May  2019

Seek  G od, S erve O thers,  S hare Life   
Sunday Worship at 10am!
Upcoming Church Events
Welcome Visitors!
J oin us each Sunday as we gather around Word & Sacrament. 
Stop by our visitors table for a free gift. 

We have a nursery for your young ones, a "Pray Ground" for toddlers to enjoy during worship, and coffee and snacks are available in the Narthex. 
Remember, St. Luke church is a blessing to share !
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Weekly Recurring Events:
Sundays               9:00 am        Sunday School for All Ages
   10:00 am        Worship Service of Holy Communion
Mondays              5:15 pm         Jazzercise
Tuesdays            10:00 am        Ladies' Bible Study
                            5:15 pm         Jazzercise
Wednesdays       10:00 am        Knitting in the Narthex
                              5:00 pm        WEB Meal
     5:30 pm        Praise Team
     6:00 pm        Cherub Choir
     6:30 pm        Confirmation Class
      7:00 pm        Adult Choir Practice      
Thursdays            1:00 pm        Al Anon
    1:30 pm        Women's Bible Study
     5:15 pm       Jazzercise
Fridays                 6:30 am        Men's Bible Study

Upcoming Events:
Please refer to the 
Church Calendar   on our webpage for further information 
about upcoming events.

Sun. May 5:         Baptisms, Receive New Members, Sunday School Teacher
                            Appreciation, Senior Bibles Presented
Sat. May 11:        Church Health Bike Ride
Sun. May 12:       Mother's Day, First Communion
                            11:30am Mother's Day Tea/Brunch
Sat. May 18:        Confirmation Banquet
Sat. May 19:        Confirmation, Last Day of Sunday School
Sun. May 26:       Cookout for Memorial Day
Tues. May 28:     YMCA Summer Camp Begins
Fri-Sun, May 31-Jun 2:  Synod Assembly   
Sun. June 2        Vitalant Blood Drive
A Message from Our Pastor
"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."
 --Maya Angelou, American poet and activist
I think most of us enjoy history and feel like we know the basic history of our country. I also count myself as a bit of a history buff, and enjoy learning about our southern history. Our Southeastern Synod sponsored a day, in Montgomery, AL., at the new "Legacy Museum, From Slavery to Mass Incarceration." This museum was an eye opener for me. It gave a detailed history of African Americans in America. While most of us are familiar with the horrors of slavery, what is not often known, is that the prison system in our country became the new slavery system after slavery was abolished. I was shocked to learn that African American men could be arrested in Alabama for just standing on a street corner. Once arrested they were forced to work in the north Alabama coal mines with no wages paid. Today, we learned that people of color are six times more likely to be charged and given a longer sentence than a white person. It is easy to see that today, reforming sentencing guidelines and prisons is needed in our country.

A second museum we visited is an outdoor museum, " The National Memorial for Peace and Justice." This is the nation's first memorial dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, and people terrorized by lynching. This large open air museum educates us on the terrorism of lynching in our country. Large metal rectangle boxes hang from the ceiling, and on each is the name of a county and those lynched in that county until 1950. The hope is that as we remember and learn; we can hope and work for a better and more just country. We can demand a more just legal system, and we can have the courage to speak and protect those who are unjustly persecuted in our county.

As people of faith, we believe that God is on the side of the vulnerable. We believe that God is a God of justice, mercy and forgiveness. While we cannot stop what happened in the past, we can learn from it, and educate ourselves on the legacy of these past sins.

I highly recommend the book, "Just Mercy" by Brian Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson is a Harvard educated lawyer working to bring prison reform and sentencing reform to Alabama. I would love to have a discussion of the book this summer during the Sunday School hour.

Please join me.

Pastor Cliff
Worship Committee News
A great, big, huge thank you to all who helped make Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter so meaningful and beautiful for all of us at St.Luke!  There is a lot of behind the scenes preparation that goes on which makes it appear that things just happen to make it all come together. Those who prepare do it for the love of serving and with the hope all will rejoice in the risen Savior!  We are truly blessed by so many who serve so willing in so many ways.

Grateful Sermon Series...
Pastor Cliff is exploring a series of teaching on being grateful.  Last week our assignment was "Thanks-Living" - being thankful for being alive.  Sunday he will share some "Habits of Gratitude".
Purchase your book Grateful by Diana Butler Bass to help us untangle our conflicting understandings of gratitude and set the table for a renewed practice of giving thanks.

Upcoming Events...
May 5     Senior Bible presentation and Sunday School Teacher
May 12   First Communion and Mother's Day
May 19   Confirmation Sunday/ Affirmation of Baptism  (Worship
meeting after service
May 26   Memorial Day Weekend, Church picnic

Music News...
There are opportunities this summer for the Saints to offer their
musical talents for either a prelude or offering.  If you are interested please email Pat Conway for further information
Jacob Allen will be participating in summer theatre.  Break a leg Jake! We know you will be great! However, be assured we will be very happy when you return!

Help Wanted...
We could use some additional altar guild good stewards.  These are the people who prepare the altar for communion each Sunday.  It is not difficult and you would be trained. We would love to have some of our youth consider serving in this capacity.  Karen McCracken serves as the head of Altar Guild and would be happy to speak with you.

We also need a couple more Offering Counters too.  We typically meet on Monday mornings at 9am to count the previous day's offering.  Contact Gary Conway if you'd be interested in helping!

Good Steward Scheduler needed...  
The weekly Good Stewards engage Saints of all ages in Seeking God and Serving Others.  Each month a schedule is developed sometime around the 20th of the prior month.  It takes about 3 to 4 hours to develop this schedule.  St. Luke is in need of a new person to develop this schedule as the current scheduler will not be able to after this summer.  If you are interested and wish to find out more please contact Gary Conway at  or call me at 901 493-3095.  

God, our hearts break for those killed in the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, New Zealand,  Pittsburgh, California, and North Carolina. 
The world reels from this violence.
Love has no room for violence and killing. 
In fact, Love repudiates violence.
As Christ on the cross has shamed and rebuked death and violence,
So we rebuke these violent attacks,
Instead proclaiming a gospel of peace
And an ethic of reconciling Love.
We pray for the families of the deceased,
That their hearts may draw ever closer to Love. 
We pray for the spiritual communities dealing with the aftermath,
That they may be good homes for healing.
And we pray and stand in word and action against religious bigotry,
Offering up Love's redeeming alternative.
Let us each, in our hearts, cultivate peace,
Each day as we practice prayer,
Engage in service,
Do justice and mercy,
And heed the voices of the suffering oppressed.
Oh God, help us to be Love.
In Love there is no Other. 
There is only One.
Thanks author Fran Pratt.
Our New and Improved Organ!
Our refurbished organ was delivered and installed in time for Palm Sunday.  What a blessing to have it back in our worship services!

Message From Our Council President
Greetings St. Luke Saints,

The old saying that time flies holds true - Lent has come and gone, and we are enjoying the Easter season celebration of Christ's victory over death. Alleluia, He Has Risen! He Has Risen Indeed!! Alleluia!!

In March I wrote to you concerning the financial status of St. Luke. Many of you responded very generously by increasing your monetary support and we are deeply appreciative of the sacrifices that were made to do this. We know the strong commitment we all have to the Great Commission and financial stability allows St. Luke to exist not just for those that are already members but to bring all our Brothers and Sisters to the Love that is Christ.

To continue to shore up our financial situation Council researched re-amortizing our mortgage with the Synod. As discussed during the Congregational meeting and unanimously passed by the Saints, the re-amortization allows us to continue to pay down our principal but reduce our monthly payments from over $3,000 to under $800 without changing our interest rate. Since there are no pre-payment penalties, we can retire the mortgage at any time, freeing up that money towards our ministries. This goal is in sight!!

Perhaps that day will come in conjunction with St. Luke's 35 anniversary that we will celebrate later this year. As Pastor indicated in the Congregational meeting, Pastor Hood will preach in conjunction with this still-to-be-planned celebration. We are looking for a few Saints to form a planning team for that event and all ideas are welcome. Please speak to a member of the Executive Committee if you would like to participate.

May will be a busy month at St. Luke, so take a deep breath and hold on as we:
  • Celebrate our high school and college graduates, thank our dedicated Sunday School teachers and receive new members on May 5
  • Celebrate 1st Communion for our Little Saints and Honor our Mothers with a brunch after service on May 12
  • Celebrate Confirmation on May 19
  • And finally wrap up the month with our annual church picnic after service on May 26.
You can't say the Saints let any grass grow under our feet!!

Peace and God's Blessing's to all.

In His Service
Jim Allay
  Spiritual Growth Ministry
We've had three Baptisms at St. Luke in the past month, and will have three more this Sunday.  Praise God for his Spirit working among us.

Charlotte Olivia Hemphill received the sacrament of Holy Baptism on Easter Sunday, April 21.  Parents are Parker and Heather LaPorte Hemphill, and godparents are Tyrel & Jodi Witcher.

Jaxon Lee Owens and Gemma Diane Sage 
received the sacrament of Holy Communion on April 28th.  They are the children of Ashlee Nichole Sage, and godparents are Donna Meili and Brian Rogers.

The Children  Journey through Holy Week!
The Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders went on a biblical journey during the 40 days of Lent.  We greeted Jesus when He entered Jerusalem and followed Him to the Temple. Before we helped prepare the Passover Meal Jesus served by washing our feet.  Then we had a special "Last Supper" with our Lord before we went to the Garden to pray. We witnessed Jesus' arrest, his trial and His Crucifixion. We even nailed our own sins onto the cross. As sad as it was to see our Lord die, we know He rose from the dead Easter Sunday! Our sins had been forgiven!! Hallelujah!!

The Thursday Women's Bible Study Group 
meets on Thursdays at 1:30. We are studying the book, Listening to God. Please join us in the Narthex for the study of God's word and great fellowship!    

Tuesday Ladies' Bible Study
Join us on Tuesday mornings at 10 am.  We are currently studying a study by Jennifer Rothschild,  Walking by Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark.   The study contrasts the evidences of walking by faith and walking by sight and encourages participants to take risks and give God control. Led by Tanya Bolkcom. 

The Women's Sunday School Class
The women's class is studying "Discerning the Voice of God" by Priscilla Shirer. It's not too late to join them Sunday mornings at 9am! See Jennifer Carkeet for more information (

A Real Life need was met:     "Although my needs changed as I went from wife to caregiver to widow, my Stephen Minister's love and support remained a constant. She was there at every stage of my journey, helping me through some of the most difficult moments of my life-so I could begin to heal."  Susan

Private Prayer Every Sunday
Sometimes it is good to be able to share our prayer concerns with another Christian. That's what the after-service Prayer Room (#111, next to the nursery) is all about. If you want to share a prayer concern for yourself or someone you love, there will be a Stephen Minister waiting for you! 

 Remember Christ said, 
     "For where two or three gather in my name, 
      there am I with  them."  
                                                                     Matt. 18:20

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Social  Ministry  
Mother's Day Brunch, Sunday May 12, 11:30am
Please join us on Mother's Day in the CFC for a wonderful tea-themed brunch with floral gifts for mom!  The whole family is invited to join in fun, food, and fellowship.  Sign up Sunday on the Communication Card or Fellowship bulletin board.

St. Luke's Senior Saints:
Our next outing will be Thursday, May 23.  We will meet at the church at 10 AM and drive to the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art on South Main in Memphis.  As parking is a problem, we will car pool and , if we have enough participants will try for a van to help even more with the parking situation.  We will have lunch downtown at the Majestic Grill before coming  back to the church.  The museum cost is $5 for seniors. Please let Connie White or Sue Malone know if you plan on attending.   

Family Promise News:  Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!
The new beds have been ordered and should arrive in 2-3 weeks. We are so excited and wish to thank everyone for their contributions that made this all possible.  
Our next hosting for Family Promise at St. Luke will be July 7-14.

Food First Sunday 
Thank you everyone for your donations of food staples to our St. Luke Food Pantry.  We especially need vegetables, fruits, canned meats, and soups. The Food Pantry is always open to St. Luke members, but open to the general public on the fourth Tuesday of each month, 10am-Noon.

Church Picnic
Church Picnic, after worship service on Sunday, May 26.  More details to follow, Fellowship Committee will be providing food and games. Thrivent will again provide an ICE CREAM TRUCK with free ice cream! Thank you Thrivent. All are invited for fun and fellowship.

This year we invite  you or someone you know to bring a car or motorcycle to the picnic to show case. If you have a hobby or skill restoring cars or you just own a vintage or fun sports car, bring it out and let the kids of all ages have a look. Let's see what you have in that big garage of yours! I bet others would like to share in the joy of seeing cars and motorcycles. Just park them in designated space by the play ground on Church Picnic Sunday, May 26. Who has the oldest car, the fastest, the most classic? Trucks are included!

We Bought a Cow!!!
Thank you for giving so generously to our Lenton offerings.  We had a total of $2077 given, and enough to purchase a cow for someone in need!  

Habitat for Humanity Update
A letter received recently by Pastor Cliff:

"I wanted to reach out to both of you to share some good news related to a homeowner St. Luke worked with nearly 20 years ago. We are happy to share that Ywvomming Clayton, who built her home on Walnut Street in 2000, has paid off her Habitat home loan. In fact, she paid it off nearly a year early!
We are so grateful for the longtime support of St. Luke Lutheran Church and your congregants. Because of you, homeowners like Ywvomming now have a decent place to live. We look forward to continuing our work together this year and in the years to come.
Have a wonderful weekend!"
Jessica Hord
Director of Communications and Development
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis

WOW (Women of Wisdom) and KNITTING IN THE NARTHEX!
The Women of St. Luke are combining forces on Wednesday mornings at 10am.  Bring your coffee/snack and needlework/knitting/crochet or just yourself!  Fun fellowship in the Conference Room at the church.  Invite your friends!

On-Line Sunday Snack Sign-Ups!                      Hey St. Luke Saints!  I know our schedules can be hectic and signing up for things can be a challenge. We are doing what we can to make things easier here at St. Luke. Fellowship has put together an online snack table sign up! Now with just a few clicks you can sign up from home! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kelsey Groff at  or on her cell at (201) 673-1588 (call/text). Click the link below to sign up, sign the sheet outside of Pastor Cliff's office, or find the link on our website and Facebook page.
God Bless you,
St. Luke Fellowship Committee 

              Click here to sign up:    Sunday Snacks
Blood Drive: Vitalant at St. Luke June 2nd,  
9:00am - 12:30pm in the CFC .
Vitalant is the Memphis region's only non-profit volunteer blood center, dedicated to meeting the needs of patients, healthcare facilities, medical professionals and the community at large. Every year Vitalant supplies more than 100,000 units of blood and blood products for local patient transfusion.
The donation process only takes about 1 hour and takes place entirely at St. Luke. Each donation of whole blood can help as many as 3 recipients - all of them our neighbors.
A sign-up sheet will be located on the  bulletin board outside the office starting May 12th. However, I strongly recommend you sign up at You can also complete your health questionnaire in advance the day of the drive at this website.

Don't forget you earn points with every donation that can be redeemed at; rewards include t-shirts, movie passes, and gift cards.
Please contact Jon Klein (, 901-268-5478), the St. Luke Vitalant Coordinator, with any questions.

Thank you wonderful Food Pantry Volunteers, everyone who has donated food and funds to help the needy, and to Thrivent for giving Choice Dollars to help!

Easter Egg Hunt!  

Check out our Facebook page
stlukememphis for lots more photos!


Mikah Meyers completed his quest to visit all National Park sites. We were blessed to meet Mikah when he sang at St. Luke and shared his story.
Mikah is the son of a Lutheran pastor, raised in Nebraska, and attended graduate school at the University of Memphis. He is now featured in many national news stories for his accomplishments.

T-2 Ministry
Our Team meets with ELCA Liasion Wayne Fell on Sunday, 5/5. We will be working discussing with him the written plans that each ministry unit  (discipleship, evangelism/ outreach, fellowship, stewardship, social and worship)  has assembled which will be used  to direct the ministry activities of each unit. The goal is to be both "formal" and "intentional" about what is next for each Committee in order to keep the focus on moving forward as a missional church and not to slip into the trap of focusing inward. The outcome of this meeting will be shared with Council at their June meeting. 

In Christ,
Paul Wright
T-2 Ministry Team Leader
Children & Youth Ministry News
VBS registration now open!   Get ready for an African adventure that engages the whole herd! Life is sometimes wild, but God is always good!
June 24th-28th, 9am-Noon, 4K-5th Grade
Go to to register online or sign up in the Narthex at the VBS display.

We are also looking for volunteers for Group or Station Leaders. Please contact Jennifer Wright ( ) if you would like to volunteer.

May 5th
Senior Bible Presentation and College Graduation Recognition
Congratulations to all of our Graduates!

High School Graduates
Kathryn Louise Anderson , daughter of Kent and Tammy Anderson - St. George's Independent School. Kathryn is part of the Thespian Society Club and was nominated for Best Stage Manager by the High School Musical Theatre Awards. She is also a leader of the MySpace Club, which is a club about having conversations centered around diversity . Kathryn will be attending The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and plans on majoring in Poultry Science.
Thomas John Dafoe , Son of Robert and Cathy Dafoe - Arlington High School. Thomas has been active in band, marching band, robotics, and lacrosse. Thomas will be attending Virginia Tech and plans on majoring in Biology.
Savannah Delaney Hughes , daughter of Darin and Priscilla Hughes - Arlington High School. Savannah is part of the International Thespian Society, Speech and Debate. She will be attending The University of Southern Mississippi, majoring in Marine Biology, specializing in Shark Biology.
Ryan Mathew Parish , Son of Mat and Diane Parish - Covington High School. Ryan has enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. and leaves May 27th for Boot Camp.
Allison Marie Tidwell , daughter of Donna Meili - Brighton High School. Allison is graduating with honors and is ranked 18th in her class of 300 students. She has been a member of the Honor Society since the 7th grade, was a member of her school's Knowledge Bowl team last year, member in the Math Club, Book Club, and Robot Club. She has completed over 20 hours of college credits while still in high school, all while maintaining a 3.98 GPA. Allison has also been in the band since the 6th grade. She plays the French Horn and Mellophone. Allison will be attending Murray State University and will be majoring in Pre-Med / Biology.
Mackenzie Linn White, daughter of Steve and Jenny White - Bartlett High School. Mackenzie will be attending Southwest Tennessee Community College.
Richard Adam Dylan Luke Williamson , son of Rich and Terri Williamson - Brighton High School. Adam will be going to William Moore College and plans to become a welder.

College Graduates
Taylor Danielle Allay , daughter of Jim and Esther Allay - University of Chattanooga, with a BS in Interdisciplinary Educational Studies: Child and Family Studies and a minor in Psychology. Taylor has also achieved Psi Chi Honor Society and Alpha Honor Society. She will be attending graduate school at The University of Memphis School of Speech-Language Pathology.

May 5th- Sunday School Teacher Appreciation
We would like to thank all of our Sunday School Teachers and Confirmation Teachers for their dedication to teaching this past year.  Each week these volunteers prepare, organize, teach, lead, listen, and care. You have made a difference in so many lives and have planted seeds of faith that we all will watch grow over time.  God has given you a servant heart and for that we are thankful.
"Well done, good and faithful servant." Matthew 25:23

2's, 3's and Pre-K 4's Amy Wright
Michelle Feuerborn
Carol Mattison
K 5's, 1st and
2nd grades                                 Vikki and Dale Ernst

3rd and 4th grades                     Terri and Richard Williamson

5th and 6th grades                      Priscilla Hughes
                                                Jesse Feuerborn
7th and 8th grades                      Jim Allay
                                                Britta Hall
9th - 12th grades                        Jennifer and Paul Wright

Confirmation Pastor Cliff
Sarah Klein
Jennifer Wright
Women of Faith                         Jennifer Carkeet    
Real Faith for Real Life              Paul White
New Testament Class /               Pastor Cliff
Lenten Class  

May 5th- All SLY Fiesta
All SLY groups are invited to join us on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) for a Fiesta to celebrate our last SLY event of the year! We will meet in the Sr. SLY room for lunch the we will head to the gym for some fiesta games and activities. Please RSVP to Jennifer Wright ( ) by Friday, May 3rd. If you would like to help chaperone, please let Jennifer know.

Important Dates:
May 9th - Last day of Confirmation Class

May 15th - Confirmation Review for 8th Graders

May 19th - Last Day of Sunday School

May 19th -    Confirmation Service
Congratulations to our 8th Graders who have completed their Confirmation studies! Our Affirmation of Faith Service for youth who have completed the Confirmation classes will be Sunday, May 19th at 10am. 

John Carkeet                 Eric Parish 
Sam Dafoe                      Macie Mathers  
Claire Decent                Scout Sowell    
Annalise Klobe

                                                                                                              Take Out Church
Take Out Church kits will be available in the Narthex beg inning  May  19th! Take Out Church is a way for your family  to bring your faith life with you on summer vacation. In this kit are ways that you can worship God, grow as disciples, and love your neighbors. Just as we do on Sunday mornings, you will have opportunities for laughter and fellowship, to praise God, pray, hear God's word, give thanks, and serve. Through it all we want you to take Jesus with you. Included in your kit will be a Flat Jesus. This summer, let's send Flat Jesus to every corner of the world! Let Flat Jesus be a reminder of Jesus's real presence in every place we find ourselves and as a fun reminder to help others encounter God. Take Flat Jesus with you on all of your summer adventures and take your picture with him. Share the pictures on our Facebook page (@StLukeMemphis) using the hashtag #StLukeELCAFlatJesus or email them to .

We will keep track of all the places Flat Jesus visits on our map on the SLY bulletin board. 

Have fun, be safe, and take church with you this summer! 

We will have kits available for families with children ages 2-4th grade. We will also have activities to pass out for our SLY groups and adults!
Financial News

Cick our QR code to give via text:     

You may also give online through
Simply Giving. 

St. Luke Financial Snapshot - through April 30, 2019 

Actual Budget
(in dollars) (in dollars)
    Current Giving 138,061 140,000
    Other 9,897 4,398
Total Revenue 147,598 144,398
    Expenses 149,103 135,823
Surplus (1,145) 8,575


    Total 73,363
    Designated Funds 24,268
Net Available 49,095


Balance at 1/1/2019 83,381
Balance at 4/30/2019 59,346

45,037 35,000

Parish Talk

J oin Pastor Cliff in a bike ride to benefit the Church Health Center. Rides are 19, 36 or 63 miles. The bike ride will start and end at the Crosstown Concourse site of the Church Health Center.   Register at

YMCA Summer Camp
St. Luke will once again host the YMCA summer camp this summer.  Click HERE for a schedule and details about the "STEAM" camp taking place this year!

Senior Expo..........................................................

God decided to create the heavens and the earth, all the animals, Adam and Eve, the plants, lands, and seas and then He decided He needed to create light and dark, which took some engineering.  When He was finished, an angel said to Him, "What now?"  and God, who was now very tired said, "I think I'll call it a day!" 

Lawn Schedule

         2019 Lawn 
      Team Schedule
Click to see a letter of thanks from the ELCA: 

Good Stewards

May  Good Stewards 
Click  HERE 
for the May Good Stewards Schedule.

The Good Stewards schedule is also found on our church website under Calendar and Events from the "Get Involved" icon.

Are you having trouble with Planning Center? 

May Birthdays   
Karen McCracken        1-May
Britta Hall                   9-May
Jon Klein                    9-May
Ruth Muhs                 10-May
Gary Conway             13-May
Jessica LaPorte           13-May
Christine Lee              18-May
Ginny Searight           18-May
Paula Cooley              18-May
Dan Kaswinkel            18-May
Gabi Flohr                  19-May
Mary Grace Summers  19-May
Claire Decent              20-May
Andy Mathers             21-May
Rachael Smith            25-May
Elizabeth Oakley         26-May
Gary McCracken         27-May
Lynda Nichols             28-May
Thomas Summers      28-May
Adam Tidwell             30-May
Christine Vacante       30-May
Kiliah Wright              31-May

May Anniversaries
Gene & Donna Meili                   5/1/2011
Bud & Cheryl Joyner                  5/5/1990
Kyle & Anna Sitko                      5/7/2016
David & Megan Pentecost         5/10/2008
Dan & Joan Kaswinkel               5/11/1957
Dave & Susie Carlson               5/11/1979
Evan & Michelle Nichols            5/16/2008
Paul & Jennifer Wright               5/18/2002
Burk & Roberta Renner              5/22/1976
Bonnie & Jimmy Dolph               5/23/2009
Kevin Olsen & Rachael Smith    5/24/2009
Tim & Amy Wright                      5/24/2003
Allen & Lisa Miskowiec              5/25/1991
Tom & Amy Kliman                    5/27/1978
John & Mary Boevingloh           5/28/1966
Tom & Judy Millican                   5/28/1983
Dan & Sandi Oakley                  5/31/1980

May Calendar
5 Sun.

11:30 am
11:30 am
4:00 pm
Food First Sunday
Receive New Members/Holy Baptism
Senior Bibles
Sunday school Teacher Appreciation
Stephen Ministry Supv/Continuing Ed.
All SLY Event
T-2 Team Meeting
6 Mon. 1 - 5 pm Family Promise Golf Tournament
11 Sat. 9:00 am Church Health Bike Ride
12 Sun.

11:30 am
Mother's Day
First Communion
Tea/Brunch Mother's Day
13 Mon. 5:30 pm
7:00 pm
Exec Comm Meeting
Church Council Meeting
14 Tue. 12:00 pm
6:30 pm
Stephen Ministry Peer Supervision
Mutual Ministry Meeting
16 Thur. 6:00 pm Stephen Ministry Peer Supervision
18 Sat. 6:00 pm Confirmation Banquet
19 Sun.

11:30 am
3:00 pm
Confirmation Service
Last Day of Sunday School
Worship Committee Meeting
More Than A Meal
26 Sun. 11:30 am Memorial Day COOK-OUT!
27 Mon.
Office Closed
28 Tues
10:00 am
YMCA Summer Camp Begins
Food Pantry open to public
31 - Jun 2
Synod Assembly

St. Luke Lutheran Church                                                          Follow us @stlukememphis
2000 Germantown Parkway N.
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