May 2021
May 1, 2021
Happy Mother's Day!
Upcoming Events:
  • Board Meeting: May 17, 7pm, Zoom
  • Swim Committee Meeting: May 5, noon, Zoom
  • Tennis Committee Meeting: May 5 7pm, Zoom

If you'd like the Zoom invite to any of the club meetings, email office for the link.
In This Issue:
  • Message from the Board
  • COVID Policies Update
  • Lifeguards Needed
  • Recycleballs
  • Club History
Message from the Board

Dear KKC Members,

Dear KKC Members,

Greetings! The warming weather and continued reopening are promising a fine season at the club. The pool and the tennis courts are looking quite inviting.

The Board continues to watch the gradual relaxation of County rules and CDC guidelines carefully, and to loosen up the Club's policies wherever possible. 

On the tennis front, the guest policies have been relaxed during weekday hours, so bring your friends and relatives over for some court time. The swim committee is looking at the just-released new CDC guidelines, and will probably open up some more lap lanes and family zones. Stay tuned. 

The locker rooms are both getting fresh paint jobs right now, and you can expect some reopening news there soon after that's done. 

With the relaxed rules around outdoor activities, you can also make reservations for modest-sized gatherings in the picnic and barbeque areas, too. 
The Pool Renovation Committee has been getting inspections and quotes for various maintenance and repair projects, so you may see some work going on. Every effort will be made to avoid lengthy pool closures. 

Take some time to learn new skills. The office is currently interviewing swim instructors, so expect swim lessons to be available soon. And Tennis Academy has announced summer lessons and group programs too. So time for the kids - and the adults - to learn some new tricks.

Finally, we'd like to welcome Brandon Davis as the new Assistant Manager in the Office. Brandon is experienced in other local clubs and should be a great addition to the team. Come on over and say hello.

Enjoy the sunshine,
Kona Kai Club Board of Directors

COVID Club Policy and Usage Update

Please note the following current club usage policies under the orange tier:

The Board has approved the following changes to the current policies regarding tennis play:
  1. Guest limitations: members may bring now more than one guest at a time on weekdays up until 4pm. The one guest per member restriction after 4pm and on weekends remains in effect until further review.
  2. Early morning court access. Members who wish to play tennis before the opening hours (9am) may request the office to enable their access. Members must be in good standing and agree to follow the same social distancing rules without requiring supervision.

As a reminder, these are the rules that have been communicated before and remain in place:

  • Tennis: singles and doubles play is allowed regardless of household.
  • Players must follow social distancing guidelines, including:
  • maintaining 6 feet distance between different households
  • wearing masks in common areas.
  • no group gatherings
  • All guests must be pre-approved and registered. Email club manager for guest waiver forms. Once registered, guest registration will remain on file for the year.
  • All tennis guests must be properly recorded in the Booking Title of Skedda in the court reservation, for transparency to other members.
  • Guest fees will be charged from the Skedda booking.
  • Once a guest is registered, they may be invited up to 5 times per month.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a member may invite guests (as long as each guest does not come to the club more than 5 times in a month.)
  • If a member brings an unregistered guest, and/or one who is not properly recorded (check with the office on proper procedure) in Skedda, a warning is given first, then for the second, and subsequent infractions a $30 fine will be charged.

Swim: Members only, each household may share a lane or zone.

Fitness Room, Basketball Court and Playground: One household at a time, reserve a time through the office. Email or call 408-984-8880.

We continue to monitor news from the State and County regarding updates to what is allowed. We will be looking at expanding club use for vaccinated members as the County issues more information on the subject.

Investigation Results
An independent and confidential committee was created to investigate the incident on Saturday, March 20th. The investigation and review of the allegations by the Board resulted in a finding of violations of the Bylaws of the club. This family membership has been suspended and will be considered to not be in good standing for a specified timeframe. We are committed to keeping the Club safe and family friendly for all Members and their guests. The Board looks to put this matter behind and is eager to plan for continued reopening of the Club as allowed under the County Health ordinances.
Lifeguards & Swim Instructors Needed!
Kona Kai is looking for lifeguards and swim instructors for our summer season. A current lifeguard certification is required and applicants must be at least 16 years old.
For more information, contact the office via email.


Recycleball is a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to helping reduce the waste and environmental impact of Tennis. Tennis balls, unless recycled, can be incredibly damaging to the environment, so Recycleballs was created to reduce the waste by having tennis players recycle their balls by placing them into a receptacle. Kona Kai is proud to introduce our partnership with Recycleballs. Bins will be placed around the tennis courts, where members will deposit the tennis balls to be recycled. A sponsorship plaque will be displayed above the bins. Kona Kai does not currently have a sponsor though if you are interested, your name (or that of your group or business) will be prominently displayed as a supporter of tennis at Kona Kai and a supporter of our environment and the Recycleballs program!
Club History
A look at the past…
Take a look at our members who joined this month in the years past. Starting with
Ken & Robin MC KENNA

who have been members since 1972. This made them members of Kona Kai Swim & Racquet Club for 49 years!

May 1972 (49yrs)
Ken & Robin MC KENNA

May 1990 (31yrs)

May 1994 (27yrs)

May 2003 (18yrs)
David & Teresa SULCER

May 2004 (17yrs)
Shun & Jane QUON

May 2005 (16yrs)
Leo & Diana YEN

May 2006 (15yrs)
Allen & Patricia CARKNER
Venkat IYER & Jayashree RAJAN

May 2007 (14yrs)
Drew & Meredith SMITH

May 2008 (13yrs)
Michael CORWIN & Suzanne DOI
Jeff & Adriana HARTLEY
Adi & Inbal KAVALER
Ed & Marilyn KLIEWER
Richard & Michi PETERSON
Steve & Carren STUDULSKI

May 2009 (12yrs)
Mike & Kelly KOKEN
Daniel & Pauline MOUNT

May 2011 (10yrs)
Craig & Joyce MURATA

May 2012 (8yrs)
Stan & Regina SCHEKALL

May 2013 (8yrs)
Anup & Priyanka AGGARWAL
Jeroen FONDERIE & Fransien

May 2014 (7yrs)

May 2015 (6yrs)
John & Angela HURLEY
Ryoji & Itsuko SUZUKI

May 2017 (4yrs)
Huidong JIAO & Enyu MA
Anthony & Elizabeth PACHECO
Derek PIPER & Veronica MAYORGA

May 2018 (3yrs)
Ying CAI & Jinhui LIU
Mitchell & Betty MARK
Club Contact Info

Club Office:

General Office email 

Kona Kai Swim & Racquet Club 
Kona Kai Staff

Interim Manager
Celia Scheuerman

Assistant Manager
Brandon Davis

Office Assistants
Marion Schade
Charles Kingsley
Dulce Fernandez
Jillian Muirhead

 Club Maintenance
Ken Kingsley
Brian Bautista
Charles Kingsley
Jae Caluag