May / 2018
 May Next Wave Newsletter

May is Water Awareness Month!
How aware are you?

May is designated as Water Awareness Month, but every day is a good day to increase your knowledge about the issues we face regarding water supplies, droughts and water-saving efforts. This month also helps highlight the importance of California's water resources to the human health, economic vitality and environmental quality of our state. 

Here are five ways to participate in Water Awareness Month:
  1. Get smart – take a class! Check with your local water provider for classes and events that will help educate you on how to be water smart inside and outside of your home.
  2.  Find and fix sneaky leaks. Check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s tips on how to find leaks that are draining your budget. While you’re at it, get tips on how to improve your home’s water efficiency.
  3.  Get $ to save water. Check out your local agency’s website to see if your water provider offers rebates for water-saving products, appliances and fixtures.
  4.  Spread the word. Share all you know about Water Awareness Month with friends and family!
  5. Get educated! Want to learn more? Click on the links below to get more info, including tips, facts, good water habits and more!   

Save Our Water:    
Water – Use it Wisely:  
Alliance for Water Efficiency:
California Department of Water Resources:
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California:

Water Awareness Month started as a joint effort between Department of Water Resources (DWR) and Association of California Water Agencies during California’s 1987-1992 drought as an effort to educate the public about the importance of water use efficiency and conservation. Water agencies throughout the state conduct public outreach and education events during the month of May to deliver the message of conservatio n. 
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