May 2022

A Note from Dr. Wendy Watson, Principal

The next three weeks will involve students showing what they know on the state’s Smarter Balance Assessment (SBA) and Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS). This week was the start of testing in ELA classes to measure students’ literacy skills.  Next week is the WCAS in science classes. The following week is the SBA for math taken in math classes. Students will take the tests on their laptops instead of taking a paper and pencil test. Attendance is critical! The results of the tests let educators know how to support student learning and it also lets students and families know where students are at academically.

Character Trait of the Month:


May’s character trait is Responsibility. Students who display this trait are accountable, pursue excellence, and exercise self-control.
March Students
of the Month
Jonathon Rogers
Emma Fricke
Brevin Boleck
Faith Kifer
Bokerok Hilai
Shay Crawford
Abigail Caldwell
Mila Perisic
George Mendoza
Joslyn Riddle
Sahaurah Phillips
Lorraine Katzenbogan
Karmaya Aarnes
Kody Bannister
Kamielle Washington

Holidays and Early Dismissals

Students will be released early at
Friday, May 20th
for a Teacher Collaboration day.

School will be closed on
Monday, May 30th

Upcoming Spirit Days

May 18th - Celebrity Day

June 1st - Casual vs Formal

June 15th - Squad Day

Community Summer Programs and Activities

There is no lack of great activities and programs for youth to take part in over the summer! Here is a list below and you'll find more updates on next month's newsletter.
If You Could Save Just One... 
Field Days in Glass Park with games and prizes. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from July 6th to August 26th, 10am-1pm. Bussing will be available with pickup starting at 9am and drop-off starting at 1pm. Lunch will be provided every day from 12pm-1pm. Registration will be open on their website in a few weeks.

If You Could Save Just One also has daily programming Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm at their location at 4421 N. Nevada 

PAL (Spokane Police Activities League)
Athletic and academic programs as well as opportunities to build positive relationships with local police officers. Wednesdays from July 13th – August 10th, 12pm-3pm at Friendship Park. Lunch provided. Register at 

Spokane Public Library
Libraries in Spokane offer a variety of programs each week for kids of all ages. Check to see what is available here 

Spokane Parks and Recreation
Spokane Parks and Rec has a wide range of summer programs from arts and crafts, athletic programs, and summer camps. Some have a price associated and others are free. The summer guide will be released the last week of May so check next months newsletter for a link. 

You can sign up for the FREE Splash Pass here . Aquatic centers will open June 20th

NEWTech Summer Academy
This program is limited to students who have completed the 8th grade or are in high school. Students will have the opportunity to explore a CTE class. Offerings include classes such as baking, automotive, cosmetology and so many more. Learn more here . Registration opens May 1st and spots fill up FAST. 

The ZoNE  
The ZoNE is located at the Northeast Community Center – 4001 N. Cook. There are multiple summer programs offered every summer for youth of all ages. Check next month’s newsletter to see what will be available this year. 

Spokane Garry Summer School

Spokane Garry Middle School has a unique summer school program that focuses on building relationships and connecting students with the Spokane Garry school community.

Our summer sessions will run from 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. from June 21-July 1 and July 11 – 22, 2022 (July 4-8 will be a holiday week).
Students will receive individualized instruction in Language Arts and mathematics, as well as team building opportunities to increase their leadership capacity. Daily enrichment activities led by staff, members of the community and college-student groups will provide students with the opportunity explore their interests and learn new skills. At the end of each week, students and staff will participate in a half-day field trip in the local Spokane area. Breakfast and lunch are provided by Spokane Public Schools.
The Spokane Garry Summer Experience is free for current 7th graders moving into 8th grade and incoming 6th and 7th graders wanting to get acquainted with the middle school environment. 

To enroll your child in the Spokane Garry Summer Experience, please contact or call 509.354.5127. Space is limited for each grade level. Please enroll early to ensure a spot in our summer program. 

Spokane Indians Nights

The Spokane Indians Baseball team has reserved 25 seats in the lower left field section for 25 students and family members on Saturday, May 21st (Family Feast Night) and Wednesday, August 17th (Teacher Appreciation & Back to School Night)

(Tickets will be available for the August 17th game at a later date)

Contact Ms. Krause-Ayers for more information!

AVID Updates

Congratulations to the following students who have been nominated for AVID Students of Quarter 3. These students are recognized for their perseverance in the classroom, attendance, and being a positive role model for others at Garry Middle School.

Mrs. Sargent’s 6th period 7th grade AVID
Ethan Willmon

Mrs. Tramp’s 5th period 8th grade AVID
Yasmin Lopez

Mrs. Tramp’s 6th period 8th grade AVID
Alex White

Congratulations to Mrs. Tramp’s 6th period AVID Elective class as they recently won the GPA competition and achieving their goal of a cumulative 3.1 GPA. Keep up the great work everyone!

Asian American Pacific Islander Month Banners

During May, Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, the hallways of Garry will be graced with banners that honor two leaders: King Kamehameha from Hawaii and Vice President Kamala Harris. In social studies classes, students will have the opportunity to learn about 10 more notable Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders who have earned greatness for a variety of achievements. From these 10 role models, students will vote for the top four candidates to be placed on additional banners for AAPI Month. Candidates are as follows in the following categories:

Bruce Lee
Michelle Kwan

Christopher Loeak
Hilda Heine

Kalpana Chawla
Sanjay Gupta

Jimmy Lee
Amy Tan

Mindy Kaling
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

May and June Music Events

Spring is a very busy time in the music department. For your planning purposes, here is a list of the events for the remainder of the school year:
Saturday, May 14: Jr. Lilac Parade. The parade begins at noon. I will need some parents to help out, including someone with a truck or van we can put equipment in. Estimated times 11:00 AM-1:30 PM. More specifics and itinerary will be sent home soon.  
Saturday, May 28: Silverwood. 9:00 AM-10:00 PM. Qualified students from all music groups. To qualify, students must be passing all classes, have attended all required performances throughout the year, have no recent suspensions, and attending all classes regularly and on time. There will be a $20 per person fee to participate. We will need 4-5 parent chaperones to go with us for the day, including someone with a van or truck for us to store instruments in. More specifics, itineraries, and permission slips will be sent home after the Jr. Lilac Parade.  
Thursday, June 2: Awards Concert at Garry Middle School. All Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Percussion students will perform. Concert will begin at 6:30PM, students should be in place ready to play by 6:00PM.  
Friday, June 3: First Friday performance at River Park Square. Jazz Band will be performing along with the Jazz Bands from Shaw Middle School and Rogers High School. Itineraries and permission slips will be sent home after our Silverwood performance. 
Monday, June 6: Advanced Band and Orchestra students to Rogers High School to rehearse with the Rogers High School Band and Orchestra. 8:00 AM-10:00 AM. Itineraries and permission slips will be sent home 
Tuesday, June 7: Combined concert with Rogers High School at Rogers High School. Advanced Band and Orchestra Students will perform along with the Rogers High School Band and Orchestra. Concert will begin at 7:00PM, students should be in place ready to play by 6:30PM.  

Please contact Christina Thomas ( or Chris Poole ( for details

ASB Mentors

Congratulations to the students who are our new Spokane Garry Mentors! These students will be serving the Spokane Garry community by serving as role models to younger students, assisting with new student orientation and coordinating ASB events such as school spirit activities, dances, fundraisers, assemblies, and field day to name a few.

Erianna Beckley
Cadyn Belcher
Daisy Bui
Abigail Caldwell
Jayden Christensen
Madysen Gerstung
Taysiah Grignon
Ariana Gurov
Natalie Ha
Taylor Hoffman
Luna Ledesma
Wyatt McPhee
Alexis Rhoads
Tulan Tran
Kayla Tuttle
Lola Vanhook
Leah Weber
Ruethaithip Worakitphanit
Ethan Willmon

Honoring our Marshallese Families

Our school is blessed to have many Marshallese students! In honor of our Marshallese families, we present a photo of the flag of the Marshall Islands, an island nation in the Pacific. Following World War II, the United States administered as a trust territory the area that later became the Republic of the Marshall Islands. When the first local government was introduced there on May 1, 1979, the occasion was heralded by the hoisting of a national flag, which had been created in a flag design competition. The winning entry was designed by Emlain Kabua, wife of the president of the new government, Amata Kabua. The blue background of the flag refers to the Pacific Ocean, the white stripe stands for brightness, and the orange stripe is for bravery and wealth.

The two stripes together suggest the Equator, which is located slightly south of the Marshall Islands. Growth and vitality for the country are reflected by the increasing width of the stripes. The white star has 24 points, referring to the municipalities of which the nation is composed. The four long rays stand for the capital, on Majuro atoll, and the three administrative centres of the subdistricts. Those rays also suggest a cross and therefore refer to the Christian faith of the Marshall Islanders.

Supporting Families - Supporting Students

Hello Garry Families! Can you believe we are so close to the end of the school year? As a parent myself, this is about the time I start thinking about how to keep my children entertained and academically engaged while not going crazy myself – the struggle is real! Summer learning loss is a big deal for many students though. Until a few years ago, I didn’t even know how significant summer learning loss was. According to the article Students return to school with significantly lower achievement scores, “(1) on average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning, (2) declines were sharper for math than for reading, and (3) the extent of loss was larger at higher grade levels.”  Because of this, our family tries to spend at least an hour a day growing our minds over summer break. I am thankful that there are so great resources in Spokane to help with this. In the Newsletter there is a list of local summer programs that will help kids have fun AND help address learning loss. If nothing else, spend some time as a family reading and learning something new every day. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin 

As always, if I can help support you or your family in any way please reach out. My phone number is (509)354-5170 and my email is  

Lexia Update

Students have continued to improve and soar past our initial expectations in Lexia over the past few months. Students have been working hard to improve in literacy and we know this will show during testing. Below we have the highest performing Advisory classes as well as the highest performing students in the school for March.

Highest Performing Advisories - March

1st place – Mrs. McHenry
2nd place – Mrs. Palm
3rd place – Mr. West
Highest Performing Students – March
Sienna Caberto
Wessley Skrehot
Diana Ramirez
Karmaya Aarnes
Patrick Daniels
Isabella Perez
Evan Gomez
Shing Awi
Olivia Canelme
Madison Santiago
Triza Gurung
Mila Perisic
Nicolas Sanchez
Alejandro Nunez
Kaylee Jenkins
Brian Galan Penaloza
Madysen Gerstung
Antonio Hernandez
Alisia Umana
Mathan Typhoon

Raven Circle

Raven Circle Students went bowling at Lilac Lanes! Students earned the opportunity to go bowling by attending Raven Circle three times a week and meeting the academic and Lexia requirement. Raven Circle takes place on Tuesday-Friday 8:00-9:00AM and Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30PM.
Ask Diego about the next field trip and all the fun things that are being planned for the summer...
Days and Times: 
Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30 PM 
Tuesday-Friday 8:00-9:00 AM 

If you have questions email: 

Smarter Balance State Testing

State testing is right around the corner. Spokane Garry Middle School students will complete the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), the annual state measurement of student achievement and proficiency in ELA & Math in May. Seventh graders who took the truncated 6th grade assessments in the fall will take the full 7th grade ELA SBA the week of May 9th and the Math SBA the week of May 23rd. Eighth graders who took the abbreviated 7th grade assessments in the fall will take the full 8th grade assessments, ELA the week of May 9th and Math the week of May 23For 8th graders, in addition to the ELA and Math SBA, they will also take the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) the week of May 16th.

This is a great opportunity for students to show their growth over the 21-22 school year. The ELA and the Math tests are broken into two main sections: the computer adaptive test (CAT), which provides questions that get more challenging as students answer them correctly and less challenging as questions are answered incorrectly to find a student’s achievement level, and the performance tasks (PT), which are more open-ended questions where students demonstrate ability to support thinking with text evidence and rationale.

These assessments are delivered in content classes through a secure browser on their district provided laptop. It is important that students are in attendance and bring their charged laptop with them to school each day. Please let Mr. Hibbard know if there are questions about our state assessments.

Math Masters

This month’s prompt:

Choose a single digit number 1-9. Add the number to itself 3 times.  Multiply the result by 37. What do you notice about the answer? Does this happen with all single digit numbers? If so, WHY?
What about two digit numbers? Choose a two digit number 12-19. Add the number to itself 3 times. Multiply the result by 37. What do you notice about the answer? Try it with a few more two digit numbers. If notice a pattern, what is it and why does it work?

CHALLENGE: Keep going! What happens with bigger numbers? Three digit numbers? Four digits?....

Parents, you can also participate!

Anyone who completes that problem can turn it into the Spokane Garry Main Office.

Last Month Winners
Lillyann Ahern
Alex Christensen
Patrick Daniels
Kolby Epler
Caden Garvin
Mr. Numata
Travis Toombs

Sports Updates

We have had an amazing turn out for Baseball and Track and Field. There are 47 baseball players which includes two JV team’s and one Varsity Team. There are 42 track and field athletes, and their first practice track meet was on April 28th at Shadle Park High School. On April 27th, the JV team won against Shaw Middle School 8 to 5. We are excited for the Spring season as our Garry student athletes flourish!

Baseball - In Varsity Baseball action on April 28th, the Garry Ravens were victorious over the Shaw Vikings 15 to 1. Alex Christensen, Kolton Reed, and Cameron Kiefer led the way on offense. Kolton Reed and Camera Kiefer both having two RBI doubles and Alex Christensen with an inside the park homerun for the Ravens. Graham Nesbitt led the way in pitching for the Ravens- striking out 12 Vikings and giving up no hits and allowing one run on an error. The Mighty Ravens were back on the road against Salk Middle School, and home on Wednesday Night May 4th for their home opener against the Chase Chargers! “Catch Some Spring Fever” and come out to support your Ravens Baseball Team this season!

Upcoming sports are as follows:

7th/8th Track & Field                    April 11- May 27
7th/8th Baseball                             April 11- May 27

If you have questions, please contact Kim MacPherson at 509-354-5138

Sign up for Family ID here!

Rogers High School Football


The Rogers High School Spring Football Preseason Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 19 at 5:30pm in the Rogers Commons. Any parent/student (current grades 8-11) that are interested in participating are encouraged to attend.

For questions please contact Coach Dewey (

FREE Sports Physicals!

Would you like to play sports next school year? If so, you can get a free sports physical at Logan Elementary School Health Center on Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. The sports physicals take approximately 30 minutes and there are two interns on site. The Health Center is open until June 14th for this school year and will reopen once school resumes. You may call them directly to schedule an appointment. You do not need any insurance for the sports physical however; you will need insurance to play sports after school. 

Staff Spotlight!

Stephanie Kolden - 8th Grade Math Teacher
Describe what you do at Spokane Garry Middle School and how long you’ve worked here.
I am an 8th grade mathematics teacher who also tutors for Raven Circle in the winter. I also coach Track and Field and 7th grade Volleyball. This is my first year teaching at Spokane Garry Middle School, but I taught lessons at Garry while I was training to be a teacher at Gonzaga University!
How do you like to spend your time when you’re not at work?
When I’m not at Garry, you’ll find me on a hiking trail with my puppy or in a kayak somewhere on a lake. I enjoy any place that has sunshine and nature; I will spend all day sitting outside in the sun whenever I have the chance!
What are some pets you’ve had or would like to own?
I have a wonderful puppy that is 5 months old! Her name is Mila and she is a Retriever/Pitbull mix. She doesn’t know how to swim yet, but she is a crazy fast runner and eater.

What are your “trapped on a desert island” books or movies?
I am in love with the Harry Potter series! I have read the books multiple times, and the audio books are my go-to when I am going for walks or need something to listen to. Another favorite series of mine are the Heroes of Olympus books!
Is there a quote or saying that you live your life by?
This is a common quote, but it’s very applicable in life. I find myself repeating this phrase whenever I don’t think I am able to do something or am too afraid to try something new: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky. You will never succeed at anything if you don’t take that initial attempt to TRY.
Is there one thing you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time?
Ever since I attended a research camp in high school, I have dreamed of making a mathematical discovery! While in college, I talked with my professors and immersed myself in mathematical research to see what types of fields mathematicians routinely work in. Hopefully one day there’s a mathematical theorem named after me!