Sanctum House News and Updates
May 2021: Issue 14
New Beginnings

Dear Friend of Sanctum House,
With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, we have some wonderful new beginnings at Sanctum House. First, we are so grateful to Christ Church Cranbrook for our 3rd annual planting day. 30 volunteers came to help beautify our home! They cleaned the flower and vegetable garden beds and planted amazing, beautiful flowers and vegetables. Fresh mulch was the crowning glory. The pictures capture the joy and beauty of the day.
We also had new beginnings for two of our ladies. One graduated from Drug Court and had the remaining charges on her record dismissed. This was a wonderful experience for all our ladies to experience together as the judge and the court employees applauded her progress. There were a lot of tears on our part and of those in the court room! As for a second progress report, one of our ladies reunited with her Dad after 35 years. It was a heartfelt reunion with love and tears.
As we grow as a family, and our plants, vegetables and herbs grow in the sun, we remain thankful for everyone that walks the journey with us.

Be Well and Be Brave,
Karen Moore,
Sanctum House Executive Director
Edee Franklin,
Sanctum House Founder
Spring Cleanup by Christ Church Volunteers
It was a busy day at Sanctum House on Saturday, May 15, 2021. The volunteers from Christ Church Cranbrook came out to help us spruce up the outside gardens and get our vegetable garden ready for planting. A fun, and inspiring day was had by all. We are so grateful to all of the volunteers that came and helped!
On Our Way to Reaching Our Goal
The Sanctum House Capital Campaign is well underway, and we are excited to announce that we have received $450,000 in donations so far. Current donors have given us a great start. The funds we are raising are to increase our capacity to house up to 34 women at Sanctum House by purchasing our property and the adjoining buildings. By purchasing and creating a Healing Campus, we can stay where we are and not have to move, since our lease is up. This will provide a tremendous amount of stability to our current residents, and those on their way. Please help us make this goal a reality by donating today. We are offering naming rights for parts of the property, named after you or a loved one. You can click the link to email us with questions or more information.
Polaris Project Infographic
This graph indicates the 5 top recruitment tactics for the information that comes into the Polar National Hotline. The ladies that have lived at Sanctum House present in the following top 3 categories: False Promises, Familial, and Posing as a Benefactor.
Resident's Quote
"I am feeling today that I am beginning my journey of healing. I do have peace and serenity. I have an amazing team on my side now and my future looks bright because of Sanctum House."
- Anonymous Resident of Sanctum House
May is National Mental Health Awareness Month
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is sending the message that no one’s mental health is fully supported until everyone’s mental health is fully supported. They created the #MentalHealth4All campaign, and they are encouraging everyone to get involved by taking one simple action to encourage their friends, family, and community to take their own and others’ mental health seriously. If you are in crisis or know someone who is, call 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741.