The Network in Action: Bridging Gaps
"My father was Walt Cybart. He served two tours in Vietnam and was one of the lucky ones – he came home to his family. Dad retired from the Army in 1985 after 28 years of service and he and Mom moved to Augusta, Georgia.  Dad went to work for a local law firm and eventually retired again in 2002. Somewhere around 2015 Dad started exhibiting some strange symptoms. It took awhile to diagnose, but sadly it turned out that Dad had Parkinson’s Disease. He’d probably had it since his tours in Vietnam – Agent Orange is a presumptive cause of Parkinson’s – but he had been on a Parkinson’s drug for another problem and it also effectively treated the Parkinson’s for all of those years. 
As Dad’s condition deteriorated, we needed help. We knew that some help was available through the VA, but navigating the VA system was difficult.  America’s Warrior Partnership bridged this gap for us. They helped connect all of the dots and helped guide us through the maze to get Dad – and Mom – the help they needed. As Dad put it a few years ago, if it hadn’t been for America’s Warrior Partnership, we would still be filling out paperwork. 

Dad died in January of this year. He died well cared for and knowing that Mom would be taken care of. It takes a village to care for a Parkinson’s patient, and AWP made sure that the village was there when we needed it.  They made all the difference. We are forever grateful."

- Laurie Underwood
AWP launched the Diné Naazbaa’ Partnership, the first community-based program dedicated to empowering the Navajo Nation’s military veterans, their families and caregivers. The program is currently conducting proactive outreach to the estimated 15,000 veterans living in the Navajo Nation to educate them on available resources and connect them with holistic support services.

May was Mental Health Awareness Month, and while veterans and their families are leaders in navigating stressful situations, there are times when they can use some help to overcome a challenge. Whether the severity of a mental health issue ranges from mild to critical, there are programs and services tailored to help veterans navigate their unique situation.

"When social distancing measures first started going into effect last month, I thought about how this would affect our communities across the country. One of the most important things we need right now is a way to stay connected, a way to share our stories and encourage personal growth, optimism and responsible behavior in the weeks to come. That train of thought led to the creation of the “Be A Leader” campaign." - Garrett Cathcart

AWP has hired two military veterans for key positions within its organization, including Sarah Holzhalb as Director of Marketing and Development, and Patrick Griffith as Operations Manager for Mission Roll Call. These veteran leaders will support the nonprofit’s continuing growth and mission of empowering communities to empower veterans.

Attention current and retired federal employees! The OPM has approved a special opportunity for you to support those who need help during the pandemic.

By making a donation to America's Warrior Partnership through the CFC's Special Solicitation period, you can help veterans who who are experiencing financial hardships, trying to manage combat- and service-related injuries on their own, or suffering through feelings of anxiety, anger, depression or isolation.

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June 1, 2020 | 2 - 3 PM EST
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Coleman Brooks
Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region
Wounded Warrior Project

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