May 2023

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Driving Success: Marketing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

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Marketing Helpful Tips brought to you by AutoFlow

If you are looking to boost your auto repair shop, don't miss these expert tips on effective marketing strategies that can help you succeed.

The Busy Bays Podcast - Episode 47: Three Levels of Instagram Involvement

Your auto repair shop should be on Instagram. In this podcast, we share the data on consumer use and the changes that Instagram recently made to help local businesses get discovered.  Listen now to better understand why it’s important to be on Instagram and how you can get the biggest bang for your buck by utilizing the platform.

Drive Down Risk: Hiring & Retaining Talent in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

This article is brought to you by Garage Guard, an insurance solution for Auto Value members. To learn more about your insurance options and get an insurance quote for your business visit

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Free Shop Training - AAPEX Joe's Garage Online

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Anchor Adds More Ram Truck Coverage

This month highlights first to-market late-model Ram Truck coverage. These eight-part numbers represent a small sampling of many of the late model, first-to-market part numbers that are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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How to validate a wheel speed sensor circuit with a signal generator

This Garage Gurus Tech Tip video explains how using a signal generator is an easier way to validate a sensor circuit.

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POP QUIZ: A faulty ECT sensor results in all of the following EXCEPT:

A) A rich air-fuel ratio

B) An inoperative torque converter clutch

C) Blue-gray exhaust emitting from the tailpipe

D) An inoperative engine cooling fan

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