May 16, 2013
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May: Osteoporosis Month 

Help Raise Awareness 
Source: National Osteoporosis Foundation 

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. It happens when you lose too much bone, make too little bone or both. As a result, bones become weak and can break from a minor fall or, in serious cases, even from simple actions, like sneezing or bumping into furniture.


Osteoporosis means "porous bone." If you have the disease your bones have lost density or mass and that the structure of your bone tissue has become abnormal. As your bones become less dense, they also become weaker and more likely to break. If you're age 50 or older and have broken a bone, talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider and ask if you should have a bone density test..


Osteoporosis Is Common

About 10 million Americans have osteoporosis. About 34 million are at risk for the disease. Estimates suggest that about half of all women older than 50, and up to one in four men, will break a bone because of osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis Is Serious

Breaking a bone is a serious complication of osteoporosis, especially when you're older. Broken bones due to osteoporosis are most likely to occur in the hip, spine and wrist, but other bones can break too. With osteoporosis some people lose height and become shorter. It can also affect your posture, causing you to become stooped or hunched. This happens when the bones of the spine, called vertebrae, begin to break or collapse.



Osteoporosis Is Costly

Osteoporosis is responsible for two million broken bones and $19 billion in related costs every year. By 2025, experts predict that osteoporosis will be responsible for approximately three million fractures and $25.3 billion in costs each year.


Osteoporosis Can Sneak up on You
It is often called the "silent disease," because you could have it now or be at-risk without even realizing it. You can't feel your bones becoming weaker. Breaking a bone is often the first clue that you have osteoporosis or you may notice that you are getting shorter or your upper back is curving forward. If you are experiencing height loss or your spine is curving, talk to a doctor or healthcare professional right away as the disease may be advanced.

Epic Summer Challenge 

July 9 -August 20

Summer is almost here! This 6 week Challenge for designed for you to achieve that one fitness goal you never thought you would be able to reach! 

Be on the look out for more information in emails, Facebook, and Twitter! In the meantime start thinking of that one goal you have always wanted to achieve It can be anything from running a 5K, losing those last few pounds, or something as simple as running around the FT complex without stopping!

Lets make this summer EPIC! 

One Fund Boston

How You Can Help Boston

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino joined together to create one place to donate and/or help victims during 115th running of the Boston Marathon Explosions. 

The One Fund Boston has teamed with numerous businesses such as New Balance, Adidas, and more to help raise money for the city and everyone affected. The businesses that have teamed with the fund give 100% of their proceed on any of the Boston merchandise sold to the fund.  

One Fund Boston is also set up for donations without having to purchase merchandise from a partner retailer.

May Client of the Month
Christie Slay
Christie started her 2013 off by choosing FT to help achieve her health and fitness goals. She came wanting to increase her general fitness, gain knowledge about nutrition, and have the self discipline to stick to goals. 

Since starting Fitness Together, Christie has had two great reassessments. Her first one showed a decrease in her overall weight, decrease inches around her hips, and lower body fat percentage. Within the following six weeks, Christie worked her best during all her FT sessions, did cardio on her off days, and kept track of her nutrition. Her most recent assessment in April shows decrease inches around her waist and thighs, a decrease in body fat percentage, and most importantly she has improved her exercise heart rate and flexibility
Since day one Christie has shown her dedication by attention 3 1:1 sessions per week and never late canceling any session. She comes into FT with a smile and attitude ready to work! She takes the knowledge all her trainers give her and applies it to her daily life. Great Job Christie! Keep up all the hard work! 

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