Volume 04 | April 2020
EMP Scan & Print Product, Wireless Services, Agriculture Core Sampling, and More!
We are well into Spring of 2020, and this spring has been unlike any other. Each week brings new information and with it, new thoughts/ideas on moving forward.

We at EMP continue to follow the direction by local leadership. The health and safety of our employees and customers remains our number one priority. Our team at EMP has stayed strong and is ready to serve you whenever the time is right!

Our PPE has arrived, and our internal procedures are set in place (power point below on the steps we are taking). You can have the piece of mind that EMP is taking every precaution so that we can safely serve you. We hope you find some good information below to keep your organization running at it's peak!
EMP's Stand Alone Scan & Print is a Hit!

The old saying is that one door closes and another one opens. Many of our customers have been hit hard by the global pandemic, but many are busier than ever. We were pleasantly surprised to see that a solution that we had put together in the past for customers was suddenly very relevant as companies scrambled to figure out how they are going to expand their production capacity without all the usual IT infrastructure in place.
Want to learn more about this product and the industry needs? CLICK HERE!
EMP's Wireless Networking Capabilities

One of the EMP Tech Group’s core competencies is wireless networking. It is a product line that we have invested heavily in, both with equipment and training. Despite that investment however, we never seem to fully exercise our capabilities with that product line. Want to see how we fit into the wireless networking world?

Agriculture Core Sampling
Our engineering team has worked on a variety of applications through the years. These applications are typically confined within the four walls of a manufacturing or logistics building. Check out the latest Solution Newsletter to see how we teamed up with a local agriculture company to help locate their soil samples!

Android Migration

For some of you, this is beating a dead horse. We at EMP have already helped dozens of customers migrate their legacy mobile scanning terminals from legacy Windows Mobile onto Android. Usually the change is straight forward. But if the application is a thick one running on the device, some work needs to be done for sure. CLICK HERE to find out more!
Epson ColorWorks

It has been a dream shared by EMP and our customers for years. Printing your labels real time, at time of need, color and all. There are two types of labels in our industry. Data labels which are typically black and white, containing fixed and variable data. The other type of labels are color labels, which can be the prime lab el on a product or a data label that just happens to include color. The use of color on labels can be very powerful. CLICK HERE to find out more!

COVID Update - Protected and Trained!
EMP Personal Protective Training
PPE has become an essential part of our new normal, but how effective is the PPE if it isn't being used correctly? We at EMP have purchased the equipment AND trained our technicians on how to properly use the equipment...

  • How to properly put on a face mask
  • How to remove the face mask
  • How to properly put on your gloves
  • How to remove the gloves
  • Other key points

Want to check out our training document...?