The  Sower  
Orchards United Methodist Church Newsletter
May 2020     
1st Edition     

Dear Church,

We are all ready for normal to return. But I am urging you to remain vigilant. Our old normal won't return easily. All indications are that things will reopen in phases. That might be tougher than our current phase. How do we reopen in ways that are fair to everyone? How do we accommodate so many new needs? What does it mean to worship when the body is divided into smaller groups?

Then again, I am appreciating some of my current life. I haven't bought gas for the car in over a month. My eating is a lot healthier. Our garden is getting into shape. I started running (again!). I am discovering that which is essential. And I have begun to weed out the non-essential.

We'll keep some of our new learnings. For example, when our worship is being seen from someone's workplace, I know that person is present who wouldn't have been present before. There is new life blossoming even from this time of barrenness.

In all things, let us trust in God. Let us stay in love with Christ. Let us follow the path he sets before us. May a measure of the Holy Spirit rest upon each of, encouraging us to uphold one another in prayer, and reassuring us that the day will come when we will rejoice together as one body.

Pastor Christopher
Our mission is to 
Love God, Love People and Serve Both!
"Orchards United Methodist Church welcomes 
and  affirms people of all sexual orientations and gender identities and supports full inclusion 
in every aspect of church life."
Dear Church Family,

Thank you so much for all the cards, gifts, and messages to help Chase celebrate his birthday! He said that it was "the best virtual birthday ever".

We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

the Clayton family
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