May 23, 2014
PACE Case: Med Interruptions = Relief (?)


A 90-year-old ppt with chronic kidney disease reports that she becomes more healthy and vigorous at the hospital when her meds are 'interrupted'. When she returns to her regular medication routine she becomes faint, lethargic, and weak; she feels nauseous; and she occasionally throws up. The CareKinesis clinical pharmacist was asked to perform a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) upon enrollment to assess whether her medications were causing these symptom patterns. 


Click here for the CareKinesis Clinical Pharmacist intervention. 


Detroit Dinner Event: June 6th! 
CareKinesis is hosting a dinner event on June 6, during the NPA Summer Conference. Care to join? Invitations with additional detail are forthcoming, but to reserve your spot today, email 
Quote of the Month
 "We switched to CareKinesis about a year ago and have found the
benefits in terms of accountability, tracking, organizational efficiencies,
and medication access to be outstanding
- Karren Weichert, President/CEO
Midland Care Connection, Inc., Topeka, KS
  PGx Test Launch


We are excited to report that we have distributed pharmacogenomics testing kits to interested PACE organizations. For a limited time, thanks to an IBM/Coriell gift, we are able to provide these tests at no charge for participants who meet the criteria set by our Clinical Advisory Panel of PACE Medical Directors. Click here to read the IBM press release.  


For additional information, this link provides a nice table with the pharmacogenomic biomarkers currently used in drug labeling. 

June Webinar: E-MAR 
Many CareKinesis clients use the EireneRx eMAR to document center administration of meds.  The "Patient eMAR Summary Report," is available under a participant's individual report list in EireneRx. This report provides a calendar of all prior monthly administrations, in a readable and user-friendly manner. To run this report, simply select the last day of the month you'd like displayed. This report then shows administrator initials or reason codes for medications not administered, providing a comprehensive overview of monthly center administration activity.  

For a brief demo of this feature, join the eMAR Webinar hosted by Sara Baughn, Director of Business Development on June 3rd at 1pm ET. Email to register.

The CMS EHR Incentive Programs provide financial incentives for the "meaningful use" (MU) of certified EHR technology to improve patient care. To receive an EHR incentive payment, providers must show that they are "meaningfully using" their EHRs by meeting thresholds for a number of objectives. CareKinesis is in the process of obtaining MU Stage 2 certifications for EireneRx.

NPA's website provides a number of resources pertaining to MU - to access these, visit their Strategic Initiatives, Health Information Technology section. For assistance or more information about MU and PACE, contact Sam Kunjukunu at

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