Body - Mind - Spirit 
Earlier this week I had a moment of revelation:
I was looking at the calendar of classes for May
and suddenly rnoticed I had scheduled one
seminar for BODY, one seminar for MIND,
and one seminar for SPIRIT.
I hadn't realized it until then.
So, I have decided to continue to follow that
theme in the months to come.

If there is a seminar topic that you would like me
to explore, please let me know which category it
fits into: Body, Mind or Spirit.

May Seminars

BODY SEMINAR: Turn Down Your Sugar Cravings
Did you know NASA discovered that sugar exists in space?
Date: Tue May 17 from 7- 8 pm ET

Learn how to think and perform like a pro on the course. 
Date: Tue May 24 from 7-8:30 pm ET

SPIRIT SEMINAR: Life Before Life Regression
Explore the reasons why you chose to be born to live now,
during the time of these great Earth changes.
Date: Wed May 11 from 7-8:30 pm ET
BONUS: Complimentary LBL mp3 ($12 value)

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Registration & Payment
Preregister and click 'SEND' through Paypal HERE..
Indicate you are registering for either the Sugar, Golf
or Regression meminar. 

Your seminar link and materials will be emailed to you.
The seminars take place on Zoom and replays are
provided if you are unable to attend.

BEST BUY: Attend both the Sugar and Regression
seminars for only $50. Indicate you are registering
for SugarGolf.
BEST BUY: Bring a friend to the HypnoGolf seminar
and s/he pays 50%: $29. Indicate you are both
registering for Golf86.
Healthy Alternatives to Sugar
Dr David Jockers lists 8 of the safest, natural
sweetners you can use HERE .
Schedule a Hypnosis Party

I used to offer home parties and now
they are held online. Invite a group
of friends, choose your topic, gather
on Zoom and have some fun.

The most popular topic - for years -
has been Past Life Regression....even
for Sweet Sixteen parties!

Of course, your group may have a
special focus. I can build a hypnosis
trance around most any topic. Call me
for details: 781-340-2136

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To Your Very Good Health -


Sugar induces the same responses in the region
of the brain known as the “reward center” as do
nicotine, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. 
~ Gary Taubes
... investigative science and health journalist 
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