Morningside United Methodist Church
May 2017
May Challenge to Grow our ...   
Children,Youth & Family Ministries
Children, Youth and Family Ministries have been an important part of ministry at Morningside UMC for many years. We have a wonderful Education Ministry Team headed up by Jannie Crossler-Laird and includes Margie Lowe, Karna Johnson, Lura Morris, Eva Johnson,  and is staffed by Yajaira Hernandez Trejo. We have great people who have been teaching Sunday School, working with Messy Church, Parents' Night Out and are preparing for the next VBS, such as Teresa Stewart, Sue Reid, Marjorie Bowser, Lynda Sloan, Chris Kester, Jan Nelson, and Michael Powell to list a few. To all of you who give of your time for our children and youth, thank you.
We want to ensure that these ministries have enough funds throughout 2017 and can use what has been budgeted for these programs. In addition to pledged income and regular giving, our budget relies on the May Challenge, along with other fundraisers, to be fully funded.

Beginning May 7th, you will have an opportunity to grow our Education Ministries during the May Challenge. Look for the May Challenge bulletin board, select a leaf or flower with the amount of gift you are able to give, write a check to Morningside UMC noted for May Challenge and put it in the offering plate or mail to the church in May. We can receive gifts for this challenge into June. Donation amounts will range from $25 - $500.

Together we can grow our children, youth, and family ministries and live out our vision of faith: We are all God's people! We are called by Christ to ministries of love, justice and reconciliation with our church, community and world.
Your Finance Team

  Sunday Sermon Series


April 23rd

Come to Believe

What helps you overcome your doubts and unbelief?

Seeing. . . touching. . . experiencing? John 20:19-31


April 30th

From Confusion to Clarity

What brings you clarity? Breaking bread . . . eating pizza?

- Luke 24:15-35


May 7th

Hearing One Voice

How many voices clammer for your attention? How do you know which voice to follow in our noisy world? -John 10:1-10


May 14th

Standing on the Living Stone

Does your foundation feel like a pile of loose rocks? Is it hard to get your footing? - Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16, 1 Peter 2:2-10


May 21st

Dwell in Love

Where do you hang out? Who do you hang out with? Are your surroundings life-giving? - John 14:15-21


May 28th

Here We Go

Now what? Just where are we going next and how will we get there? - John 17: 1-11

Pastor Wendy Vacation and Pastoral Coverage

Pastor Wendy will be on vacation from May 17 - June 2. During that time Dan Pitney, Sandy Kimbrow and Karen Nelson will be on call for pastoral emergencies. Karen will preach May 21st and Sandy on May 28th.

The Disability Connections Team presents:

"Caring for the Caregiver"

Date: Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 11:00 a.m. (after service)
Place : Morningside UMC Fireside Room
Speaker: Mary Collins, Clinical Coordinator - Hospice Care of the Northwest
The challenges of caring for others can result in caregivers ignoring their own physical and emotional health. Caregivers often don't recognize the symptoms of stress that they are experiencing. Caregivers need physical and emotional support in order to be effective caregivers. Please join us for an informal discussion and Q&A session with Mary Collins and members of the Disability Connections Team.
In This Issue
Worship Schedule
10 a.m. - Worship
11 a.m. - Fellowship Time
Childcare is offered for infants and toddlers from 9:30 -11 a.m. every Sunday morning.

Newsletter Deadline

Thursday, May 11th
at 9 a.m.
May Birthdays
5/3 Allen Patterson           Sterling
5/4 Annie Chapman
5/4 Cindy Burgess
5/5 Sharon Cooper
5/8 Duane Christensen
5/8 Kathy Pressler
5/9 Lily Lacy
5/11 Karna Johnson
5/13 Brad Mercure
5/13 Phil Wiseman
5/14 Lorie Long Wiseman
5/15 Jan Nelson
5/15 Janet Adkins
5/16 Lillis Larson
5/17 Kira Kinney
5/17 Martha Schreiter
5/18 John Eggink
5/20 Jennifer Blakely
5/20 Kathy Kleen
5/21 Allison Calvin
5/21 Sara Amend
5/23 Gary Quinliven
5/23 Lou Haugen
5/24 Bob Kuenzli
5/24 Tom Hornig
5/27 Chalice Savage
5/28 Deb Freels
5/29 Debra Arends
5/30 Fred Cooper
May Anniversaries
5/10 Carol & Leon Berkeley
5/11 Tes & Tim Lacy
5/21 John Ahlen & Don Main

In our prayers are those with...

Health Concerns, Illness, Loss of Loved Ones:

Layton, Mary Jo Gilson & Family, Lillis Larson, Dick Riley, Glen McCall, Robert Kuenzli, Renee Cornwell, Jerry Perry, Ken Amend,  Joy Willhite, Paula Kent, Dorothy Green, Maggie Johnson, and Elisa Reckendorf 

From UMMSK to "Open Door Churches"

The UMMSK Board met o April 24th and voted to move forward on a new name for our area wide ministry. UMMSK is a difficult identity for those outside the church to understand, it does not lend itself well to marketing or communicate a focus for our ministry.

After considering what we want to communicate about ourselves to the Salem-Keizer community, we have settled on calling ourselves "Open Door Churches: United Methodist of Salem-Keizer." Each individual congregation will keep its own name, this does not change that identity or usage.

We feel that Open Door Churches communicates part of our United Methodist focus of "Open Heart, Open Minds, Open Doors." It communicates that we want to both welcome people into our churches and ministries and reach out into the community through outreach and service. It represents that each of our churches is welcoming and friendly.

Soon we will have a logo to go with it to help in communicating our identity throughout Salem-Keizer and a webpage to share our ministries and tell our stories.

Open Door Churches Action Plan for 2017
At our meeting, we also adopted the following action plan for 2017
  • Continue to support and develop our new Hispanic congregation
  • Identify and develop an area wide "United Methodist Social Justice Issue"
  • Establish and develop communications and the Open Door churches website with links to congregations website.
  • Receive clergy leadership whose primary goal is to create new forms of worship and spiritual growth aimed at an "under 40" audience.
Open Door Churches (UMMSK) newsletter 

If you aren't receiving the new UMMSK (Open Door Churches) newsletter and think you should be or you would like to be added to the list, please:

  • Check your junk mail folder to see if the newsletter is there or mark it as "safe"
  • Please add to your contact list
  • We may not have your correct address. Please check with the office that we have the right one.
  • If you would like to be added to the newsletter list, please let the church office know.

Save the Date:


"The Gross family will be relocating shortly to North Carolina, but before that happens they want to celebrate Margaret's graduation with an open house party at Santiam Brewing on  June 10 from 1:30-3:30. The honor of your presence is the only gift they seek. Please save the date!"
Wendy & Lori's Marriage Blessing & Reception
Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 11:00am
You are invited to share in a service of blessing led by Rev. Karen Crooch for Wendy and Lori on Sunday, June 4 following the postlude of our 10:00 worship service. After this time of blessing, there will be a reception in Herrmann Hall hosted by Glenda Melton, Sara Amend and Judy Webster.
Our wedding will take place on May 20 at Edgefield, McMenamins and then we will spend May 21 - June 2 in Hawaii on Kauai. We look forward to sharing this celebration with all of you on June 4 and greatly appreciate your affirmation and support. No gifts please, your presence will be your gift.
Morningside UMC Youth and Family Programs

Sunday Morning Activities:
Sunday school activities for children K-5th grade and youth every Sunday.
Messy Church:
Fourth Saturday from 4-6 pm. May 27th, FREE
A theme-based worship experience for families with hands-on activities for the family,
child-oriented worship, and dinner.
Parents' Night Out: Oct-May
Second Friday of the Month from 6:00-9:00
An evening of Free, Safe Child Care for the Morningside Neighborhood. Join the fun, through 5th grade.
Family Discovery Time: Next Session TBA, through 3rd grade - Free
Would you like the time and space to talk with other parents? To share challenges and joys of parenting? Would you like to create skills for a positive environment and family time?
Youth Group Activities:
Sundays 12:00-2:00pm. Schedules available, contact Yajaira Hernandez Trejo for more information. We are part of the Salem-Keizer UM Youth Program.
Vacation Bible School: Registration coming soon.
Look to explore Peru on July 31st-August 2nd from 9am-12pm.  
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is scheduled for July 31st to August 3rd, which Morningside will host in collaboration with First UMC. Journey with us through life in Peru!
We are in search of help with the following tasks:
  • Registration
  • Prepping crafts ahead of time
  • Decorating the Sanctuary
  • Snack staff
  • Shepherds with children and others

If you are interested let Yajaira know

Morningside Retreat Day : Sunday, August 6, 2017
Silver Falls State Park
Save the Date for a fun-filled day of fellowship, shared meals, crafts, hiking, kayaking, campfire and worship. We have reserved the North Falls Meeting Hall for the entire day and the lodge is handicap accessible. This is an inter-generational event for families of all sizes and people of all ages.

Dear Friends and Fellow Church Members:

It is with Great Appreciation that I express to you how much your prayers, calls, cards, and letters have meant to me. Dealing with Cancer, especially away from home, is not easy. Your thoughtfulness is heartwarming and helps to provide me with the strength and courage needed to carry on. The treatments seem to be helping, so we'll remain here in Yuma, Az. til June. I believe the power of Prayer Truly helps. God Bless You! Aloha-Dick Riley
Upcoming Events
United Methodist Men
"The United Methodist Men will meet on Monday, May 1st  at 10:00 am, in the Fireside Room. Refreshments will be served  and all are welcome to attend."

The Keystones will meet at 1:00 pm on May 1st
The Yard Angels
Yard Angels will meet on May 6th @ 9:00 am

United Methodist Women
The UMW Exec Board will meet on Tuesday, May 9th @ 1:00 pm.
The Middlers meet Wednesday, May 10th at 6:45 pm.

Brews and News Adult Education, May 3rd & May 17th, 6:30 at Santiam Brewery
Join us for discussions that are always insightful and rich. We do not always agree with each other, but we respect each others opinions.

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Morningside United Methodist Church

PO Box 3076, Salem, OR 97302


Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30-3:30
                        Friday 7:30 -10:30

Ministry Team
Ministers: All the Laity 
Office Manager: Jacque Bailey 
Bookkeeper: Jacque Bailey 
Family & Program Ministry Director: Yajaira Hernandez Trejo 
Chancel Choir Director: Sam Kinney 
Praise Band Leader: Jan Nelson 
Organist: Brace Langenwalter 
Keyboardist: Teresa Stewart 
Custodian: Tim Bulletset 
Childcare: Noemi Morales, Skyler Bailey, Fabiola Morales
 If you need a printed copy of the newsletter, copies are available on the counter in the Narthex.