May 2020
Primex Plastics Corporation has been a silver SGP Patron since 2013. The company offers sustainable products and many SGP Printers are Primex customers. Its focus has not only been to address sustainable products, but to incorporate sustainable processes. The Primex Team’s current initiative is to charge forward as “One Company.”

 “One Company” was created by bringing together all five of its business units: manufacturing, color and compounding, design and fabrication, recycling, and transportation. Instead of working separately to accomplish goals, the five entities are working as a united team, continuously improving joint projects. Through “One Company,” Primex has created a cohesive Sustainability Committee with representatives from each of the five business entities along with management support personnel.

Primex’s Sustainability Committee holds a bi-weekly meeting via conference call to track progresses and reach new goals during the “new normal.” Through the creation of a cross functional Sustainability Committee, it intends to improve definition and accelerate its sustainability journey. Primex has achieved many sustainability successes throughout the years in individual plants or departments within the entities. Now with its newest goals, Primex aims to create a thorough and cohesive plan involving all facets of its business. The Sustainability Committee allows each entity to share their individual successes and challenges to help make the company stronger under one sustainability umbrella.
For Primex, this goal cannot be accomplished without the involvement of its employees. Upon the creation and approval of its mission statement and supporting charter that defines past improvement with future achievement expectations and goals, Primex has since kept its employees involved by having enterprise-wide announcements. It established a hub on its intranet that is accessible to all employees to view, become educated on the work of the Sustainability Committee, and get involved. It is vital for its employees to be involved for Primex to fully execute its sustainable “One Company” vision. 

For more information on Primex Plastics Corporation and their Sustainability Committee, contact Theresa Vanna , Print Market Specialist and SGP Board Member.

SunDance cares about the environment and are dedicated to being responsible stewards of the global ecosystem. It was the first SGP certified offset printer in Florida and it takes pride in continuously implementing sustainable solutions for environmentally efficient manufacturing processes. The SGP certification criteria requires an annual continuous improvement project and SunDance’s 2020 SGP Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) is associated with the film lamination process at its plant.

SunDance’s company-wide project brainstorming phase started in late 2019. All CIP ideas are required to adapt to the SMART format- Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.
After several weeks of collaborative ideas and discussion, SunDance’s 2020 CIP project was chosen. In March 2020, it replaced its old inefficient hot water heater and piping system feeding its two film lamination machines with a new heater and upgraded piping.

The replacement was considered because the two film lamination machines require hot water heat exchange in order to get the lamination rollers up to a specific operating temperature. After upgrading the old hot water heater and piping system, the roller heating process time significantly decreased from 2 hours, or more, to only about 15 minutes. Since a hot water exchange is used in the heating process, SunDance is also now reducing its water usage when heating the rollers because the lamination rollers heat up faster. Additionally, SunDance will realize a reduction in our AC usage as the old heating system created hot spots in the building which in turn needed additional AC to cool back down.

Throughout the year SunDance will continue to take proactive measures to identify, analyze, and improve this new heating process. Their goal is to optimize and exceed the SGP standards of quality. SunDance takes pride in incorporating new sustainable manufacturing processes that improve quality, productivity, and efficiency.  

To learn more about SunDance, please visit the link here .