SOWER Ministry Newsletter May 2023
Dear Friends,
 Chasing Spring! That’s what Gary and I have been doing for the last couple of months as we moved from Texas (the 40th Rally), to Missouri (April project) to Ohio (kids and grands!) to Vermont (a little R&R!). It’s been quite lovely to see the spring renewal begin again at each location as we moved north. From sprout to bud to bloom – God will always keep his promise of change of seasons. What a faithful God we serve!
Things are blossoming at the office too! The June/July SOWERGRAM is almost ready to go to press, and it's chock full of information. Not only does it include the Reflections, GL reports and other articles, it also includes the resumes of the seven members who are running for the Board this year. Each active member (working or alumni) will be also receiving the resumes and their ballot in the mail. Ballots must be postmarked no later than July 1.
So before the summer schedule kicks in at full speed, take a look at all of the available summer projects. There is nothing like serving at one of our camp projects when it's in full swing! Be a SOWER W.A.S.P. - Working A Summer Project! Check 'em out, and sign up! I know you'll be blessed.

May you see God in every new bloom this spring!

Serving Jesus with joy!
Stephanie Conrad, #2509  

New Kids on the Block!
Challenging………not the word! Exhilarating……not the word! Scary.….could be the word! Filling two sets of exemplary pairs of shoes can be – breathtaking at times. If you have received strange e-mails or snail mail from the office (during strange times of day to boot), it’s because Wayne & Gail Fieler #3187 are filling in while our office managers, Ray & Alean Arthur #2810, are playing tourists. A trial to see if it really can be done – a mission should we wish to accept. 
Recently an e-mail recipient asked where was the attachment we referenced. Creative excuses come into play – aliens snatched it or en route from cyberspace it flung off into space orbit! Not that we would forget mind you, just that it might be a challenging day. For 15 years Ray & Alean have kept chaos at a minimum, and it amazes us that they have persevered day in and day out. All I can say, it might be a good thing that ya’ll can’t see our faces when we read your requests!
Thanks for your patience as we learn the ropes!
Wayne & Gail
2023 Trustee Nominations
Evan Asby #3495
Bill Blake #3766
Jim Haney #3902
Brad Smith #3482
Gary Smith #3627
Dick Webster #3808
Carolyn Strausser #3369
Full resumes and ballots will be mailed to you the first week in June and will be included in the June-July
Completed ballots must be postmarked by July 1, 2023
2024 SOWER Project Work Dates
Wondering when you can sign up for 2024 projects?
The 2024 winter project months will be open for sign-ups starting with the publication of the June-July SOWERGRAM and PLS.
The PLS with 2024 openings will be on the web the weekend of 5/27.

Please note - the SOWER office is CLOSED for the Memorial Day Weekend. They will not be checking emails until Tuesday, May 30th. Please be patient as you wait for notifications for any projects assignments requested during that holiday weekend.
Odds and Ends
Are you a Full-timer with a South Dakota Residency?
Click on the ballot box above for information that may impact your ability to vote in South Dakota.
submitted by Rob and Vicki Schildroth

RV Friendly Detergent!

We all do laundry and are always looking for ways to make it easier. I really like this product and it is so space-saving in the RV.  It seems tailor-made for RVs. And I'm all for anything that makes RV life easier!

Carol Anne Nering #3100

New Building Proposal

Recently an email was sent to all of our SOWER members detailing a proposed plan for a new auxiliary building on our property in Lindale. Wendell Ramaker, chairman of that committee, would like to hear from you with your approval, concerns or questions!
New Project Highlights
Rock Haven Bible Camp (AR-567), listed in the PLS under Arkansas Gospel Mission, is a non-denominational camp started over 75 years ago to "assist, enhance, and build up the local church". They are a Christ-centered camp facility offering youth camps, family camps, and retreats. They are also available to rent for church-led retreats, staff training, etc. They could use SOWER help from May through November for everything from maintenance and groundskeeping to kitchen help and cleaning. Please consider Rock Haven in your project planning for this year. NOTE: Be sure to follow directions in the PLS to get to the RV park.
Wendell & Diane Ramaker (3411)
We want to share our recent visit as sponsors to Cedar Springs
Camp (IA-566) in Floyd, Iowa, one of the newest Sower projects.
Brian Goode is the director and host and his enthusiasm is tremendous.
This camp sits on 122 acres and includes three islands in the middle of the Cedar River! There are 6-7 cabins mostly located down a gentle slope near the river. Also, the main lodge/office has three motel rooms on the second floor.
Brian has been refurbishing the dining hall and upgrading the kitchen. Most of the cabins have been updated recently, but there is still lots of work to be done. With so many trees, there is always fallen timber that needs to be cleared and split for firewood. Mowing, some painting and perhaps clearing ground near the old barn is needed. Brian shared he would like to move the Human Foosball court to be closer to the cabins.
Future plans are to reclaim and use materials from the old barn. Brian has
been at Cedar Springs for 9 months and is very excited to partner with us.
The campground has 28 sites, 3 with 50 AMP and hopefully will add
another 3-6 with 50 AMP. All have water and sewer. He has plans to add
gravel in the very near future to most sites reserved for SOWERs. We cannot
wait to get over to this project. SOWERs, you will not be disappointed with
this place.
Mike & Jackie Barber (#3601) Project Sponsors

PS- Close by in Nashua, Iowa, is The Little Brown Church, made
famous by the song “The Little Brown Church in the Vale” and also a
Pioneer Village.
Special Thanks from one of our Underserved Projects
Oakdale Christian Academy (KY-513) is a Christ-centered academic and boarding school serving boys and girls in grades 7-12. They enroll 60 students at their 132-acre campus eight miles from Jackson, KY. They ask for SOWERs (3) for the months of June, July, October, November, and December.
Underserved Project Update
Have you checked the Underserved Project List lately? The office has put together an updated list of ministries that have received six or fewer SOWER couples in the last 24 months. Check the PLS to see where you can serve or contact the office to get any clarification about these underserved projects.

Updated 3/27/2023
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Bruce Gay (#3659) for sharing about this unique ministry - and our opportunity to be part of it!
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Don't forget to check out your favorite ministries on Facebook. Many of our partner ministry locations have a Facebook page, and it's a great way to stay up to date on the places you love to serve!
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The June/July SOWERGRAM will be available May 27th.

If you have any questions,
please contact the SOWER Office  
This month there are 67 SOWER couples (or singles) serving at 39 different ministries around the country. Praise God for all the work that's being accomplished! Have you signed up for a summer project yet? There are lots of opportunities to be a blessing and to be blessed!
Area Representative Opening

We are looking for a new AR for some of our Michigan projects.

Spring Hills Camp (MI-269)
Grace Adventurers (MI-296)
Timber Wolf Lake (MI-497)
Brown City Camp (MI-286)

Contact Wendell Ramaker for more information!
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Group Picture - The April 2023 group working at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School (AZ-491) - Dennis & Lorree Johnson -3658,(GL), Mark & Paula Best -3983 (5th project 2nd location), Mike & Betty Buitenwerf #3892((2nd project), Larry & Guylaine Lokker #3975(3rd project), and John & Marion Peters #3994 (very FIRST project!). Photo Creds go to Dennis Johnson - Thanks!

Header Photo - The newly enclosed pavilion at Life Change Camp (MO-560).

Opening Paragraph Collage - parking at Life Change Camp (MO-560) taken at the start and then the end of the project month!

Dear Sam and Sally
I was on a project where the GL passed the responsibility to someone else. I have heard other people confirm that this is okay. I cannot find this in the guidelines. What is the rule covering this situation?
Wanting to get it right!

Dear Wanting,
Thanks for your question! I’m afraid there is some misinformation out there regarding to this issue. If you are the designated Group Leader (GL), i.e. the first person to sign up for that month at that ministry, passing the GL responsibility to another member is not allowed except in cases of an emergency where you are unable to fulfill the commitment. As GL you may pass a particular work assignment to someone you feel has the skill and is more knowledgeable. Delegating some of the GL (especially the LGL) duties is perfectly fine. But you are still responsible to coordinate the work, be the host contact person and prepare the GL report. The guidelines suggest that the GL appoint or have someone in mind as an alternate GL to cover the responsibility when he is not available i.e. illness, injury, necessary appointments, etc. But the primary responsibility of being the Group Leader (project facilitator) cannot just be passed to another SOWER without there being extenuating circumstances. 
Just a reminder - If there is a newer SOWER couple on the project and they are interested in learning more about being a GL, this would be a great opportunity to mentor them and show them the “GL Ropes”.  

Thanks for your question - and your desire to understand our guidelines better!
Serving Jesus with you,
Sam & Sally

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