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Beyond Unconscious Bias
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Everyone is biased – even you.

Unconscious bias is a prejudice that we are unaware of, and which happens outside of our control. It is a bias that occurs automatically and is triggered by our brain making quick judgments and assessments of people and situations, influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. Unconscious bias can be based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance – any dimension causing a person to be different from others.

Check out these examples of unconscious bias from an awareness-raising quiz:
  • A research group sent two resumes for a laboratory manager position to 127 male and female professors. Both candidates were white, age 22, and had identical grades and comparable references. One was male and the other female. Responses from the professors showed that the male candidate was more likely to be hired and at a salary $4,000 higher than that proposed for the female applicant.

  • A government survey using false identities concluded that jobseekers with white-sounding names could expect to receive one positive response for every nine job applications. A job seeker with an Asian or African-American sounding name would have to distribute 16 resumes in order to obtain a similar result.

Unconscious biases are often revealed through micro-inequities – small, seemingly insignificant behaviors that have a corrosive effect on employees, the workplace and professional behaviors. Micro-inequities include: being left off a list or always being placed last, not being introduced at a meeting or receiving a perfunctory introduction, managers looking at phones during conversations, ideas cut down before they can be considered, names consistently misspelled or mispronounced, sarcastic responses, supervisors hovering in a controlling manner.

Unconscious bias directly hits a company’s bottom line Read more
Strategic Networking Workshop
Shout Outs & Photos
S pecial thanks to workshop sponsors: TJX, Blue Cross Blue Shield MA, Eastern Bank and A-Type Marketing; honorary facilitators Eric Warner, CEO of Praxis Growth Advisor and Sandler Trainer; Martha R.A. Fields, CEO of OKI ME LLC and Liveda Johnson, CEO and Founder of the source b2B; the Inspiration Zone team Susan Archer and Susan Kooperstein; lastly, our 40 fabulous workshop participants. 96% of respondents to our survey rated the session "outstanding." Here's a sampling of what attendees said:

"What helped me was bringing together concepts and practical applications so that I could immediately apply what I learned to my work."
N. Galibois, Ph.D.
Director of Planning & Development
South Shore Community Action Council

"Juliette demonstrates passion, creativity  and  authenticity in her work and her presentations and develops trust with her audience. I believe that is why people are so willing to do business with her."
J. Daileader
Consultant, Personal Insurance
Rogers & Gray Insurance

"Participating in this workshop gave me a reaffirmation of why I started my business and helped me to re-evaluate my support system and how to reach out to contacts more effectively."
A. Rutzick
Atype Marketing & Design

"Juliette's workshop provides an intentional framework for building your brand and moving forward with your career."
C. Smith
Small Business Program Coordinator
Eastern Bank

"This workshop made me joyful! Now I feel resilient in moving toward my volunteer goal of bringing several non-profit organizations together to support the public schools."
K. Carrington
Research Analyst/Member Services
Talent Ambassador
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA

"Juliette's program helps you to prioritize yourself and your goals and understand the importance of being intentional in your work and career."
L. Deangelis
Director, Center for Collaborative Leadership
University of Massachusetts Boston
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Did You Know About Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Services?
Inspiration Zone works directly with senior leaders to create and communicate D&I strategy and plans in ways that resonate with executive teams and associates. We make the complex simple through articulation of strategic frameworks, effective utilization of your existing resources and integration with business plans. Services include strategy development, multicultural marketing and assessments.
“NHP hired Juliette to do an end-to-end assessment of our diversity and inclusion program. Starting by conducting a stakeholder assessment and heavily engaging with key NHP stakeholders. Juliette did a phenomenal job of identifying NHP’s successes in the diversity and inclusion space, as well as identifying key strategic and tactical opportunities for moving NHP’s agenda forward. We also asked Juliette to be a speaker on a health disparities panel. She clearly demonstrated her deep knowledge, spoke eloquently and was awesome!”
Dave Segal, President & CEO, Neighborhood Health Plan, Boston
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