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May 2022

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BONUS ENDING SOON!! For the months of March, April and May, MAHLE will be giving away 3 additional VIP packages, 1 each month, as MAHLE sponsored VIP Trip packages. These winners will have exclusive opportunities like meeting Richard Petty or Vaughn Gittin Jr., or even taking a spin on the Drift course with Vaughn himself. Each $100 of MAHLE product purchased through MyPlace4Parts during the March 1 – May 31, 2022 promotional period earns an automatic entry.


Photo: Scott, Ron and Diane Smith of Smith's Service Center

Smith's Service Center featured in Shop Owner Magazine

Smith’s Service Center is a second-generation Bumper To Bumper Certified Service Center operated by Ron, Diane and Scott Smith that offers more than just service – they pride themselves on excellence.

Click here to read more!

Social Media Marketing

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Need Some Help with Spring Social Media Ideas?

Take a look at some of the social posting ideas we've published just in time for Summer Time promotions! Jumpstart or amplify your existing online presence with fun and engaging posts.


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Price Change: Titan Road Hazard

The Titan Road Hazard program is implementing a price increase to address the higher cost of tires and the frequency of claims. Effective June 1, 2022, pricing for the Titan Road Hazard program will be adjusted from 6% to 7%. (Note: customers in NY, OH and WA will rise to 8%)

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PODCAST: Getting Setup for ADAS

Keeping up with emerging technology can result in big bucks for your shop! Listen to this podcast about how investing in ADAS calibration equipment can reap financial benefits for you. 

Click here to listen.

Let's Get Technical

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May Maintenance IQ:

When I see the word hybrid, or you see this badge on the back of a vehicle, you might think battery packs, motors, inverters, regenerative breaking. But the reality of it is if it does have hybrid on it, it’s going to be a lot of opportunities for maintenance at your shop. Let’s go over some of the easy ones right now. Learn more about hybrid maintenance opportunities!

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May Tech IQ:

No matter if it’s a timing belt or even a timing chain, you need to replace the water pump, if it’s driven by either. In both cases, if there is an issue with the water pump starting to leak, it could be catastrophic for the engine. In some cases, in some engines, well, the weep hole, which is designed to leak a little bit, will be vented to the outside or the side of the block. Click here to learn more about water pump replacement!

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Training Resources: BBB Industries

Want to learn more about rotating electrical? BBB Industries video library features installation tips, sales tips and system overviews. Click here!

Dorman Products: OE Fix

Are you familiar with Dorman's OE Fix products? They've taken the OE part and improved it! Take a look during this quick video.

Then, watch others in Dorman's video library!

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POP QUIZ: A cylinder power balance test indicates two adjacent cylinders are underperforming. Which of the following is causing this test result?

A) A faulty fuel injector

B) A bad exhaust valve

C) Worn piston rings

D) A leaking head gasket

View the answer. View explanation.

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