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May  2016

We hope you had a special Memorial Day Weekend.  It is a good time for sales and barbecue, and an even better time for reflection and remembrance of the lives so many have given for our country.  We realize the profound effects that service to our country can have on those that serve and on their loved ones.  It is because of this that we maintain our resolve and continue our work to bring help and healing to the underserved. 

One of our efforts for help and healing starts June 1st when our team from EMDR Asia arrives in Nepal.  During the course of their week long trip, they will provide a "One Day Introduction of EMDR, Psychotraumatology and Stabilization Workshop", "Part 1 EMDR Therapy Basic Training" and pro bono treatment to those suffering.  The Workshop attendees will be counselors and caregivers from the districts affected by the devastating earthquake last spring.  It provides them with the necessary understanding of trauma and its effects so that they can better aid their communities.  The Part 1 trainees will be Nepalese mental health professional, some from the Nepal Psychiatric Association.  They will receive supervision and then a Part 2 Training at a later date.  We are so thankful to EMDR Asia and the World Health Organization for collaborating with us to make these efforts possible.  If you wish to contribute to the ongoing project in Nepal click here.  This page will be updated with photos, footage and information as we receive it.

We are gearing up for the 2016 EMDRIA conference being held August 25th - 28th at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN.  We will be sending you more information regarding our booth and events in the coming weeks.  We hope to see you there!  

Trauma Recovery/HAP Developing Additional Trainers for our Faculty Academy
A major effort is underway to train new Trainer candidates for both the Part I and Part II Basic Training in EMDR therapy. A cohort of eight Trainer candidates has formed and they are actively working on becoming completed Trainers for Trauma Recovery/HAP. According to Executive Director Carol Martin, "We have invited eight experienced EMDR therapy clinicians to enter our training program which will result in them becoming Trainers for Trauma Recovery HAP. We are excited by their passion for the work, their zest and dedication for becoming Trainers and how this will extend our work with underserved populations."
We are HAPpy to Introduce...
Our Feature Volunteer for th e  Month:
Julie Miller, MC, LPC, LISAC   

"Being a trainer and facilitator for the Basic EMDR Therapy Training is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences I have had in my professional career. I love helping trainees learn about how do use EMDR therapy and think like an EMDR Therapist. I have so much fun with the other facilitators who have the same passion about helping others learn."  

NEW! G-TEP Worksheet Pad 
This set of EMDR G-TEP worksheets are designed for use by EMDR G-TEP trained clinicians. This is a user friendly single worksheet design for a step-by-step guide to the process. It is a large 11 x 17 color coded worksheet, which is also a meta-communication: in which the trauma event is enveloped with present/past/& future resources arranged spatially to physically convey that the event is in the past; that they are safe now in the present; & that there is hope for the future.

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Pets of the Month: 
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France 

Jabba, Pickle and Luna are the Pets of the Month. They are Faculty and TRN volunteer, Julie Miller's Scottish Folds.   According to Julie they are all the sweetest and best cats ever to live!    

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