Senior Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

May Special Events at Fish Tree Yoga
Join Gregor at Fish Tree Yoga for a weekend of empowering new tools and insights.  These workshops offer a unique opportunity for breaking free of disempowering cycle and patterns, creating a safe atmosphere for students to take on and fully engage with their own lives.
Gregor will be at Fish Tree the weekend of May 3rd for a weekend immersion with the current teacher training group.  The workshops below will be open to the public.  Don't miss an opportunity to practice with a world renowned yoga teacher.  Please note the Saturday 5/3/14 9:00AM morning class has been replaced with the Master Class led by Gregor 9:00-11:00AM
 Master BPVY Class
with Gregor Singleton
Saturday 5/3/14
This is a physically powerful yoga class with a focus on intuition instead of tradition  
COST: $25.00
This class replaces the regular 9:00 AM class

 BBB Workshop

Balance, Bandhas, Backbending

Saturday 5/3/14


 Balance poses improve coordination, increase strength and develop stability
Bandhas are the supports that bring uplift into our yoga postures
Backbends are the physical gateway that open us up to a  heartfelt relationshp with life
 COST: $50.00





Sunday 5/4/14


SLOW FLOW 4:00-5:00pm

When our heart is higher than our head, we place our bodies in an unconventional configuration. By shifting our relationship with gravity, inversions counter act the effect of gravity by delivering a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the brain. Inversions allow us to develop strength, balance and stability. They challenge our perception, and may even evoke fear, but by conquering our weaknesses, we will develop a rewarding sensation that is highly motivating and re-energizing.
COST $50.00 both sessions
All sessions will be led by Gregor Singleton and assisted by Jan.  This is the first of many workshops to come as we start shifting our focus to teacher trainings and weekend retreats.
Jan Atkins
Fish Tree Yoga