May Special 2017
Thank you for jumping on board!
We appreciate your willingness to continue your journey with us.  This month, you will receive a 5% discount* on a single parts order during the month of  MAY 2017. 
Request PART# 17MAY as an item on your order and we will
apply the discount. attention, we don't want you lost at sea if you miss the small print...
We will be hiding other discounts in upcoming be sure to click anything that looks like a link!  It could be a picture, a link to an article, or...well... we'll find good places to hide them.

Hope you are having fantastic weather in your part of the world.  Play Ball!!!


*May not be used with other discounts

Rick Guinn:  (Operations Manager)

Scott Roberts:  (Parts Manager)

Gail Sampson:  (Customer Support)

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