May 2020
May 2020
Let's focus on mental health
Managing YOUR Mental Health
These are tough times; there is just no way around that fact. We have to try to maintain our physical health during a global pandemic, while also helping to manage our family's health. We have to work remotely, or navigate unemployment, homeschool our kids, and spend a lot of time searching for food and toilet paper. There are not enough hours in the day it seems, and the days blur as our time at home goes on.
BUT we have to also take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally. This is a crucial step not only for ourselves, but for ALL the people who depend on us. The minutes you spend on YOU are just as important as ALL the time spent on them. And we all know that finding time for this isn't easy in the best of times, much less now. Every journey begins with the first step; read this to help you identify some steps to help you manage YOU right now.
Kids, Mental Health and the Pandemic
It's so hard to be a parent right now, when our lives are full of uncertainty, isolation, and to be brutally honest, fear. In better times, we want to be that rock that all of our kids can rely on; we want to be able to guide them as they learn and grow. It's not easy to parent now, but there are some strategies that can help you to manage your kids needs right now:
  1. have realistic expectations for your children and for you
  2. work on learning coping techniques
  3. allow yourself to not have all the answers
  4. use technology to your advantage to promote connections
Find more suggestions on how to manage during this time here .
Lock it up or Get it out
Teen addition
As we continue to stay at home in May, we all continue to he under great stress, as are ALL the members of our household. That includes our tweens/teens/young adults who may be bored/restless/depressed/anxious and/or many more emotions that we are also experiencing. PLEASE take the initiative and lock up your alcohol and prescription drugs, or take your prescription drugs to a drop off location. Removing temptation during this time of heightened tension is a great way to model responsible behavior, and offers an excellent opportunity to talk to your kids about drugs, alcohol, and your feelings on their possible use. For tips on having this conversation, visit TalkSooner .
Where to go for Help
If you feel like you are in a crisis, or that anyone in your family is in crisis, here are some important numbers:
Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
Contact Leigh Moerdyke at

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