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May is Mental Health Awareness Month
We know that mental illness is not something that happens to other people. It touches us all. Why then is mental illness met with such misunderstanding and fear? -- Tipper Gore
  • 7,632,524 people in California live in a mental health professional shortage area.
  • An estimated 26% of homeless adults staying in shelters live with serious mental illness and an estimated 46% live with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders.
  • 1.1% of adults in the U.S. live with schizophrenia.
  • 2.6% of adults in the U.S. live with bipolar disorder.
  • 6.9% of adults in the U.S.—16 million—had at least one major depressive episode in the past year.
  • 18.1% of adults in the U.S. experienced an anxiety disorder such as post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and specific phobias.
  • Half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14; three-quarters by age 24. Despite effective treatment, there are long delays—sometimes decades—between the first appearance of symptoms and when people get help.
  • Over one-third (37%) of students with a mental health condition age 14­–21 and older who are served by special education drop out—the highest dropout rate of any disability group.
  • More than 90% of people who die by suicide show symptoms of a mental health condition.
Important News
Celebrating 40 Years of NAMI California Voices  

Help with our Stakeholder Surveys
NAMI California commits to seek, receive, and actively consider stakeholder recommendations while continuously improving a consistent feedback mechanism. We are committed to consistent stakeholder engagement and rely on our work with stakeholders to help us further our mission to effectively advocate for lives of quality and respect, without discrimination and stigma for families and individuals who have been affected by serious mental illness.
Family Survey

Have a family member or a loved one dealing with a mental health situation? Together we can work to improve community mental health outcomes; such as access to care, consumer and family experience of care, and advocacy for increased research to uncover causes and new, effective treatment. Your input and participation is essential to help us achieve our mission, vision, and core values.  
Diverse Survey

Do you come from a diverse cultural background and are dealing with a mental health situation? Together we can address disparities in the health status of people of diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, including across the lifespan. Enhancing cultural and linguistic responsiveness will result in the ability to better understand, communicate with, and interact effectively with people across a variety of different cultures and languages. Your input and participation is essential to help us achieve our mission, vision, and core values.  
Monthly Highlights
Mental Health Awareness in Baldwin Park
Baldwin Park City Council proclaimed May as Mental Health Awareness Month , urging all residents and families to participate and to reach out to organizations that provide services to mental health patients.

Recognized for their mental health activities, five NAMI on Campus students from Sierra Vista High School received the proclamation at Baldwin Park City Hall.
Pictured are (left to right): Mayor Pro-Tem Monica Garcia; Dr. Susan Coats, NAMI Advisor Baldwin Park USD; Mayor Manuel Lozano; Marisa Marroquín, Sierra Vista NCHS; Meltzi Lopez, Sierra Vista NCHS; Councilmember Paul Hernandez; Diana Aguilar, Sierra Vista NCHS; Atzin Olguín, Sierra Vista NCHS; Jaime Berrera, Sierra Vista NCHS; Diana Rivera-Beltran, Kaiser EOP; Councilmember Alejandra Avila; City Clerk Jean Ayala; Estela Mata; and Juana Mata.
Upcoming Events
Mental Health Matters Day
Date/Time:   May 22, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location:   East Side of Capitol Building, Sacramento

Join us as we celebrate Mental Health Month; NAMI California will have a table at this free event . Prepare for outdoor seating, bring folding chairs and blankets!
Join Us This Month
 At A Baseball Game

Each Mind Matters, NAMI California, Mental Health America, and Extraordinary Lives Foundation will be hitting the road in May and stopping by Major League ballparks to bring mental health awareness events during games for Mental Health Month.

Click here  for more information and tickets.
Cultural & Linguistic Responsiveness Toolkit Webinar Training
The goal of this toolkit is to assist local affiliates and partner organizations in beginning to address the mental health disparities that exist among communities from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, and better serve these individuals.

There are two more sessions (all PST):

  • Fri, June 7, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. - Register
  • Tue, July 9, 5 to 7:30 p.m. - Register
NAMI Smarts for Advocacy
Teacher Training
Through the training, peers, family members and stakeholders will learn how to teach and deliver the NAMI Smarts program with affiliates, individuals and families across the state.

Dates/Times: July 20-21
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Sat), 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Sun)

Location: El Camino Hospital
2500 Grant Rd, Mountain View, CA 94040 Conference Rm G (Sat), Conference Rm C (Sun)