There are hundreds of submissions to the Calflora's 8th Annual Photo Contest so far! Enter new photos and / or submit photos taken in the past by May 31st. There's also a new contest category this year for bryophytes; here are entries in the bryophyte category so far.

Q: Where do I upload my photos?

Q: I thought I entered the contest, but I don't see my photo here?
A: Make sure it's published (purple pencil, then publish) and "like" it by clicking on the photo detail and "like."

Q: What if I don’t know the name of the plant?
A: Add photo(s) to Calflora as “unknown” or with the genus, then add it to Plant ID Help group.

Q: How many photos may I enter?
A: Unlimited: enter as many photos as you would like in one or both categories: bryophytes and vascular plants.
Please reply to this email with questions, and let's see your best shot(s)!
Paeonia brownii
by Eric Engles
1st place 2021
Pholisma arenarium
by David Greenberger
2nd place 2020
Oenothera californica
by Aaron Echols
2nd place 2018
1700 Shattuck Ave #198
Berkeley, CA 94709