The Fiber Universe Newsletter                        May 2015

May Flowers

Our theme for May is flowers - patterns inspired by flowers, patterns to make your own flowers, and yarns that look like spring.  Our favorite flowers are Daffodils, Tulips and Lilies. What inspires you?  Post your thoughts in our Ravelry group!  

It's my favorite block, number 5 for the Building Blocks Afghan - Cables!!  Knit Purl Hunter has a great video tutorial on her website here, and if you still have struggles, or just want to hang out, stop by and we will help you out. Our next free "class" is Saturday, May 9th from 12-1pm.

  Erin & Melinda
The Fiber Universe

Cascade Pacific Color Wave is a worsted weight, affordable, completely machine washable yarn in a lovely array of colors that slowly changing as you knit. Pacific is an unbelievably soft acrylic and wool blend, and has a lustrous sheen. 
100g, 213 yards, worsted.

Use for Oats Cowl

Make a hard-wearing, stripey pair of socks with Opal Best Friends! This sock yarn works up into stripes and patterns all on its own. The machine washable blend is the perfect combination of fibers for strong, lasting socks. Make a pair for you and  your best friend!  100g, 465 yards.  

Zensation is a worsted weight yarn in a soft, colorful blend of cotton and acrylic. It has a chainette construction, which forms a flat tube that works up into a light, airy fabric. This yarn would make unforgettable accessories, market bags, cowls, scarves and even sweaters. 50 g, 130yards, worsted
Use for Wavy Top 

Knitting Knowledge

This super cute hat will delight the children in your life.  The pattern calls for 150yds of worsted weight yarn, a small amount of green, and size 8 circular needles.  This hat is knit in the round, and features an i-cord stem.  This would be soft (and washable) when knit in 

This is another Spring Design from the Spring Collection. This daffodil cardigan is fun and whimsical. You start from the waistband and work down towards the bottom of the skirt. The petals are knitted separately and then grafted using a very simple knitting technique.

Knit a little friend for the little friends in your life, and then knit outfits to match!  Purl has a variety of outfits and hats, with matching hats for children. We have copies of the book in-store now!  

Crochet Corner

Inspired by the nature, this flowering   shawl can be worn in many ways, and the bobbly texture is sure to keep you cozy.  1200 yds of DK weight yarn, size H Hook.
  Crochet this in Silky Wool
 Tulips Jacket

This fun jacket takes crochet to a whole new level!  Make out of cotton for a stylish, yet light, addition to your summer wardrobe.  



Crochet this in Cascade Alpaca Lace
Warped Weavers
Clasped Weft

This technique is still just a plain weave structure, but allows you to play with colors from side to side.  You can make random peaks, lines, angles, or solid blocks of color with this technique.  

For this, you will have a neutral colored warp, and two colors of weft. It is recommend that warp be sock weight, and each weft color be lace weight since it will be doubled up in the shed.  Wind each color onto a separate bobbin, and place one color on each side of your loom. 

Next, open a shed and pass one of the shuttles through. Wrap that shuttle around the other yarn, creating a fold in both (see second photo).  Then, adjust your yarns from side to side until the colors line up where you want them.  Close your shed, and beat lightly.  Viola!     

New to weaving? Want one-on-one instruction? 

Spotlight on Spinning
Thread-Plying with Add-In's 

One of my all-time favorite techniques in spinning is actually plying. I love using a sparkly thread as the second ply with my handspun single. By using a thread (instead of plying with your yarn) you are able to increase your handspun yardage, add a bit of pizzazz, and get some wave texture. By mixing the thread plying technique with the add-in technique from a few months ago, you can create a yarn like the one pictured - with add-in flowers and sparkles throughout!

New to Spinning? Want a lesson on this technique?  Sign-up here!

The Fine Print:  All classes must be paid in full at time of registration.  If you give us at least 7 days notice of cancellation, we can give you a full refund.  With at least 24 hours notice, you can transfer your registration to a different class.  Less than 24 hours notice for cancellation will result in forfeit of your fee (we still have to pay our instructors for showing up).  Unless noted, materials are not provided in the cost of the class.  
You will receive 10% off all supplies purchased on the day of class.
SPECIALTY CLASSES- Crochet Granny Squares
Have you learned the basics of crochet?  Come learn double crochet and crochet in the round while making the versatile Granny Square! 

Granny Squares can be joined to make scarves, purses, afghans, pillows, and many other fun projects!  Please bring 3 colors of worsted weight yarn, a size I or H crochet hook, a stitch marker, a large eyed blunt needle, and scissors.

Saturday, May 16th,  1pm-3pm,  $25


Sock Training Class

In this 3 hour class, you will learn all the socks skills you need by completing a miniature sock. You will learn Judy's Magic Cast on, Toe increases, Short-Row Heels, and Jeny's Stretchy Bind-off. 

Materials: Please bring size 8 circular needles (32 or 40"), and worsted weight yarn.


Sat, May 16th, 10a - 1pm

Drop Spinning Class

In this 2 hour class, you will learn how to create your own yarn in thin air! You will get a crash course in fiber, drafting techniques, and you will leave with your own, one-of-a- kind handspun yarn.  

Materials: You will be given 2oz of fiber and a student drop spindle that you get to keep!


Sat, June 6th, 10am - 12pm

Dye Your Own Yarn Class

In this 2 hour class, you will learn how to dye yarn using kool-aid. We will touch on color theory, dye baths, microwave skills, and how to dye to get the yarn you want!
Materials:1 skein of yarn and dyes included. Please bring a zip-lock bag and wear old clothes.


Sat, May 2, 10am - 12pm
Beginning Knitting/Crochet

Beginning classes are offered EVERY Saturd ay from 9-10 am.  We will teach you to start and end your work, as well as the knit stitch or how to single crochet. Needles, hooks and yarn provided or bring your own!   1:1 classes for techniques, advanced stitches, or pattern help is also available for $10/hour.


Beginning Spinning

In this 2 hour lesson,  you will learn the basics of how to make your own yarn.  Spinning lessons are offered 1:1 or as a group. Wheels are provided, or bring your own. You will also receive 2 oz of spinning fiber . Lessons are by appointment only. We also offer 1:1 instruction to learn special techniques or to boost your skills.

$30 for a two hour lesson

Beginning Weaving
on the Rigid Heddle Loom

Two, 2 hour lessons, on your loom or ours!  Pick out your yarn and project, learn how to warp your loom, and start your first project. Then, take your work home to complete the weaving, and come back for your second lesson to learn how to end the project and finishing techniques. By appt. only 


$20 two-week loom rental
$50 for two 2-hour lessons
Sign-Up Now