Final PTO Meeting
Join us for the last PTO meeting of the year. June 5th 6:45pm at the GAI dining room. We will vote on the budget for next year and celebrate a great year. Child care is not available for this meeting.
* Announcing the PTO board for 2018-19 school year *
     President: Clare Roney      
     Vice President: Christine Ustun
     Treasurer: Sarah Robbins
     Secretary: Jaime Willoughby
     General Officer Staff Appreciation: Danielle Behling
General Officer Fundraising: Ashley Clayton
General Officer Communications: Catherine Radecki
What happened in the 2017-18 year?
We completed almost 50 events/activities/meetings, and raised $28,000 to support next year's PTO goals. The budget for next year will be voted on at the June PTO meeting.
Raised Funds
Davanni’s Pizza Nights - spring & fall
Community Auction - online fundraiser of great gatherings, goodies and events
Ruhland Strudel Sale - fall and spring
Rummage Sale
Herberger's coupon book sale - fall & spring
Herbstfest- this was the PTO premier event, fall festival of craft vendors, live music, games and food 
Plant sale
German Movie nights - two events with concessions
Box Tops
Supported the School
Donated $6,000 to Classroom Enrichment Fund
Donated to the TCGIS Picnic
Student Parliament - allocated starter funds for events
Graduation - provided funds for event
School Enrichment Fund of $4,000 for school events, teacher attendance at History Day, and benches for the playground
Hosted the "Meet the School Board Candidates" Forum
Visited the capitol to advocate for charter school funding
Speaker from MN Charter School Association
Welcome Potluck to K families (school canceled)
Built Community
Ice Cream Social - at open house
Regional Picnic - 4 different locations of family potlucks to meet TCGIS in your 'hood
Kaffeeklatsch - in conjunction with open classroom, hosted 1 coffee & treat gatherings
Grade level-specific events -
- Kindergarten play date at an indoor playland
- 3 S'mores bonfire events
- Family Game afternoons - 3 different events
- Parent meet-ups at Urban Forage Winery - 7 different events including hosting a parent panel for 7th and 8th-grade families transitioning to high school
Encouraged Staff
Fall & Spring Conferences – organized potluck meals
Added half day lunches - added 5 more potlucks on early release Wednesdays
December Staff Appreciation Potluck
Staff birthdays - each month staff received birthday cards
Teacher appreciation week - smoothies, massages, ice cream, bagels, and happy hour
End of the year food truck for staff
Interns – PTO provides funds for intern activities, food & outings
Raised $1,200.00 to raffle off an end-of-the-year plane ticket for a teacher
Replaced the teacher lounge coffee maker