Volume II | May 30, 2019
Who is the Poor?
Much has been said about poverty. Most affiliate poor with the lack of material things. Developing Our World aligns with the definition used by renown community development expert, Bryant L. Myers, PhD', which is, Poverty is about relationships that don't work, that isolate, that abandon or devalue." The relationships Myers is talking about is with God, with oneself, with others, and with the rest of creation.

Taking into consideration this definition, who really is the poor? It is everyone who denies God and His existence, has complexes and lives in a fatalism mood (self), is egocentric and exploits others (others), is materialistic, and has broken relationships (rest of creation).

What is the solution? If poverty is the lack of relationships, the solution is to seek reconciliation (Cf. 2 Corinthians 5:20 ). In other words, to re-establish these broken relationships.

We believe that every single individual who works with Developing Our World is an Ambassador of Reconciliation who will be prepared and equipped to put holistic community development into action so that these relationships are re-stablished.
Orphanage in Uganda
Developing Our World wants to share an opportunity to sponsor 10 kids who live at an orphanage in Uganda called, Help Orphan Needy and Elderly Uganda.

Supporting and sponsoring a child’s tutoring, food, and general prosperity can bring a big change in this world. Sponsoring a child you have never met can appear to be an overwhelming prospect in building a better world. Check out several good reasons you should consider to sponsor a child.
No matter how busy you are, there is always a chance to give back! So, offer your assistance today and click here to find out why helping some changes the lives of many.
This is Our Approach...
Leading a charitable organization requires expanding your know-how about it. Exploring potential risks and best practices involving a nonprofit or a church is crucial for a U.S. charity’s tax-exempt organization. This article describes a few of the things which are likely observed as dangers that affect your nonprofit and also suggest some best practices to your organization.