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Shark up Close
Caribbean Reef Shark, Nassau Bahamas; Paul Mila photo
Welcome to the May edition of Sea-gram  from  

With summer fast approaching, can Discovery Channel's annual 
Shark Week be far behind?

Every time I think about sharks and shark diving, I still remember the adrenaline rush, trying to take photos while surrounded by fast-moving fins fins at Shark Arena during a Scuba Network trip to the Bahamas. That was over ten years ago, but it feels like yesterday.
Shark feed
Paul, Surrounded at Shark Arena; photo courtesy of Stuart Coves 


Summer also brings news of shark encounters and undeserved bad publicity for sharks, which really need our help. 

This month's Conservation Corner features an amazing shark video sent in by diver Nicole Simmons, with a message about why sharks matter.

 Our Story About The Photo section features some great photos (but not the stories) sent in by dive friends who have had the opportunity to enjoy thrilling shark encounters around the world. 

For starters, check out this high-octane tiger shark "ballet" sent in by Sea-gram fan Martha Weisberg. 
Tiger Shark Ballet with Vincent Canabal
Tiger Shark Ballet with Vincent Canabal
In the right-hand column (To Feed Or Not To Feed?) we'll discuss the ongoing debate about the pros & cons of shark feeding dives.

If you have a photo with an interesting story or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at  and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue.
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Paul J. Mila
  Conservation Corner . . .
           I'm Just A Shark
From Nicole Simmons
Former local NY diver Nicole Simmons, now residing in Melbourne, VIC Australia, sent us this thought-provoking video about why shark conservation should concern all of us.


Thanks for sharing, Nicole.

How can you help sharks?
Visit the Shark Research Institute's informative website and learn more about shark conservation:
 Story Behind the Photo(s) . . .
                   Shark Encounters
                     By Contributing Divers
Many diving friends have sent in photo stories of their great shark encounters that we featured in past 
Hope you enjoy their photos, along with some of mine:

             Great Hammerhead, Jim Brand, Cocos Island

 Caribbean Reef Shark, Karl Kelso, Nassau, Bahamas

            Great White, Lee Solt, Guadalupe, Mexico

Black Tip Reef Shark, Barbara Petersen, Cozumel, Mexico

Great White, Eric Graber, Guadalupe, Mexico

Mako Shark
   Mako Shark, Paul Mila, Montauk, Long Island

Shark Between Photographers
Caribbean Reef Shark & Divers, Paul Mila, Nassau, Bahamas

Sharks Inside Cave
    Nurse Sharks Sleeping in a Cave, Paul Mila, Antigua
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Conservation Corner: 


  I Am A Shark!


 lower-left column
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To Feed Or Not To Feed?

Shark feeding dives, like this Stuart Coves dive I attended in Nassau, have sparked controversy. 

Martha Weisberg sent us these comments from Fran, an experienced diver who was certified over 50 years ago:

"You know, I don't think that these shark feeding dives are a good idea.  Great footage, but it's not normal behavior for sharks to associate food with divers.  I've done some dives in the Bahamas where Stuart's Cove does shark feeding and found that all you have to do is settle on the bottom in that location and the sharks will come to you.  You don't have to have any bait or food, they just expect that you will and come to look for it.  It's also very hard to keep track of that many sharks coming at you from all different directions."


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 Sea Shepherd Update

For the latest videos and news updates from the 
Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization 
click their link:
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