Newsletter May 2020
Adapting - We appreciate your support!
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Store Open - The garden center reopens for outdoor shopping on Monday, May 4th. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Our outdoor space is open for self service shopping only. We are still taking phone and email orders as well. Please be patient with our efforts to satisfy your needs and keep everyone safe as well.

To Protect the Health of Employees, You and the General Public, please follow these Shopping Guidelines:
  • No groups larger than two (2) people.
  • Self service shopping only.
  • We ask that all guests wear safety masks.
  • Shopping should be limited to buying what you need, then returning home.
  • At this time, the store is not a gathering place or to be used for family outings.
Follow the Social Distancing Guidelines of 6' Separation

Store Limits - We are limiting in-store shopping to 10 people at a time. The gift shop which is "non-essential" is currently closed. We are only accepting credit cards at this time.

Safety - We are taking your safety very seriously. We are open as we are considered an "essential business" since we sell plants, vegetables, herbs, soil, fertilizer and insecticides. We are asking everyone to follow the rules set by CDC on social distancing when shopping at our garden center. Please follow our new shopping and checkout procedures.
Social Distancing when
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Seasonal Ideas & Information For May
The following are a list of activities to consider for your May gardening:

  • Vegetables & Herbs - Warm-season crops are in their prime this month. One mistake new gardeners make is to not harvest vegetables at their peak quality. Left on the plant too long, many will decline in quality. Eggplant can become tough and bitter; green beans stringy and less tasty; squash and cucumbers become too mature with tough skin and large tough seeds. If you have mockingbirds, squirrels, and other raiders, it may be wise to pick your tomatoes early and allow them to ripen on the kitchen counter.

Fertilize growing crops with a natural, organic fertilizer that not only promotes healthy plant growth but is also good for your soil.
New shipment of Fruit Trees
Peaches & Plums
Lemons & Limes
Grapefruit, Orange, Satsuma, Blueberry, Apple, Blackberry, Fig, Persimmon, Pomegranate, & Tumeric
Our Garden Is Blooming!
From Our Landscape Department
We continue to offer full landscaping services.
Call or Email us to schedule:
*Landscape Consultation
*Maintenance Rejuvenation
*Spring Garden Refresh
Succulents In The Garden
There are many ways to incorporate succulents into your Galveston landscape. You don't have to have the century plant that gets so large; smaller agaves are often quite colorful and interesting. There are also plants like Manfreda or Hesperaloe (often called red yucca) blooming, perennial succulents like Delosperma or Bulbine. Be careful of the groundcover succulents, they aren't always sturdy enough for our heat/humidity.
In Planters
Succulents are a favorite plant for beachside planters. There are a great many that can stand up to the constant barrage of salt. Use cylindrical sansevieria for an upright plant, ice-plant to trail down, and dwarf crown-of-thorns to bloom at the mid-level.
Mother's Day Gift Idea
For Mother's Day, plant a rose in honor of your mother or give her a rose plant to grow in her garden.
Drift Rose
Peggy Martin
Red Knockout
Beautiful Garden Statuary
MAD Collection
DEX Collection
MAD Collection
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