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Pet First Aid Class

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Bridgeville Library

Dog Aggression Classes

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Bridgeville Library

Wed., June 24th,  2015
Bethal Park Library

Although the classes are FREE, registration is required.  Please call Deb at 412/220-7800 to reserve your spot today.


Ten Most Common Pet Toxins of 2014

A large part of the Pet First Aid class is creating awareness of the environmental hazards that can easily be removed to avoid a poisoning.  Take a few minutes to look for these items in your home and make sure they are safely stored away from your pet's reach.

1.  Human Prescription     
2.  Over-the-counter
     Medications (Including
     Herbal and Natural
3.  Insecticides
4.  Household Items
5.  Human Foods
6.  Veterinary
7.  Chocolate
8.  Plants
9.  Rodenticides
10. Lawn and Garden
For more information on pet posions, please visit

Dog Aggression

With the arrival of spring, we find ourselves enjoying walks with our dogs.  However, meeting an unfamiliar, aggressive dog can be responsible for injury to you, your pet, or your family members.    

I personally encountered an aggressive dog while walking my dogs in my own neighborhood.   Luckily my dogs nor I sustained permanent injuries, but some families are not so fortunate.    The profound grief pet parents endure at the untimely death of their beloved companion can be prevented. 


Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is partnering with Animal Behavior Instructor, Penny Lane to offer a FREE two hour course  in dog aggression.  The class will cover the types and signs of aggression and predicting aggression through observing the dog's body language.  You will learn safer ways of approaching unfamiliar dogs.  You will also learn how to prepare for a walk with your dog and what to do if you or your dog is attacked.


Through educating others about dog aggression, I hope to prevent other pets and pet owners from encountering a dangerous and possibly deadly situation.


Call now to reserve your place in class.



Springtime Keepsakes

These beautiful yet fun keepsakes can be displayed holding a tiny lock of fur of your beloved companion or simply as a sentimental reminder of a loved one who has passed.  Available in 2 styles and measuring approximately 2" X 3", these beautiful springtime blossoms with an adorable "working ladybug" inside are sure to bring a smile to your face and comfort to your heart. 

To view more keepsakes, please visit and click on the urns tab.

Hoping you are enjoying a breath of fresh spring air,


Deb Chebatoris
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation