May Newsletter
Hello TAF Family!

Throughout the month of May we have began to see the sun peeking through the storm clouds. We have been able to spend time outside, with our family, and continuing to connect with family and friends virtually! We know that the differences in our daily life are still very much present but we have learned to appreciate the small things and the time we now have.
We have been busy within TAF and hope that you read through all of the updates to see how we are doing our best to be there for YOU, to support YOU!
This month we also thought a lot about the students, teachers, and school staff that have been rock stars through digital learning, completing college application & decision processes, and now graduating and completing the academic year! So to all of you - especially the Class of 2020 - we want to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS! This month's video is especially for you!

We miss you TAF Family!
Stay Safe and Stay Connected!
Our Events
Purple for Pappas 5K
North Brunswick friends & family come together for a morning of fun, encouragement and community – all ways we strive to #LiveLikeAubrey!
Cigar Night
Where family & friends gather for an afternoon of endless music, dancing, food & fun to celebrate the lives of
Aubrey Pappas & Anthony Raspa
COVID-19 Community Relief Campaign
Supporting Our Heroes So They Can Support Us

Part of our mission is providing support for the community of North Brunswick, and during this time we want you to join us in our mission and efforts! Join our support campaign today! Even the smallest gift can have the biggest impact!
Don't forget you can also help TAF by joining Road Runner Sports VIP club and purchasing a new pair of sneakers or some apparel!

Sponsor Spotlight

Over the past 5+ years The Aubrey Foundation has been supported by amazing small, local businesses. During the past couple months we know that they have been greatly impacted so we want to give them a SHOUT OUT and spread some love and support!
The Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship

The recipients have been selected! Thank you to all those who submitted essays! Click below to read more!
Marketing Committee
Help Us Spread the Word!

We may all be cooped up but that never stops the Marketing Committee from plugging away and planning for good times ahead! We are excited to roll out a few new things this year when the time seems appropriate - so stay tuned!

The Marketing Committee is open to anyone who would like to join us. If you "don't have time," we also welcome your suggestions on where we should be publicizing our events, and other outlets for sharing our news. Please let us know if you have a business where you might be willing to hang one of our flyers up in your storefront or break room, or if you have a company newsletter that lets you add info about local events. 
F undraising A nd R ecruiting
How FAR can we go?

Our FAR plan (fundraising & recruiting) was established in an effort to expand our Aubrey Foundation family. Expansion can come in many different forms with the intention, always, to spread our mission, touch more people through our service, and grow our partners . Partners could be new participants at our events, new sponsors, new vendors, new board members and/or new volunteers: all of which are critical to the sustainability and growth of The Aubrey Foundation. If you are interested in joining our efforts in any capacity, please reach out to us – we would love to hear from you: .