I Went On My Way Rejoicing

Insight to Come Follow Me - D&C 49-50

God Knew Wilford Woodruff's Potential and Provided the Light of Inspiration to Save His Life

Like all great teachers, Wilford Woodruff taught both a principle and an application relevant to "that which is of God is light." One such instance was in 1848, following the epic pioneer journey to the Salt Lake Valley.


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New Documents Now Online

1,500 pages added during 1st quarter

The Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation released 1,500 pages of documents on its open-access website. The release becomes the first fruits of more than 60,000 pages of the cataloged collection to be transcribed and made available to the public over the next ten years.

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By becoming a member of our cherished giving community, your donation of just $40 can help us transcribe 2,000 more pages by the end of June. Your membership will also bring you exclusive content about the Wilford Woodruff Papers Project.

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