20 years of volunteering to support the Region's Solo Program!
By Perry Aidelbaum 
Steve Farkas, Ed Lange, and Don Slevin have selflessly become the face of the Solo program tech team as a result of their 20 years of volunteering to promote the sport they love. Their dedication to the club extends beyond the status quo of volunteering. During the SCCA Pro Solo series, although they were also participating in the event, they would dedicate their time to seamlessly push 225 cars through tech. These three would attend local NNJR solo events just to manage tech while not even running in the events.

During the recent April 16th event this spring, I presented a special award to Steve, Ed, and Don. To prepare to present the awards, I went through two decades of photos to find one of each that stood out. After the trip down memory lane, he thought it best to design a poster using over 30 pictures of cars they each owned and/or driven. It’s funny, as Don said, "Most of the cars I owned, and they drove them." 

I thought I would share a story of how Steve Farkas joined the autox scene: My brother, Mitch, was a member of a band that Steve’s older brother, Tom, played in. One day my brother shared with me that Steve was building a car for the 1 Lap of America; I think it was a '68 Camaro. I called Steve, and my friend Greg and I drove over to see this Camaro he was building. The car was a serious project and wasn’t going to be done anytime soon. I talked him into coming out to an autox, as it was local and inexpensive. Well, he thought about it for just a few weeks, and he showed up in a Ford Escort ZX2. From that day on he was hooked. Now you can guess the rest of the story.
SCCA-NNJR Members in the News!
When Chris Forsberg, a self-taught three-time Formula Drift World Champion, teamed up with Broken Motorsports [Owned by NNJR's William Petrow] to create a modern-day tribute to the 1971 East African Safari Rally overall winning Datsun 240Z, the result was something truly special. Forsberg Racing’s Nissan 'SafariZ' 370Z features aesthetics that pay homage to the original rally car – it even includes some of the original sponsor decals. While this project car is rally ready and could compete at any time, it was purposefully built to output 215 horsepower because the excess horsepower would leave it just fighting for traction in the dirt. What it might lack in raw horsepower, however, it more than makes up for in functionality and aesthetics with styling cues that harken back to that 1970s rally monster for the ultimate dose of nostalgia.

Available May 5 in the Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass.
Second Hand Roads - Results & Photos
The 2022 Second Hand Roads Time-Speed-Distance RoadRally was successfully conducted on April 24 starting at Hackettstown World of Subaru. Twenty-Seven teams ran the rally using the Richta App in order to be scored and one team ran the event for fun, for a total of twenty-eight teams. The rally had over 45 scored TSD controls and the route instructions provided mileage and 'Car Zero Time' to each instructions to help the team stay on time and on-course. The event included a 30 stop at Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttsville, NJ. The rally was novice friendly, as you can see from the scores, the top 4 teams ran in the Novice Class. Several teams were able to score a perfect 'Zero' at controls. The region would like to thank Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D'Souza for all the work they did as joint Rallymasters.
Overall results and leg-by-leg scores can be found
Upcoming Rallies in neighboring Regions
Looking to explore the back roads of South Jersey or Bucks County? These events might be just what you are looking for!
SJR Logo
South Jersey Region - Spring RoadRally - The Divisional Time-Speed-Distance rally starts in Vineland NJ on Sunday May 22, 2022 with check in time of 9:30 am. The rally will be a 4 hour 100 mile drive on all paved back roads through sparsely populated southern NJ. You and your teammate, as Driver and Navigator, will follow written route instructions at assigned average speeds. Average speeds are always at or below the speed limit for the road. You will have your time of arrival, at least 50 checkpoints, recorded. Registration Link
Philadelphia Region - Witch Way to the Bucks Covered Bridge? A Game-Tour-Adventure (GTA) rally on June 12, 2022 Rally is a Divisional Game-Tour-Adventure (GTA) Rally. If you’d like to take some scenic back roads to visit some covered bridges in Bucks County perhaps WWTBCB? may be for you. Scoring will be based on answers to questions about the bridges and the route along the way. We're offering 2 classes: Experienced and Novice. Trophies will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place teams in each class. Our route will cover 70+ miles and is totally paved, so no worries about the dirt/rocks. Registration Link.
2022 Solo Spring Schedule
April 16       Saturday     Lot L - Results Link
April 30       Saturday     Lot L - Results Link
May 14        Saturday     Lot L - Registration

May 20/22   Weekend     Tire Rack Pro Solo

Back to School Rally
July 24, 2022
Back to School – Mileage based navigational road rally. This event will be an introduction to mileage based course rallying. 100 penalty points will be ‘awarded’ for each mile that you go off-course. The Rallymaster is designing the route for individuals new to this type of event and will provide helpers to keep you on-course and ‘instruct’ you on possible upcoming self-correcting route following tricks that you might see later in the event or on the December 5th ‘Teddy Bear’ Toys for Tots rally.

This event is open to the general public and requires only a car or light SUV/truck, pen/pencil and clipboard.

Starting Location: McDonalds - 72 Reaville Ave. Flemington, NJ

Ending Location: Tavern 519 - 650 County Route 519, Frenchtown, NJ

Onsite Registration opens at 10:00AM, first car off at 11:01AM

Entry Fee: Only $25.00 per Car.

1 and 2 Expert
1 and 2 Intermediate
1,2 and 3 Novice
1 and 2 Place 'First Timer'
 Best Family, Best Husband & Wife/Partner, Best SCCA
Dead Last But Finished

Classes are based on your rally expertise
Rally Limited to 60 Cars

Special Introduction to rally session
will be conducted prior to the event

RallyCross National Championship Returning to Colorado
The date and location for the 2022 SCCA RallyCross National Championship has been locked in, with RallyCrossers from across the nation now set to converge on Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, CO, on Sept. 23-25.

For more details: click here.
Electronic Annual WaiversNew Move Over Law is now in Effect
SCCA Members can now keep their membership cards on their phones and sign the annual waiver digitally. Both can be found at my.scca.com, the same location members can go to renew their annual SCCA membership and more online!

Digital membership cards are now accepted at all SCCA events as proof of membership, and contain the same look and information as the plastic cards many of us currently carry everywhere. Read More
New Move Over Law is now in Effect
New move over laws now include passing cyclists, pedestrians and those in wheelchairs -. Read More

People who do not follow the law can be fined anywhere from $100-$500 and points on the license.
2022 RoadRally Schedule
March 27    Sunday       Highland Spring Trek
April 24       Sunday       Second Hand Roads – TSD
July 24       Sunday      Back to School – GTA
Oct 8/9      Sat/Sun       NJ National RoadRally Weekend* Oct 23         Sunday       Fall Highland Trek
Dec 4          Sunday       32nd Teddy Bear Rally - GTA
* Oct 8 - Roads of Home - TSD Tour Rally / Oct 9 - New Jersey Monte TSD Course Rally