May Parenting Tip of the Month
National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day
This year has been very different and challenging for all families due to the recommendations to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Throughout the country, individuals have been impacted emotionally, physically or financially by the pandemic. Many families and child care programs have had to make difficult decisions on how to best maintain their health and the health of their families while deciding how to manage their finances. Based on these difficult decisions, some child care programs were able to remain open and implement additional safety procedures in order to provide care to families and their children.

Whether your program was able to remain open or needed to temporarily close, a special day to recognize child care providers is coming up. National Child Care Provider Appreciation Day is Friday, May 8! This day is designated to show appreciation to child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children. By offering care and education to children, these individuals allow families to work and provide for their financial needs. Here are some ideas on how to show your appreciation:
  • Have your child make a card or picture
  • Send a card or handwritten note
  • Purchase a gift or gift card based on your providers’ hobby or interest
  • Donate a toy or book to your program to be used by the children in care
  • Give your child care provider a bonus with their payment
  • Fill a basket or mug with candy
  • Give flowers in a vase decorated by your child
  • Share a quote or poem about teachers
  • Place a video call with your child saying “thank you!”

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If you are looking for resources for your family, please visit the Family Resources page from the Kansas Health Foundation for a variety of resources from family activities to financial support at: