$2 off standard size
$1.50 off King size

good while supplies last or May 30

$2 off 12 count
twisters excluded

good while supplies last or May 20

50% off box of 12

-Cheddar cheese; Item # 61432
-Caramel; 61424
-Unicorn; 61440
-Zebra; 61416

good while supplies last

$15 OFF/tub

each tubs consist of 32 small containers of the following flavors:

-Birthday cake
-Blu Raspberry
-Galaxy Grape
-Green Apple
-Orange Smoothie
-Bubble Gum

good while supplies last
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Kid Mania Pooplets

Pretty much sums up the COVID-19 crisis we are in...

Item #: 64360; 12 tasteless smiling turds/box

M&M Fudge Brownie Share Size

In no way related to the aforementioned pooplets

Item #: 65235; 24 count
Kinder Bueno

Item#: 64576; 20 1.5oz bars /box
Mamba Tropic

Item#: 415980; 24/2.8 oz bars /box
Monster Java Mocha Loco

Item #: 64766; 12 ct/15 oz
Shell Oil 20W50

Item#: 64154; 6/quarts/box
Silly Sour Twister Magic Wands

Item #: 64790; 48 ct
Skittle Yogurt Dip Share Size

Item#: 64220; 24 count
Snackerz Blueberry Rings 2/$1

Item #: 65284; 12 ct
Stride Dietary Supplement

Item#: 64162; 12/4 count
White Owl Blueberry Mojito Cigars; 2 $0.99

Item #: 64097; 30 ct
Zagz Hemp Wraps; 2/$0.99; 25 count

Blazin Blue; Item#: 64410
Original; Item #:64402
Purple Chill; Item #: 64394
Tropic Trip; Item #: 64386
COVID-19 Supply Issues

  • John Middleton: Black & Mild cigars are on allocation; expect some future cuts as factory was shut down for two weeks
  • Swedish Match: Game, Jack Pot and Garcia Vega cigars; expect some cuts as these products come from Dominican Republic and they experienced some manufacturing down time
  • US Smokeless: Copenhagen, Skoal, Red Seal & Husky; factory shut down for two weeks; now shipping but allocating quantities
  • Swisher: allocating cigars; back ordering Kayak moist tobacco
  • Good Times: Good Times, City Life & 4 Kings cigars; products come from Dominican Republic; having shipping issues; expect some outages
  • Global Trading: Carnival, Time & This cigarettes; expect some cuts due to manufacturing downtime; cuts should subside soon
  • X-Calibur: Bacco manufacturer is out of stock and has no get well date
  • General items like bleach, lysol, sandwich bags, toilet paper; expect intermittent outages