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  • Mother's Day Giveaway
  • DIY Succulent Gardening Class
  • DIY Terrarium Class
  • Educational Seminar on Plumeria with Loretta Osteen
  • Seasonal Ideas and Information for May
  • Landscape Department:  Succulents in the Landscape
  • Seaside Casual Furniture 2019 
  • Bailey's Coupon
  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas
  • Create a Beautiful Garden
Mother's Day Gift Certificate Giveaway

With every purchase between now and Mother's Day 
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$100 Gift Certificate to Tom's Thumb Nursery

Drawing to be held at the end of business on 
Mother's Day  Sunday, May 12th
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DIY Succulent Gardening Class

Sunday, May 5, 2019 

 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM 

In this fun hands-on class, Autumn Nolte will guide you through 

plant selection, design ideas and tips to ensure your plants 

remain healthy for months to come.

Workshop fee is $40 per person, which includes a 6" azalea pot, planting medium, succulents, and step by step instruction on planting and care.  

Hurry and register because class size is limited.

To make your reservation and prepay call 409.763.4713.

Remember to bring gloves if you need them as we will be getting our hands dirty.

Sunday, May 19, 2019 

from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM 


Join our expert staff as they instruct you on how to create a glass terrarium garden. Workshop fee is $40 which includes an 8" glass bowl, 3 plants, soil, rocks, moss, charcoal, a miniature garden item of your choice and step-by-step instructions. Please bring gloves if desired. 

Space is limited. Register by Wednesday, May 15.


Educational Seminar

 Plumeria 101

Saturday, May 25
11am - noon

Tom's Thumb Nursery
Loretta Osteen

Seasonal Ideas & Information for May

The following are a list of activities to consider for your May gardening:

  • Vegetables & Herbs - Warm-season crops are in their prime this month.  One mistake new gardeners make is to not harvest vegetables at their peak quality.  Left on the plant too long, many will decline in quality.  Eggplant can become tough and bitter; green beans stringy and less tasty; squash and cucumbers become too mature with tough skin and large tough seeds.  If you have mockingbirds, squirrels, and other raiders, it may be wise to pick your tomatoes early and allow them to ripen on the kitchen counter.  
Fertilize growing crops with a  natural, organic fertilizer that not only promotes healthy plant growth but is also good for your soil.



Galveston County Master Gardeners Educational Programs:                      
  follow this link   2019 Gulf Coast Gardening for May  

From Our 

Succulents In the Garden
There are many ways to incorporate succulents into your Galveston landscape. You don't have to have the century plant that gets so large; smaller agaves are often quite colorful and interesting. There are also plants like Manfreda or Hesperaloe (often called red yucca) blooming, perennial succulents like Delosperma or Bulbine. Be careful of the groundcover succulents, they aren't always sturdy enough for our heat/humidity.

In Planters
Succulents are a favorite plant for beachside planters. There are a great many that can stand up to the constant barrage of salt. Use cylindrical sansevieria for an upright plant, ice-plant to trail down, and dwarf crown-of-thorns to bloom at the mid-level. 
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Totes & scarves
Beaded bracelets

Custom Floral Accents by Judy

Create a Beautiful Garden

Rain gauges, thermometers and weathervanes

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