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This episode first aired on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022

Rik Farrow

Unix, Linux & Dirty Pipes!

Listen to the original Unix expert discuss this operating system, and compare to Linux, iOS, Android and others. What are the biggest security risks for these OS’s? Also hear his advice about current vulnerabilities, such as Dirty Pipe, related cybersecurity careers, and more!

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First airing on Saturday, May 7, 2022

Adam Dodge

Assaulters and stalkers are increasingly using IoT tech to target, surveil, and attack their victims. What types of popular, tiny, inexpensive IoT devices are increasingly used by assaulters and stalkers for surveilling and then tracking down victims to abuse and assault? In what ways do IoT devices provide a sense of false security, that then actually makes weaponizing them to commit crimes easier? What can people do to keep from being victims of assaults through the IoT devices they use? Tune in to hear Adam Dodge, founder of Ending Technology-Enabled Abuse (EndTAB), provide answers to these and many more questions.