Vision Board
Vision Board Meditation
Sunday May 2nd
Centro Quivit
10 am - 1 pm
A vision board is a visual prayer, it ignites the manifestation process on a subconscious level. Looking daily at your vision board aligns your mind with your soul's life mission.
Meditation ~ Vision Board Making ~ Vegan Soup
limited groupsize

Mother's Day Special
Mother's Day Ceremony
Sunday May 9th
Alto Vista Beach Cove
5.00-6.30 pm
This is a special memorial event for those whose mothers passed away.
Remembering, grieving and celebrating our passed loved ones are supposed to be natural customs of the human life. This ceremony is an opportunity for us to remember our loved ones in a wholesome way and support the ongoing healing process and return to wholeness.
limited group size
Parent Child Yoga Adventure
Parent Child Yoga Adventure (4-8 yrs)
Sunday May 23
Rooi Lamunchi
4.30-6.oo pm
nature walk ~ yoga ~ games ~ campfire circle
limited spots
NEW dates Silent Retreat Boardwalk : July 11th-July 18th
Due to the elections coming up in June, we decided to
shift the dates to a more quiet season.
find more program details below
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297 - 6618133 or reply to email