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About The Rosen: Community Involvement
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The Rosen Hotels & Resorts® has quite a reputation for supporting the community and a great commitment toward dedicating substantial resources of time, money, and hands-on help to the ongoing improvement of its hometown and its people. Over the years, Rosen Hotels has led a number of initiatives to enhance the quality of life in the Central Florida area - making it a great choice for the 2018 conference.
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National Community Action Foundation
What's New?
National Community Action Foundation (NCAF) Board Appointment

The Southeastern Community Action Association’s (SEACAA) Board of Directors has appointed Belva Dorsey to the NCAF Board to represent Region IV. The board seat that Ms. Dorsey filled was occupied previously by Janice R. Riley. Mrs. Riley was the Executive Director for Ninth District Opportunity, where she dedicated her life to serving the community for over 30 years until her death in September 2017.
Ms. Dorsey is the Chief Executive Officer for Enrichment Services Program . She has been in the community action network for over 20 years and is dedicated to fulfilling the Promise of Community Action*. She has also served as the Treasurer for SEACAA for the past three years. Ms. Dorsey has committed to work with David Bradley and the other NCAF Board Members to continue the “War on Poverty” .  
* The Promise of Community Action Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.
Share Your Successes and Photos for National Community Action Month
The Toolkit provided by the Partnership was provided to help share your stories about the work being done in your communities with stakeholders, legislators, partners.
Share your successes and
photos to inspire others in the network via email: seacaa.org@gmail.com
The NASCSP Blog highlighted important themes this month for advocacy efforts:
·        The  flexible structure  of CSBG empowers states and local communities to take the lead on poverty, emphasizing locally determined solutions to unique local needs. The Community Action network is nationwide and serves urban, rural, and suburban communities in 99% of US counties.
·        CSBG provides  locally   tailored support  to individuals and families with low incomes, helping them succeed and move out of poverty. These approaches include education programs for children, employment training for adults, stable housing for families, and more.
·        The robust local, state, and federal  accountability measures  of the CSBG Performance Management Framework are unique and bold compared to other federal programs.
·        The CSBG Network achieves  outcomes  across the core domains in which we work: employment, education and cognitive development, income, infrastructure and asset building, housing, health and social behavioral development, and civic engagement and community involvement.
·        CSBG creates  impact  in communities across the country by leveraging additional private, local, state, and federal investments to fight poverty.
NCCAA Opioid Forum Broadcast Live-Stream by Public Media UNC-TV
NC Community Action Association hosted the first NC Opioid Forum and Resource Fair at its Annual May Conference
NCCAA partnered with UNC-TV along with healthcare providers and community stakeholders from across North Carolina to host its first NC Opioid Forum & Resource Fair in Asheville, NC on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. Community action and nonprofit, board, staff, local officials, law enforcement, medical personnel, educators and concerned citizens joined forces to address NC's battle with opioid addiction and identify solutions to end this widespread problem. A Resource Fair was also held that included service providers who partner in reduction and treatment efforts.
Elections Slated for New Officers
2018 is an Election Year for SEACAA. It is time to elect new officers. Give some thought to running for an office on the SEACAA Board of Directors, if you see yourself as a leader and wish to "be the change you would like to see in the world." To run for any position other than President, you must be a member FY 2018. Presidential nominees must have been a member for the past two years. There is still time to RUN FOR AN OFFICE and/or VOTE if your dues are paid by June 15th. Join .
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"Moving Americans Out of Poverty Will Take More Than Money"
A who’s-who of poverty experts outline an ambitious blueprint for “changing the narrative” about being poor in America.
Path to Financial Freedom, Hedgerow maze leading to a dollar symbol
Echoing  the findings of Stanford economist and partnership member Raj Chetty , the report emphasizes how much where we are born and grow up shapes our chances for upward mobility. A child growing up in a community with the lowest level of mobility can expect to earn up to 40 percent less during his or her lifetime than one who lives in a high-mobility neighborhood.
As CityLab’s Mimi Kirk wrote in May, an  earlier report issued by the partnership last spring  found that only 16 percent of children raised in poor areas become economically successful adults. But children relocated away from poverty show markedly better outcomes—and the earlier the better. Children who escape to neighborhoods with better schools, less crime, and more jobs by age 12 outperform siblings who were moved when they were older, and the effect is greater when a child moves at age 6 or younger. “With all the shifts we’re seeing in labor markets, with more people without college degrees facing fewer jobs, getting people to high-opportunity areas becomes even more important,” says Patel, who co-authored the report.
“What’s missing in the poverty debate is the notion of shared prosperity.”
About the Author
"COOL and Forcht Bank Gang" Ban Together to Brave the Weather
Barbourville, KY - Nine volunteers from Forcht Bank braved the cool weather to meet a commitment to provide landscaping services to a recently completed home by KCEOC Community Action Partnership for a low-income resident in Knox County. The Partnership credits the help of volunteers like those at Forcht Bank for their vital role in the
success of their projects.
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