News from American Greyhound recapping April and looking forward to May

April by the Numbers
In April we had 4 adoptions and 8 arrivals - the first set of galgos! 

This makes our year-to-date totals 27 adoptions and 25 brought into the group.
Winning Hearts Auction Thank You

Thank you to everyone who attended the 9th Annual Winning Hearts Auction last night! With the help of our loyal supporters, our biggest fundraiser of the year was a huge success. From sports memorabilia and themed baskets, to trips and experiences, your active bidding and generosity helped us raise funds to continue to progress our mission of helping greyhounds in need. 

Congratulations to all winners, and thank you with all our hearts!
TGIE Updates

I recently did some quick calculations in my head and determined that since our partnership with The Greyhound Inmate Experience, TGIE, we've welcomed over 300 dogs trained by the inmate handlers into our adoption program. These 300+ dogs have become family members and become integral parts of their new family's lives.

But, before they were an integral part of their new family's lives, they were an equally integral part of some other lives. Those of the men who participate with TGIE in Coldwater, Michigan and made them the dogs they became. And, trust me when I tell you, they literally crave updates on those dogs who were so important to them.

So, I'd like to ask a special favor of you. I would like for as many folks as possible to please provide some update, maybe a photo or two (though, please make sure there are no human faces in the pictures) and let them know what your TGIE dog means to you and your family. Email the updates to Gaye Ann Weaver at 

And, if I could be so bold to make another request, please try to make periodical updates throughout the year. The inmate-handlers at TGIE would appreciate it more than you can imagine. And, so would I.
Galgos and the Daphne Legacy Tour

As many of you are by now aware, we have recently completed the Spring 2019 Daphne Legacy Tour transport with our partners at the Daphne Legacy tour. On April 30th, May 1st, and and May 2nd, American Greyhound volunteers were on hand to help land 31 galgos at O'Hare's international terminal and transport them safely back to Indiana. We had arranged for our foster families to meet the hauler in Valparaiso upon our return and then welcome their new charges into their homes. 17 of the dogs would be seeking a permanent home through American Greyhound; the remaining 14 would be staying with their American Greyhound foster home only a day or two. On Friday, May 3rd, we loaded the 14 dogs who were only residing in temporary accommodations back on the hauler and transported them to Denver, Colorado, and into the hands of Friends of Retired Greyhounds.

In addition, during that same week, eight other Galgos landed in New York where they joined groups in both New York and Pennsylvania, while two dogs passed through O'Hare on their way to San Francisco, California.

This was a remarkable effort on the part of many people and organizations.

Of course, primary thanks go to the Daphne Legacy Tour and their wonderful volunteers who, among other things, flew to Spain about a week prior to departure, volunteered in the Scooby Shelter in Medina Del Campo, and helped prepare the dogs for travel, helped with the daily chores that are required at a shelter housing that may hundreds of animals, on flight day loaded the dogs at the airport and joined their flight to Chicago, passed the dogs through customs and helped turn them out, and load them on the American Greyhound hauler. And, of course, the ridiculous amount of "behind the scenes" work that must be accomplished before anyone ever leaves the states is much too long to list (fund raising, arranging flights, arranging animals for transport, passports, etc, etc). Our greatest thanks go to these folks as with them, none of this would have occurred.

American Greyhound volunteers again stepped up to the plate in typical fashion, helping in every conceivable way. From helping with the unloading and transport, tagging and washing up, fostering, and of course making the long distance drive to Denver, I count almost 50 volunteers who helped in some way to assure everything came off without a hitch. Many thanks go out to you for your dedication, efforts and sacrifice.

And, when I mentioned that it went off without a hitch, I meant it. The Daphne Legacy Tour folks have really got it together. Moving dogs from racetracks and farms in the southern part of the country, up to the Midwest is a relatively simple task, and we've performed it many times over the past 9 years or so. But, occasionally, we encounter hitches. Not major ones. Not dangerous ones. Maybe nothing more than lost paperwork or a flat tire on the trailer or van. Transporting over 3 dozen dogs from a foreign country, traveling through two international airports, synching up schedules with people five time zones apart and one half of the people you're interacting with speaking a foreign language is not a simple task. It's a pretty complicated one. And yet, down to every last detail, it went off completely without a hitch. That is a testament to Daphne Legacy Tour and their volunteers.

Look for these 17 galgos to start appearing on our website as they become available for adoption. These are dogs that in many ways are similar to the racing greyhounds we've known and loved. They are couch potatoes, they're slim, athletic dogs (though somewhat smaller than greyhounds), and they tend to be very non-aggressive dogs. many ways they are different and will require different care than retired racers.

One of those differences is containment. Many of our retired racers cause no fear of escape from fences as low as 4 feet. Their focus tends to be down low toward prey they may have chased generations ago and to the level where a racing lure may have run at the track. While galgos likewise would have chased prey that ran low to the ground, they are built and accustomed to not allowing any sort of obstacle get in their way, be it a fence, hedge or downed tree. Take a look at this video and see what we mean.

While not every galgo will display this sort of tenacity when encountering an obstacle, it does require some time and acclimation to determine whether or not they will. And even then, constant monitoring would be of the utmost importance.

Of course, while obviously very closely related to the greyhounds we know so well, they aren't a dog for everyone. So, please, before applying to adopt one of these dogs, take some time to consider your lifestyle, your fencing situation, and what your expectations are from dog ownership.
Grounds and Hounds

Grounds and Hounds will be giving customers a discount and donating to AG using code is grey15.

Anyone who orders using the code at check out will get 15% off their entire order, and the code never expires. AG receives 10% of our followers first order and 5% on all continued orders after that. 
Daphne Legacy Tour Updates

Much like the updates I've asked about for the TGIE graduates, updates on the Daphne Legacy Tour Galgos would be equally important, though for different reasons. Granted, the numbers of Galgos entering American Greyhound is much lower than TGIE trained greyhounds, but there is still great benefit to be derived from updates.

Daphne Legacy Tour raises funds to cover the human costs of moving the Galgos from Spain (air fare, lodging, etc). The transport which brought the dogs to the US this Spring took nine humans to accomplish, five months of planning, and about $22,000. They have roughly 3000 people who support the effort through the Whovian Running Club and privately. Without them, Daphne Legacy Tour could not bring the Galgos to the US, which means that American Greyhound wouldn't have a galgo to place into your homes. As a "Thank you" to these supporters, Daphne Legacy Tour asks that you update these social media pages about your galgo. Watching these pups make the transition to their new homes and learn to enjoy life as a dog who is loved by their family is what these supporters live for. And, helps assure that they will be able to continue to bring more and more loads of Galgos to the US.

Daphne Legacy Tour updates can be made at the Daphne Legacy Tour Facebook page;
              Or on Instagram at @daphnelegacytour
              Or on Twitter at @Daphneslegacy

Or, if you don't participate in social media, please feel free to forward your updates to Nicole Graves at

Thank you in advance for your help.

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