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21st May 2022
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We are now in our final ticket allocation for Zurich, so please secure your tickets asap. We have sold over 90% of our allocation and a sell-out is imminent. It is shaping up to be a brilliant meeting with members from across the globe.

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Deal Teaser

Have you checked out our recent deals?

Kenneth B. Liffman, our exclusive advisor for Real Estate in Ohio is on the lookout for financially distressed businesses. Ideal target characteristics include the following: financially distressed and willing to sell, an industrial company located in Asia, Europe, North America and annual sales in excess of $15 million with flat or declining revenues.

See all available deals here.

In their spotlights, Geoff and Wolfgang discuss topics including sports (lots of rugby and golf!), and how law and business operate in their jurisdictions. 

If you’d like to discover more about business advisory services in Germany, or practising law in the cannabis industry, you can find Wolfgang’s Spotlight here and Geoff’s spotlight here.

Do keep an eye out for upcoming IR newsletters as tickets for Barcelona will be released shortly at early bird rates...

Yes, you read that correctly, early-bird rates. This is something we have never done at IR before but considering how many of you have already tried to book tickets we felt this was only fair!

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