates.
Question: what is the value/purpose of our Election Headquarters? There is also a question of when it will open, where it should be and cost. John Kirchmeier said he would start looking in the Platte Woods area and Ken Hunt offered to help.

Jamie Jamison recommended that committee get out to local events, show up and talk to Democrats, participate in 40 Club on 2nd Tuesday’s lunch (Union gathering).

There is a need to nurture new volunteers with specific roles, how they can help with varying levels of time, develop information packets. A template for letters to representatives was suggested. The question was raised of whether we are competing with candidates for funding. The other question is what role do candidates want us to play in support of their campaigns?
Northland Democratic Club
The Northland Democratic Club met on June 21 at the ACA Club. The guest speaker was Scott Wagner, candidate for Clay County Commissioner – Western District. In-district. Scott noted that this is the first election since the new Clay County Charter is in effect. He is running for one of the new positions created with approval of the new Clay County charter. He said Sherry Duffett who is running for Clay County Commissioner - Eastern District is also running for one of four new positions. For additional information about Scott Wagner see

The other candidates present at the meeting were:
Sherry Duffett, candidate for Clay County Commissioner - Eastern District
John DeFoor, candidate for Platte County Presiding Commissioner
Henry Martin, candidate for the 6th District U.S. House of Representatives
Charles West, candidate for the 6th District U.S. House of Representatives

Platte County reported that a Fall Event is being planned at Alldredge Orchard on September 24th. Sherry noted that this may be the same weekend as plans for Gladfest. Platte County also invited the now dissolved Clay County Women’s Club (Fem Dems) to join the Platte County group on the second Monday of each month at the Platte County Resource Center 11724 N.W. Plaza Circle, KCMO at 6:30 p.m.

Sherry Duffett said Clay County is making plans for 2022 Night At The Elms on Saturday August 20, 2022. Tickets are available at
Parkville Parade - Walk With Our Candidates
John DeFoor, candidate for Platte County Presiding Commissioner will have a trailer with seating in the July 4th Parkville Parade--and there are still seats available. Contact

Jamie Johnson, candidate for Missouri State Representative, newly drawn District 12 will also be marching in the parade. Sign up at

Parade starts at 10:00 a.m. at 63rd and 9 Highway.  Parking is by Price Chopper area.
Help The Missouri Democratic Text Bank - July 2-6
One major deadline for this work is fast approaching. Any voter who registers by July 6th can cast a ballot in primaries on August 2nd. Registering as many voters as we can by that point will allow people to cast a vote in August, and get to know the process of voting in Missouri. Help here.
Paid for by PCDCC, John Kirchmeier Treasurer